Luca Tagliaferro Review 2023: Pros & Cons

By Kate Gross 20 days ago, Apps and Software

Luca Tagliaferro Consultant

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Verdict: Luca Tagliaferro is a reputable search optimization consultant, who cooperates with both large and medium-sized businesses. He has made a name in this sphere thanks to the impeccable quality of services he provides and his readiness to take up the most challenging tasks.

I really enjoyed working with this expert. He responded to my emails very quickly, provided all the required explanations, and kept me in the loop of the progress. Besides, he uses innovative techniques to tackle the most complicated issues and can send in-depth reports on a daily basis.

  • Constant updates and support
  • Blog with many useful materials
  • Professional consultant
  • Thorough audits
  • Detailed 1:1 coaching
  • The price list isn’t complete
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While some consulting agencies laser-focus on a specific sphere, Luca Tagliaferro consultant is ready to assist clients from different niches. Since he uses the latest methodologies, he can improve the online presence of eCommerce, B2B, and other businesses.

Luca Tagliaferro: Main Benefits

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When it comes to creating a search optimization strategy, you should focus on audits in the first place. Thus, you can clearly understand what steps to take and when you have to do that. With a range of SEO software, we can manage large data assets without problems. However, that isn’t enough for a successful business operation.

That’s why, many companies address Luca Tagliaferro consultant, who can study the data, identify sore points, and come up with foolproof opportunities. Besides, he helps with combining ideas and prioritizing tasks. So, you can have absolute peace of mind about your search optimization campaigns when hiring Luca Tagliaferro.

Search Ranking Audits to Fix Issues Affecting Your Website’s Growth

luca tagliaferro consultant interface seo audit

A search ranking audit is a document that contains the results of website analysis, including factors that affect the place a website occupies in organic search results. With such a report at hand, you can have a better idea of what issues should be solved in the near future and what points can wait longer. Besides, such a document may include slides, screenshots, explanations, and terms.

The range of search ranking audits Luca offers is very impressive – starting with basic processes and ending with really detailed, and complex audits. Most of all I like that this expert thinks that all clients are equal no matter whether it is an international company or a startup. Besides, the quality of his search optimization services remains high regardless of what sphere his clients belong to. He describes all factors that impact your website ranking very clearly.

When the audio is ready, you can study the information and develop n search optimization strategy yourself or ask Luca Tagliaferro to do it. The process may boil down to fixing major errors or even overhauling a whole website. I also like that Luca has solid CMS expertise and is knowledgeable about coding, so he can make technical search optimization audit adjustments to a site at both CMS and code levels.

You can order such services right after the audio is over. In fact, it is a good idea to hire someone, who knows the weak points of your website inside out instead of looking for a third-party webmaster and explaining information to him/her from the very beginning.

Effective Content Marketing to Attract Your Target Audience

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Creating high-quality content isn’t really easy but you need to master this process in order to ramp up organic traffic to your site and make the most out of backlinks. If you fill your platform with texts that are interesting to read, you are sure to attract more people. While writing content, it is paramount to use proper keywords and reach out to other websites where your articles can be mentioned.

So, to be on the track, you should use the methodologies approved by top-tier content marketing agencies that have been creating content for 10+ years. Luca Tagliaferro has been preparing content on varied topics for different websites, including CrazyEgg, Moz, WordTracker, Millo, Smart Insights, SearchEngineLand, and Marketing Land, to name a few.

You can also find relevant information about marketing in his blog. If you want to see how different methods work, you should hire Luca Tagliaferro. He will show you how to use keywords in such a way that your ranking boosts and more people come to your website.

Every post in the blog is written by one of the top talents from his team in collaboration with seasoned content marketing strategists and project managers. Besides, they publish new articles in accordance with the timetable, so you will never miss them.

Helpful Consulting with Regular Reporting and Daily Support

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Luca Tagliaferro has been helping businesses with search optimization for over 10 years. He worked with large companies in the UK and America and there is hardly a client who feels dissatisfied. Many clients even claim that he is unrivaled when it comes to search engine optimization services in Britain.

According to the statistics he runs, his search optimization system has yielded the desired results across 50+ different companies from 12 industries (including SEO services for photographers, eCommerce, fitness, B2B, nutrition). He usually dedicates the first stage of the search optimization process to raw search and audit. Once the information is collected, he takes the next steps.

From the second month of cooperation, he starts implementing different methodologies within the strategy developed. You can always drop him a message or get in touch over the phone. Besides, he prepares progress reports at equal time intervals.

1:1 Coaching with a Qualified Consultant

luca tagliaferro consultant interface 1:1 couching

Mastering search ranking optimization on your own can be a very time-consuming procedure. If you want to learn how to do everything properly, it is better to choose a coaching block from Luca Tagliaferro consultant. He will describe different search optimization case studies and come up with the most advantageous strategy for your particular business.

You will work in tandem to ramp up your organic traffic. You should develop a comfortable schedule for both of you. I believe this is a fantastic offer for business owners, who want to discern the intricacies of the search optimization process and handle various issues as efficiently as possible.

I like that Luca’s team consists of talented search ranking experts, who can help clients from absolutely different spheres be it travel, eCommerce, SaaS, or anything in between. You can be sure these guys will use the budget allocated very accurately.

Very Engaging Search Ranking Speaking Sessions

Luca Tagliaferro speaks Italian and English fluently. Besides, he has rich experience in presenting his ideas as a speaker in the UK and across Europe at varied digital marketing conferences. Besides, he was invited to Portsmouth University and London University to deliver information to students, as well as shared his knowledge with professionals at SMXL in Milan, and global CEOs at SMX in London.

When preparing for a lecture, he doesn’t fully focus on a written speech but also creates a presentation so that different concepts will be easier to grasp. In fact, he is a wonderful lecturer and doesn’t afraid to work together with other experts when it comes to covering complicated topics.

Thus, the audience can better understand the latest trends, innovative strategies, techniques, etc. When talking to Luca, I noticed that he gently suggested quick ways to differentiate my topics in order to make them more interesting to read.

Informative Blog Full of Training Resources

luca tagliaferro consultant interface blog

People who try to learn search optimization without third-party help are flabbergasted with the range of data, while really valuable information is typically paid. That was the main reason that spurred Luca Tagliaferro to create a blog, which is now replete with training resources, free content, and tips. Many novices agree that it’s one of the best digital marketing blogs currently available.

I like that the range of topics covered in the blog is really fantastic. You will find articles about search optimization, keyword selection, technical search optimization, link building, and more. The best thing is that all posts are written in simple words.

Luca Tagliaferro: Prices

You can contact Luca and order different types of audits and services starting with the basic search optimization audit and heading to more advanced processes.

Basic Audit - $1,065. Choosing this option, you get search console analysis, competitive scorecard, backlinks analytics, keywords & positioning analysis, 45 slides of deep analysis & commentaries, 1:1 presentation & delivery.

Intermediate Audit - $2,670. It includes everything from the basic plan + content analysis, Google analytics analysis, backlinks analysis, tech & UX analysis, 90 slides of deep analysis & commentaries, 1:1 presentation and delivery.

Advanced Audit - $3,745. The package has everything from the previous plans + options for Shopify, WordPress & Wix sites, URL structure analysis, YouTube analysis, 150 slides of deep analysis & commentaries, 1:1 presentation & delivery.

You can also hire Luca Tagliaferro as a speaker for your conference. The cost is $1,300/day. To learn the cost of other services, you need to contact the company directly.