Magetop Magento Extension Provider Review 2024

By Kate Gross 9 days ago, Apps and Software


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Verdict: Magetop is a trading platform and Magento extension provider. This service offers fast plugin installation and setup, performance analysis, error detection, and correction. The quality of the setup is backed up by a 30-day money-back guarantee that comes into effect should you detect any malfunctions.

What I really like is that their team of professionals can set up security for your website while also updating all pre-installed Magento plugins without any website downtimes or loss of data.

  • Fast Magento plugin installation and setup
  • Analysis and correction of all plugin-related errors
  • Upgrade to Magento 2 without losing data
  • Personalized promotion
  • Installation of Magento SUPEE patches
  • Doesn’t provide discounts
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It’s worth mentioning in this Magetop review that their specialists will not only install your chosen e-commerce plugin but also offer the most efficient options that can help you optimize your sales and establish an influx of new clients.

Moreover, you can request a personalized promotion service based on the competition and your target audience.

Complete Magetop Review – Main Services

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Counting 30 Magento plugins, 10 of which are available completely for free, Magetop specialists can install and set up any of them on your e-commerce website, while also helping you select the most fitting ones for your tasks if you’re not confident in your choice.

Single-Click Magento Plugin Installation Service

magento plugin installation service

If this is your first time working with Magento plugins and themes, the company can offer a fast, and what’s more important, safe method for installing the extension on your website. Their team of experts will not only do this for you but will also ensure it's a suitable choice for your business. Should it turn out otherwise, you'll be offered to replace that plugin with a more appropriate one for your commercial goals.

It’s important to mention that the installation process also includes setting up the extension for your tasks. It can be a plugin that allows customers to leave comments under your products or automatic delivery date calculation based on the customer’s country of residence.

Fixing Performance Errors of Magento Plugins

If you didn't follow installation advice or installed one of the 30 Magento plugins manually and have later noticed that the extension doesn't work properly or your website started lagging, there’s no need to start panicking and rushing off to upload a backup copy of your website. Such an incident can be solved by Magetop performing in-depth code analysis, after which all errors will be located and fixed.

According to experts, in most cases, Magento plugins malfunction because they conflict with other previously installed extensions. That’s why it’s important to have experts resolve such problems.

Setting Up and Improving Security

setting up and improving security

One of the most important indicators of a correctly built e-commerce website is proper protection. Thanks to the timely installation of Magento SUPEE patches that are included in Magetop's services, you'll be protected from raiders and DDOS attacks by competitors, which allows you to avoid using third-party paid or free antivirus software.

These patches will not only help improve the security of your website but will also encrypt all payments, thanks to which the risk of a hacker intercepting online payments for your products becomes virtually non-existent.

Magento Update Service Without Data Loss or Downtime

magento update service

If you want to upgrade to the new Magento 2 version but you’re afraid of letting your clients down and scoring a low market rating among your competitors because of unstable website performance, then the guaranteed rollback-free plugin updates performed by Magetop experts is one of the most important services you can order.

The key factors here are thorough planning and analysis. By following the migration principles established in Magento, the developers carefully prepare your store’s database and will safely transfer it to the new Magento 2 installation.

Personalized Promotion Service

personalized promotion service

It’s important to note in this Magetop review that this service offers 3 fully personalized search engine promotion plans for your online store.

Experts research your keywords, perform Magento plugin performance optimization, ecommerce image optimization and optimize your e-commerce conversion (which is a very important indicator).

Moreover, Magetop can devise a personalized strategy for your website, while their experts create internal and external links, perform technical website analysis and URL optimization. Another pleasant bonus is the in-depth marketing reports, monthly reviews, comparisons, and even personal calls.


Depending on the chosen service, the prices will vary from $25 to $49. If you’ve picked their promotion services, then you’ll be able to choose between multiple plans: basic (a 1-month plan that costs $149), standard (2-month plan with a surcharge of $69), and plus (a 3-month plan that will cost you $99 on top of the base price).

It's vital to note that if you ordered any of the aforementioned services, for instance, plugin setup and installation, and encountered any sort of error or malfunction during 30 days, you can request a full refund. Additionally, you’ll receive free support for 90 days, which you can use to ask any questions related to the provided service.

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It’s important to mention that Magetop is the only official service that can help you quickly install, set up, and fix Magento plugins. This service doesn’t have any alternatives, which is why it’s highly recommended to avoid third-party websites to prevent potential fraud that will lead to your money being stolen or your PC damaged.