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Verdict: TechGuruPlus Courses is an informative and, at the same time, gripping website for those who have any questions about Microsoft Excel, Word, Tally ERP 9 and Tally Prime Software. Overall, the company is notable for the vast experience of its creator. For 10 years, he has been working in the Accounts-Finance and MIS department executing reporting systems on the basis of Excel & Tally ERP.

Among other similar sites, this one stands out with its considerable amount of useful information, templates, tables and formulas. Nazim, the website’s creator, tells all about hidden Excel tricks, Tally TDL Files & coding, Excel Files Templates, etc. – basically everything that will come in handy for photographers, business people, office employees and students. I like the fact that this information is shared completely for free.

  • Interesting courses
  • Abundance of free download material
  • Informative video blog
  • Simplified financial management for photographers
  • Helpful tax compliance calendar
  • Inexpensive
  • A variety of courses could be more extensive
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TechGuruPlus Courses are quite affordable. If you take into account the amount of information delivered, then the price can even be considered underestimated. All the information is presented in a straightforward manner for novices. But even advanced users will find plenty of handy material within these courses.

The Excel course, in particular, can help photographers learn how to manage their finances and pay taxes on time. The Word course will help in writing release forms, contracts, creating mood boards for clients and planning concepts for shooting.

If you consider Excel and Word courses as boring, that is because you aren’t familiar with TechGuruPlus courses. They are gripping, offer a vast number of exercises, challenging tasks and downloadable files so that you can get a hang of it and derive as much benefit as possible.

Complete TechGuruPlus Courses Review

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When it comes to data analysis, it is impossible to find a more efficient spreadsheet program than Microsoft Excel. The program is heavily used by investment bankers and financial analysts for data processing, financial modeling and presentation. In terms of word processing, no other program can beat Microsoft Word.

Regardless of whether you are self-employed or looking for employment in one of the top-notch companies, the knowledge of these two programs is a must. Even if you need to analyze data for personal purposes, like the management of finances, you can’t do without Excel. TechGuruPlus Courses is here to help you out in case you aren’t a competent user of these programs.

Informative and Engaging Courses

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The website offers 2 in-depth courses:

Advance Excel Course will turn you into a skilled Excel user after 90 chapters in video format and 80 Excel data/practice sheets.

Microsoft Word Course will boost your proficiency in one of the most well-known word processing software or free Microsoft Word alternatives after 60 chapters in video format and 60 Word data/practice files.

Even if you have some experience working in both Excel and Word, you will get to know the programs’ ins and outs, handy tricks that are unfamiliar to the majority of regular users. Feel free to view and review the content any time without any limits, or download it for your convenience. Moreover, all the videos are available in HD.

The courses are mobile-friendly and accessible from smartphones, laptops, PCs and TVs. The provided examples aren’t fabricated – they are taken from the actual Nazim’s work experience in local and international companies. The shared tips are inspired by questions that experts ask during Nazim’s training sessions.

Popular YouTube Channel

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Apart from a website, Nazim creates video content for his well-known YouTube channel (Tech Guru Plus). His captivating and qualitative videos introduce business people, office employees and students to Microsoft Excel more deeply and extensively.

The video content is notable for informative Excel dashboard seminars, improved visualization techniques and advanced Excel seminars. During 4 years of running his YouTube channel, Nazim managed to gain over 154K subscribers and over 8 million views.

Helpful Blog Posts

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On the website, you will also find an educational TechGuruPlus blog that goes over an array of topics. Examine the how-to tutorials, digital marketing agencies name ideas, as well as detailed articles on using PowerPoint, Excel and YouTube.

It is hard to believe that such valuable information is freely available. The blog explains even the most complex topics in a clear and straightforward manner. Take advantage of the sitemap to locate the required articles faster.

Important Dates for Accountants & Professionals

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Another piece of handy material found on the TechGuruPlus Courses website is a tax compliance calendar. There you will see all the required filings, their due dates, and everything you may need in order to protect yourself from getting fines or penalties for expired filings or lack of data.

If you are an accountant or own a business, this calendar will help you file taxes with tax software for small businesses, middle-sized or large enterprises. Such a calendar is vital for seamless management of your business since it takes care of the mandatory compliance and tax deadlines, payments, extensions, filings.

It is updated on a monthly basis and is distributed for free by the courtesy of Nazim, the website’s creator. The monthly calendar features the following sections: tax type, tax purpose, tax period, original and extended date, as well as detailed nature of compliance.

Useful Download Material

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The TechGuruPlus Courses website offers a whole section dedicated to useful downloadable materials, such as shortcut keys, YouTube Invoice and PowerPoint templates, newest quotation and invoice formats, Tally Prime TDL Codes, etc. All these valuable resources are shared at no charge.

Advance Excel Commands

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If you aspire to become a skilled financial analyst, knowing at least the standard Excel formulas is essential at the beginning. Thankfully, all the necessary formulas and functions are explained on the TechGuruPlus Courses website. The thorough descriptions of functions are accompanied by meaningful examples and videos.

TechGuruPlus Courses Prices

The majority of information and downloadable files are distributed at no extra charge. Speaking of courses, you can now get them at a 50% discount on the website. If you purchase the Advance Excel and Microsoft Word courses at once, it will cost you only $27. This is truly a favorable price given the fact that the Excel course lasts for 920 minutes, and the Word course – for 716 minutes.

Expect no additional fees and perpetual validity of the purchase if you decide to invest in any of the courses.

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