PCWinSoft – Capture Boss Review 2023

PCWinsoft Screen Recording Software

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Verdict: PCwinsoft screen recording software can capture and record any audio or visual information from your computer. Moreover, it brags about universal connectivity features. In other words, you may capture video from any device, like a webcam, PC desktop, TV tuner or even from websites or media players.

In addition, the program offers a wide range of other functions that make it even a more appealing option. In short, apart from capturing and recording content, you may also broadcast and share it without leaving the program.

  • 20+ pro effects
  • Audio and video conversion to more than 10 formats
  • Rich format support
  • Possibility to store tasks in profile slots
  • Webcam, TV card, Camcorder, and DVR support
  • No Mac support
  • Dated UI
pcwinsoft screen recording software interface

Such tools as PCWinsoft Screen Recording software are in high demand nowadays. The reason for that is simple. Screen recording programs are frequently used in e-learning, gaming, and blogging.

Complete PCWinsoft Screen Recording Software Review

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Canu2019t explain to a tech support guy what has happened to your PC? Donu2019t worry since there is a great solution to your problem u2012 capture the screen with PCwinsoft screen recording software and send this video wherever needed. Plus, it helps create more serious content like video tutorials, product demonstrations, game live streaming, etc.

This tool will come in handy both if you need to record the entire screen or its particular part. It is an easy-to-use program allowing you to record or stream anything going on the screen.

Universal Connectivity

pcwinsoft screen recording software interface sources

One of the most important benefits of Capture Boss is its universal connectivity. It supports all video devices you use. It means that you can capture content coming from TV cards, TV tuners, camcorders, DVRs, a microphone, external devices.

Moreover, it is popular YouTube recording software, allowing you to capture YouTube content with ease. You may add original touches to your videos by inserting crisp clips and audio from a webcam.

Built-In Video Sharing Tools

Capturing any kind of content from the screen, itu2019s obvious that we need to share it somehow. Thus, any paid or free screen recording software should contain handy sharing tools. Capture Boss allows you to send media files via email and upload them via FTV.

Capable Audio Recorder

pcwinsoft screen recording software audio editing

PCwinsoft screen recording software is an ideal instrument to record and edit audio. Thus, you can record sound from any device installed on your PC. You may record narrated tutorials with a mic, voice massages or songs from the Internet platforms.

When you are done recording, you may modify audio using splitter, joiner, and trimmer tools.

Helpful Task Management

You may conveniently store your tasks in profile slots. In such a way, you will find your recorded task in a matter of seconds.

Simplified Editing

pcwinsoft screen recording software video editing

PCwinsoft screen recording software also offers wide editing tools allowing you to create a qualitative final product. No matter what sphere you are involved in, a video clip you produce should engage a viewer.

Capture Boss offers powerful video editing features. Moreover, such operations as adding, removing, trimming, or moving sections of video or audio are simpler than ever. You may split, trim, join, copy, paste, cut, apply more than 20 pro effects, and convert recorded audio and video to over 10 formats.

Thanks to this feature, Capture Boss may be called a great video tutorial software.

Ability to Capture Part of the Screen

One more feature that may come in handy is the possibility to record only a specific part of the screen, e.g. a window. It means that you donu2019t have to record an entire screen; just choose an area you need and go ahead.

Moreover, this convenient game recording software allows you to record a specific region.

Intuitive Interface

Although the interface is slightly dated, it is really intuitive and easy to navigate. You will quickly master. It is developed to save your time and nerves. In case some issues arise, there is a Wizard to help you out.

PCWinsoft Screen Recording Software Prices

PCWinsoft offers a lifetime license of Boss Capture at a reasonable price. Plus, you can get your money back within 15 days. After you place an order, they will send you a full license code in a matter of minutes.

PCWinsoft Capture Boss One-Time Purchase ($39.90) - 1 PC, 1 year of free updates, 7/24 Support.

Moreover, you can take advantage of discounts available. If you buy 2-4 units, you get a 10% discount; if you buy 500-999 u2012 a 90% discount.

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