Pgytech Pro Products Review

Pgytech Pro Products Review

PGYTECH is a well-known brand that produces drones and camera accessories. In collaboration with DJI, it offers a vast array of top-grade accessories for absolutely all DJI drones, as well as GoPro and Osmo cameras.

Of course, it is possible to use the drones and cameras the way they came to you in the box. But having an additional gear can make your work with these devices even more enjoyable.

PGYTECH Bags and Cases for Drones

Many pilots take their drones with them wherever they go in order not to miss the opportunity to fly. If you are one of them, you are probably familiar with the fear that the drone, for instance, will be scratched or broken during transportation.

Do you want your drone to always be safe? In this case, specifically manufactured bags or cases for carrying are the ideal solutions.

Onemo Backpack 25L + Shoulder Bag

pgytech onemo backpack


  • Containers for storage of batteries with charge indicator
  • The ability to rearrange the dividers inside
  • Expandable space in the front
  • Special breathable pillows to keep the back dry
  • Waterproof surface and case

The PGYTECH Onemo backpack will securely store the drone and all its accessories, as well as accommodate a laptop. Its design and the in-built pouch were incorporated for storing the necessary equipment in a variety of ways.

Due to the 25L capacity, the backpack will be able to handle two drones and five lenses along with several additional items.

With the double and fast opening on the side, users may remove the top part with the camera, as well as remove the bottom part with the in-built camera sling bag.

The inner parts of the backpack are fabricated of water-resistant and anti-wear fabrics that are easily cleaned. The sandwich structure comes with multiple layers and will reliably protect all the gear.

PGYTECH Safety Case for Mavic 2

pgytech safety case for mavic 2


  • Qualitative EVA anti-vibration lining
  • Stainless steel anti-cutting
  • Strengthened padlock, anti-theft and anti-mite for safety
  • Supplied with pressure balance valve

If you plan to travel with a drone in extremely harsh conditions or carry it in your airplane/car luggage, it may be relevant for you to invest in a shock-resistant, waterproof hard case with an inner lining.

It is fabricated of crashproof engineering plastic injection molding that is very reliable. The regular working temperature is from -25 to +90 degrees. There exist PGYTECH Mavic Air 2, Inspire 2 and Ronin-S versions.

PGYTECH Mavic Air 2 Carrying Case

pgytech mavic air 2 carrying case


  • Stylish and durable design
  • IP34 waterproof
  • Detachable shoulder strap and incorporated carry handle for simplified transportation

You don’t always want to carry a huge case or backpack to take the drone with you. Of course, it is possible to throw it in a regular bag and carry it next to your wallet and phone. But the drone won’t be protected from impacts of bumps, falling, or moisture.

There is an excellent choice – PGYTECH Mavic Air 2 case for carrying where the drone is stored in a case made specifically for your model. Inside it, you will find a thickened EVA lining for better protection from all sorts of impacts.

The case has the size of a small shoulder bag, boasts a minimalistic design and matte black color that matches any clothing.

Additional PGYTECH Accessories for Drones

Of course, you don’t need to buy them all right away as it won’t make your piloting skills any better. Based on your experience, purchase the items you need at the moment.

UV, CPL, ND Filters for Drones

pgytech filters for drones


  • Double-sided coating is water-resistant, anti-oil and anti-scratch
  • Multiple grinding for high-definition pictures
  • The ergonomic, non-slip design protected from damage and finger smudges
  • Decrease the undesired reflections without color shifting

Filters are used to improve the quality of the picture that users receive from the drone’s camera. Also, since the drones got a camera with stabilization, photographers started experimenting with shutter speed and they require filters for photography.

PGYTECH offers three types of filters for DJI drones:

UV (Ultraviolet) – to protect the lens from external factors, as well as to filter out excessive blueness and add contrast.

ND (Neutral-density) – to decrease the amount of light entering the drone’s camera matrix. They differ in strength and can be for 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, or even 16 stops.

CPL/PL (Polarizing) – to eliminate reflections from surfaces, including water surfaces. There are also models with a color gradient.

PGYTECH Landing Pad for Drones

pgytech landing pad for drones


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Two-sided and two-color PU construction
  • Waterproof (not soaking)
  • Supplied with a pocket, easy to carry and store

Sometimes the places for takeoff are not ideal and you have to think about how to protect your drone from wet ground, sand, snow, etc. This portable and foldable platform will save you from the worry that you will damage your gimbal or camera when taking off and landing on rough surfaces.

The kit includes pegs that may be used to secure the platform to the ground, even in high winds. There are three sizes to choose from – 55 cm, 75 cm, and 110 cm. All of them are compactly folded into a portable case that is decreased in size by more than 2 times.

PGYTECH Photography Gloves

pgytech photography gloves


  • Multiple linings for different environmental conditions
  • Cold-proof cotton
  • Selective mitten design; warm and flexible
  • Broad control with three fingers exposed

Driving a drone in winter with frozen hands isn’t the best idea, so you should find suitable gloves for this task. Regular photography gloves might do, but don’t expect convenient control.

Six-layer gloves by PGYTECH are created specifically for drone pilots and photographers. They have special fabrics on the fingertips for working with touch screens, as well as detachable tips for convenient control of the joysticks of the drone’s remote. They have a waterproof surface, a windproof layer, and a non-slip rubber print on the palms.

PGYTECH Pad Holder

pgytech pad holder


  • CNC-finished edges for improved feel in the hand
  • Anodized aluminum shell
  • EVA sponge for pad protection
  • Quick-release structure

Some drones are supplied with controllers that are too small to hold a tablet. If you plan to use a tablet to watch the flight from a drone camera, then you should pay attention to this PGYTECH tablet holder.

The holder is suitable for tablets between 7 and 10 inches in size. It offers a lightweight but sturdy construction. So, having such a holder on the controller won’t make it any heavier, and users can even keep it constantly attached.

PGYTECH Accessories for Action Cameras

For GoPro and DJI Osmo action cameras, PGYTECH produces a vast array of accessories to get an advantage over smartphones, professional video and regular cameras.

Suction Cup Mount

pgytech suction cup mount


  • Double ball structure
  • Strong adsorption
  • Robust aluminum alloy material
  • Small and portable

Most often, a tripod with a suction cup is used on the windshield of a car or on a table and other furniture, if you are planning a long static shooting, for instance, an interview. On the smooth surface, no traces of attachment are left.

A strong vacuum is provided by the use of dense silicone and a button that creates additional pressure during installation. Installing rotary adapters isn’t required. Because of the double ball structure, it is capable of rotating 360 degrees.

The suction cup mount is compatible with all action cameras given that the camera holder is present.

Action Camera Extension Pole Tripod Plus

pgytech action camera tripod plus


  • Control with a big screen
  • Horizontal and vertical screen switching
  • Tripod and selfie stick
  • Magnetic tripod
  • Lightweight and portable

Action Camera Extension Pole Tripod Plus assists in controlling shots with a big screen. It connects the phone to the camera with the phone holder at the handle. This accessory boasts a multi-functional compact design with the simple transitioning between a tripod stand and the extension pole.

The textured non-slip grip handle is fabricated of soft rubber and is pleasant to touch. Due to fast collapse and a three-magnet tripod, comfortable transportation is guaranteed.

Besides, with a rotating phone holder and the connecting mount at the top of the pole, users will be able to quickly achieve vertical and horizontal screen switching.

Action Camera Extension Pole Tripod Mini

pgytech action camera tripod mini


  • Universal interface with 1/4" mount bolt
  • Non-slip grip
  • Magnetic tripod
  • Lightweight and portable

If you are searching for a small and compact monopod that will take up a minimum of space but will have additional features, then opt for this monopod-tripod.

When unfolded, it reaches 40cm in length. When folded, it is 14.5 cm, which is no bigger than any modern smartphone. The most interesting peculiarity is that it has legs on magnets that turn it into a tripod in a second.

PGYTECH Accessories for Smartphones

Smartphone cameras are gradually reaching the quality of DSLR and mirrorless cameras, and many bloggers shoot all their content with them. For this reason, there are more and more accessories on the market for more comfortable shooting with a smartphone.

VLOG Phone Extension Pole Tripod

pgytech vlog phone tripod


  • Cold shoe at the phone holder
  • Tripod and selfie stick
  • Horizontal and vertical screen switching
  • The width of the phone holder reaches 9 cm

This tripod is designed for recording vlogs and can serve as a monopod or as a tripod. It is compact and consists of two parts: a tripod and a phone holder by PGYTECH. The phone holder features a cold shoe for connecting to the microphone and camera light.

Its compact design provides simplified transitioning between the extension pole and tripod stand, as well as effortless horizontal and vertical screen switching with a rotating connecting mount at the top of the pole. Besides, this universal phone holder is sold separately.


pgytech usb cables


  • MFI Certification
  • Durable, tensile and sturdy
  • L-shaped head
  • Qualitative red housing

PGYTECH offers four types of cables: USB A – Lightning, USB A – Type C, Type C – Lightning, and Type C – Type C, ranging in length from 35 to 65 cm. They don’t differ from each other in terms of construction and materials.

The red housing is fabricated of top-grade aluminum alloy. The nylon braided cable is quite sturdy and tensile. The L-shaped protective head is designed in such a way that the cable doesn’t bend when connecting it to the smartphone console in a horizontal position.

PGYTECH Accessories for Camera Gimbals

A gimbal is a handheld mechanical stabilizer that assists users in recording seamless and cinematic videos, without requiring a bigger tripod or a pricey dolly. Recently, users have been trying gimbals to record videos on their smartphone even more smoothly, as well as to stabilize videos with DSLR.

Ronin S/SC Handgrip Mount

pgytech ronin s/sc handgrip mount


  • Aluminum alloy
  • Alai positioning
  • Reserved extension interface
  • Two-stage quick-release design

It is possible to adapt PGYTECH Ronin S/SC handgrip mount to DJI Ronin S and Ronin SC. The mount achieves the energy-saving mode shooting with a tripod (DJI original tripod, PGYTECH tripod, or other brands’ tripod).

It is fabricated of robust aluminum alloy material and boasts a two-stage quick release design for comfortable assembly and disassembly, as well as hassle-free storing. The mount pleases users with several extension interfaces, like 3 Alai positioning 1/4 interfaces and two cold shoe interfaces. They may be used for expanding monitors, smartphones and microphones simultaneously.


pgytech magic arm


  • 360 adjustment
  • Flexible Alai positioning pins
  • Compact size and light weight
  • Regular cold shoe mount

The PGYTECH Magic Arm is a versatile photography connector. It will assist in connecting shooting gear along with additional gear, like monitors and lighting.

The Magic Arm is supplied with a regulated double-ball head structure and a single-knob adjustment design. Aside from portability, it is capable of tilting and rotating through 360° in order to adapt to various shooting scenes and angles. Also, the ¼” interface adds a flexible Alai positioning structure

Safety Carrying Case Mini for Ronin-S

pgytech safety carrying case for ronin-s


  • Provides plenty of space and utmost safety
  • Reasonable use of space
  • Sturdy EVA sponge lining
  • Newly design latches

It is one of the safest PGYTECH cases for storing the Ronin S standard, an SLR camera along with other necessary accessories in the adjustable spaces. The case is fabricated of crashproof engineering plastic injection molding, so it will be able to perform reliably in different temperatures from -25 to +90 degrees.

Due to the crashproof engineering plastic and the EVA anti-shock lining, the contents of the case are securely protected. Among other benefits of the case are the stainless-steel anti-cutting rugged padlock, anti-prying and anti-theft properties for extra safety.