Ninja Softs Website And Software Development Company Review

By Kate Gross 9 days ago, Apps and Software

Ninja Softs

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Verdict: Ninja Softs specializes in website design & software development. They also offer software development services. The company works with both personal brands (e.g. videographers, photographers, writers) and large companies. They have an individual approach to each client and do their best to offer a project that meets the needs of your business.

A professional team carefully studies the specifics of your business in particular and the industry as a whole, conducts research on the market, target audience and trends. It allows them to provide you with the most effective strategy for developing your brand.

  • Branding Website Designing for Personal & Corporate Clients
  • Cloud-based ERP Software Development
  • Search engine optimization services
  • Client have to specify requirement clearly
ninja softs website

Ninja Softs offers a wide range of services to its clients. You can order their web design, search engine optimization, ERP software development, business web hosting and digital marketing services.

The company specializes in web design & development. A professional team can create a corporate website, branded personal website, and consultant site. They can also build an online store (ecommerce) and redesign your old website.

Website Development

ninja softs website development

This digital marketing company pays special attention to website development as potential customers often get their first impression of a brand by visiting their site. The company studies your brand and then develops a project taking into account all the features of your business.

A high-quality website is one of the key aspects of successful development for photography businesses. Ninja Softs, a website and software development company provides services to photojournalists, designers, videographers, photographers and other creatives.

The company creates websites with Windows or Linux OS as per client’s requirement. Their designs perfectly combine convenient navigation, functionality and sophisticated aesthetics. They work with photographers who need a reliable platform to publish their images, inform about services and prices, and sell their works. The company cooperates with many eCommerce platforms. A free domain is a nice bonus that allows their clients to cut costs.

Full-Featured Digital Marketing

ninja softs search engine optimization

Effective search engine optimization helps your business grow. Ninja Softs offers an excellent set of services to improve your brand’s search engine rankings. Experienced professionals use powerful SEO software to make your website easily found by Google, Yahoo, and other systems. The team will carry out the necessary analysis and provide you with a list of keywords that will bring more customers to your webpage.

While paid ads appear a certain number of times at a certain time, Ninja Softs prefers to use other methods to promote a website on Google gradually and as organically as possible. If you need more than instant one-off sales of some products, then this approach will be the best solution. This strategy is suitable for those who are interested in a constant influx of customers.

Business Software Development

ninja softs cloudbiz interface

You can ask them to promote your digital product and develop a new software for you. Ninja Softs has vast experience in creating their own software, which they place on cloud services. CloudBiz is one of the more well-known products of the company. This software has excellent business management modules for multiple industries.

CloudBiz includes convenient features that allow you to set up automatic control over your business. You can manage assets, cooperate with various brand products and their distributors. This software is useful in many areas, including photography services.

For example, photographers can use the platform to maintain customer bases, invoices, provide discounts, and more. Detailed reports will help you track the effectiveness of all ongoing processes. Also, the Ninja Softs website and software development company will take care of your data and provide your platform with a reliable cloud-based security system.

Up-to-Date Social Media Promotion

ninja softs social media promotion

Social media marketing services are powerful solutions for promoting various creative businesses that specialize in photography or design. With a well-thought-out social media strategy, photographers can maintain the existing client base and attract new customers.

Ninja Softs offers a social media advertising package. They create banners, templates, launch branded email newsletters, and provide other services. The company will promote your brand on the most popular social media platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Thanks to this, you can expand your outreach and improve a brand image. For better results, social media advertising should be combined with digital marketing strategies.

Professionally Directed Blog

ninja softs blog

Besides, they can create a custom blog on a clients' site. They also run their own blog where you can find some useful information from specialists that share their experience.

The blog includes many articles related to various business development issues. Here, you can learn about growth opportunities, strategies, e-Commerce image optimization tips, and more. Plus, Ninja Softs experts share CloudBiz features to help you check if a platform is right for your business. Since photographers concentrate on the creative side of their work, this blog will be a great source of knowledge about brand promotion.


The company offers search engine optimization, web and software development services. The agency provides several packages that differ in the range of services. All clients can choose the option that best suits their needs and goals. The team will help select the most effective package for a client.

The final cost depends on the specifics and complexity of a project. You can find out the preliminary price for a service (for example, website development) by filling out a special online form. You need to indicate your industry and the type of website you want to get.