Ocenaudio vs Audacity

Looking for the best DAW software for noise stripping and effects combinations for your audio? Compare Ocenaudio vs Audacity and choose the best editor for you.

The Ocenaudio software is a simple, straightforward, easy to use and fast free audio editor. The software contains a large library of instruments along with mastering tools to cater to all types of music needs. It also offers large files check, insert effects, equalizer, compression, Noise reduction and bass boost.

Audacity is a simple to use, free, open source audio editing and recording software, with an emphasis on recording and mixing audio. Audacity has a vast amount of plugins that can be easily installed and uninstalled.

Final Verdict:

One great feature of the Ocenaudio software is that it contains the patented Spectrogram technology, which enables the user to see the exact waveform of the audio files. This enables you to make precise adjustments on the treble, midrange and bass levels to enhance the audio quality.

Ocenaudio is the winner >

Ocenaudio Features:

  • Clear interface
  • Good selection of filters
  • Supports VST plugins
  • Useful spectrogram and file analysis
  • Keyboard shortcut flexibility is fantastic

What is Ocenaudio?

ocenaudio interface

With Ocenaudio, users can convert digital audio files into loss-less WAV files that can be processed by most computers and sound card. This software has a huge database of sounds and instrumentation that users can insert into their projects to make them more interesting.

Ocenaudio also has various features such as an interface that allows user to manage workflows, editing and recording in parallel. It has a comprehensive set of features including the exclusive OcenAmp software effects that provide high quality digital signal processing using the analog domain. Ocenaudio is compatible with Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and Free BSD operating systems.

The Ocenaudio timeline feature enables the user to visualize the audio tracks during playback. For the convenience of the end users, several functions such as a metronome, an arpeggiator and other useful tools are provided. Advanced users may use the software for a complete mastering and editing of large files such as home movies or for musical composition.

What is Audacity?

audacity interface

It comes with a vast collection of popular recording tools and features which make it a great choice for aspiring audio engineers, home musicians, podcasting professionals, etc. Besides, Audacity also provides a wide range of professional quality effects that can be used within the application.

There are also several tools and features available in audacity that make it stand out among similar products. Features include pan/tracking, a large range of sample playlists, a large variety of audio and voice tracks, a large undo list, and quick start up options. Some of the additional tools and features available include compressor/limiter/somewhat option, a "reverb" function, a compressor option, a "digital delay" function, and several settings for volume, tone, compression, bass, treble, balance, and a host of other audio effects.

This powerful audio editing software allows you to export your mono audio files into various formats, which can be imported to other applications and editing software like Reaper, Fruity Loops, ProTools, etc. Another feature of this great audio editing software is that you can add comments to each track as well as insert text into the audio file. In addition, if you want to make a multitrack recording, then you can easily do that by clicking on the tool called "multi track record.


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Ocenaudio & Audacity Features:

  • Easy to use
  • Advanced track editing
  • Multi-selection
  • Spectrogram view
  • Batch conversion
  • Creating clips
  • Quick audio cuts
  • Supported 200+ audio formats
  • 300+ VST plugins
  • Easy transitions

Ocenaudio and Audacity Price:

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FixThePhoto Choice:

Despite its advanced features, Ocenaudio remains the simplest DAW editor, which is considered the biggest advantage.

Audacity is still a great solution for creating tracks from scratch or mixing and cleaning audio tracks from noise.