MotionGility Company Review 2023: Pros & Cons

MotionGility Company

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Verdict: MotionGility is a company that creates animated educational and explainer videos for any business. Their videos help improve the marketing strategy of any company. When creating video pieces, the team follows a clear step-by-step process and guarantees you get a high-quality result.

What I especially like about MotionGility is that they are very reliable in terms of order completion. On the website, clients can find a pre-prepared brief, so it’s clear what needs to be featured in a future animated video. For those new to this marketing solution, the company offers a detailed guide on the role of animated explainer videos in video marketing.

  • Create explainer videos to improve your marketing strategy
  • Effective social media video advertising
  • Simple explanation with Whiteboard Animation
  • Make high-quality educational videos
  • Create videos for mobile applications
  • No price list on the site
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MotionGility Animated Explainer Video Production Company has extensive experience in creating explainer videos for various industries, including financial services, automotive, information and technology, banking, blockchain, internet, health and lifestyle, etc. To determine what marketing video you need, you can study the catalog of finished works in the portfolio section.

MotionGility Company – Main Features

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MotionGility creates animated explainer videos that can help you make a powerful impact on clients and take your business to the next level. The company uses a variety of styles of animated how-to videos. These are high-quality pieces that are tailored to your specific requirements. MotionGility has extensive expertise in creating educational videos to help you build trust in your brand and image.

Creatе Animated Explainer Videos for Effective Business Marketing

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MotionGility creates animated explainer videos about your services and products. These videos are short but highly effective because, according to the analysis, 64% of people are likely to make a purchase after watching a marketing video. These videos are created using the best animation software and convey all information about the services in an entertaining and original way. Every viewer will understand them no matter how complex the idea is.

Explainer videos are one of the most helpful marketing tools. Such video content not only conveys the necessary information to the target audience but also increases the effectiveness of your marketing, brand awareness, and boosts sales. The content is created using the best motion graphics software. Professional specialists thoroughly work on each video.

In comparison with other marketing tools, animated explainer videos by MotionGility have a number of advantages. First of all, such videos are an effective way to convey information about your services and offers to your target audience. Also, the use of such video content distinguishes you from the competitors and increases your ranking on Google. It will bring you to the first pages of the search. Plus, such video pieces can be shown not only on your website, but also on your social media pages, or YouTube channel.

An animated video is made within 4-6 weeks, but in any case, the duration of work depends on the complexity of a project and the number of changes applied during creation. If you need to have your order done faster, you should contact the company’s specialists and discuss details. After consultation, the MotionGility team will set a time frame that is suitable for both the company’s specialists and your marketing goals. Either way, animated videos can boost your CTR by 2-4 times.

Develop an Accessible Video Guide for Your Product or Service

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How-to videos can be a great help for your audience. It is a step-by-step guide on how to use any product or SaaS solution. Such video tutorials are indispensable in marketing. MotionGility experts make them with the help of high-quality 3D animation software. It allows you to convince and encourage potential buyers to buy your products or services by demonstrating their benefits and key features. The cost of such a video is calculated individually and depends on the complexity of the style, voice acting, video duration, and turnaround.

The MotionGility team closely monitors every aspect of your video production and ensures your video is delivered in time. At each stage of video production, specialists provide two free revisions that allow you to get what you expect. You also receive an editable source file, so you can easily make changes yourself.

Create Great Videos for Mobile Apps

If you need to demonstrate all the functions, interface and other features of a mobile application more effectively, creating a video to advertise a mobile application is a wonderful option. By having a professional demo video of your application or program, you can increase the number of their downloads in Apple Store or Google Play Store. Such video allows viewers to get acquainted with the functionality of the application in just a few seconds and learn how convenient an interface is.

Simple Demonstration of a Complex Idea Using Whiteboard

motiongility company whiteboard videos

Whiteboard videos are very effective for conveying complex information about services or products with the help of hand-drawn animation understandable to everyone. This is a great alternative to PPT and static images to describe your product. The purpose of these whiteboard animation videos is to simplify a complex message and break it down into understandable, informative elements that can capture and keep your audience’s attention.

Using hand-drawn animation allows you to more effectively convey each step than, for example, in a standard slide-by-slide presentation. Using the best whiteboard animation software, MotionGility experts provide video content that drives more traffic and increases sales of your brand products.

Professional and Careful Approach to Video Production

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MotionGility has a strong team of professionals who can create custom explainer videos. In any case, there is a specific step-by-step process that is clearly carried out by specialists, who use top-notch video editing software.

First of all, you should fill out the project brief. Thus, experts collect information about your business and target audience. After reviewing the brief, MotionGility organizes a meeting to learn more about your brand, solution, and purpose of your explainer video. Next, scriptwriters get down to creating a video script with the right message, focused on the target audience.

The next step is storyboarding and creating style frames. Then, this material is provided in a color version, which allows you to understand how the final result will look. After that, you will have to choose an actor to voice your video. The final stage is animation and applying unique sound effects, as well as scoring. Finally, you get a great video piece that demonstrates your product or service in a catchy way.


The MotionGility website doesn’t have a separate page with prices. Whatever type of video you would like to order, the cost depends on the length of a video, the complexity of the style, voice acting, and turnaround. Also, the price range is clearly stated from $3,000 to $8,000, but at the same time, it is mentioned that the price may vary depending on various factors.

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