Movavi Discount Coupons 2022

Although the New Year holidays have already ended, Movavi discount coupons are still available. I have prepared 11 unique Movavi offers that help save from 20% to 60% of the total software cost.

Video Suite + Photo Editor

  • Price: $84 - $40
  • Includes: Video Editor Plus, Video Converter Premium, Screen Recorder, Photo Editor

Video Editor

  • Price: $62 - $32
  • Includes: Full version Movavi video editor

Available Movavi Discounts

It doesn’t matter which Movavi software you have chosen, the price can reduce depending on the Movavi promo code or holiday discounts. As a rule, Movavi discount coupons are available in the range from 20% to 60%. Check all possible options and you may find some interesting offers.

Video Converter

  • Price: $62 - $32
  • Includes: Video Editor Plus, Video Converter Premium, Screen Recorder, Split Movie, Media Player, DVD & Blu-Ray Burner

Movavi 360 Video Editor

  • Price: $111 - $65
  • Includes: Full version Movavi 360 video editor

Screen Recorder + Video Editor

  • Price: $38 - $30
  • Includes: Screen Recorder, Video Editor

Gecata by Movavi + Video Editor Plus

  • Price: $51 - $32
  • Includes: MovaviGecata, Video Editor Plus

Gecata by Movavi

  • Price: $27 - $13
  • Includes: MovaviGecata

Photo Editor + Photo Manager + Slideshow Maker

  • Price: $65 - $35
  • Includes: Photo Editor, Photo Manager, Slideshow Maker

Movavi Photo Focus

  • Price: $24 - $13
  • Includes: Movavi Photo Focus

PowerPoint to Video Converter

  • Price: $73 - $65
  • Includes: PowerPoint to Video Converter

How to Use Movavi Discounts?

Regardless of which Movavi product you want to get using Movavi discount code, you can do it by visiting the store or use the direct links. The disadvantage of this method is the limited time. These discounts are available mainly on holidays.

To get the Movavi discount coupon, use the direct link or follow these steps.


STEP 1. Log in to the official Movavi website or create your personal ID account.

STEP 2. Select the desired software in the Movavi store. Check if there is a discount on it

STEP 3. Pay for the order at a discount, done! Download and use software from Movavi.

Freebies for Movavi

One of the main reasons why Movavi video editor is so popular among both novice and advanced users is the support of third-party LUTs. Therefore, I have prepared 10 free LUTs for you. They will help you improve your video significantly just in one click.

1. Film

freebies for Movavi freebies for Movavi

Use this free LUT to add a film effect to your video. It enhances contrast and makes details clearer. This LUT is perfect for videos shot during the sunset in bright contrast light.

2. Color

freebies for Movavi freebies for Movavi

Fix colors in your video in one click with this free LUT for Movavi Video Editor. It corrects faded colors. It works perfectly with greens and blues, giving the picture a natural look. I recommend using it for landscape videos.

3. Retro

freebies for Movavi freebies for Movavi

Improve your videos by correcting blue tints with this LUT. It fixes white balance and boosts shadows to give your video a crisp look. This LUT can be used for any video genre, if the footage was recorded in natural light.

4. Saturation

freebies for Movavi freebies for Movavi

Recollect the most beautiful images of our planet. This LUT was created just for this purpose. It adds the HDR effect, increasing the contrast and detail. Besides, if your video has an incorrect white balance, this LUT will improve it too.

5. Teal and Orange

freebies for Movavi freebies for Movavi

This free LUT has won the hearts and minds of those using video editing software for professional tasks. It combines warm and saturated colors. Thanks to this feature, your clip looks like a frame from a Hollywood movie. It can be applied to any video genre.

6. Wedding

freebies for Movavi freebies for Movavi

Enhance colors in your wedding video to emphasize the beauty and add even more details. This LUT fixes overexposure, adds small shadows and adjusts skin tone, making it slightly dull.

7. Black and White

freebies for Movavi freebies for Movavi

Black and white videos are still in fashion. This LUT will come in handy if you want to focus exclusively on the main character and his/her story. This free LUT will give a classic black and white look, emphasize small details and hide flaws.

8. GoPro

freebies for Movavi freebies for Movavi

This LUT is designed to edit GoPro videos. Its main task is to make the original frame more vivid. This LUT makes all the colors more saturated, bright, contrast and it also removes a slightly bluish tint.

9. Matte

freebies for Movavi freebies for Movavi

Architectural videos have always been in trend. Shooting in this genre, you convey all the beauty from a bird's eye perspective. This free LUT will add bright colors to your video and make shadows more expressive, regardless of weather conditions.

10. Vintage

freebies for Movavi freebies for Movavi

Summer videos from vacations are often overexposed due to the bright sun. If you want to correct this defect, you can apply this vintage LUT. It makes colors more saturated and skin tone acquires a matte look.

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