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Foap 2024

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Foap is a platform for selling photos or videos online. People who like your works can buy them here. It can be a regular user, some agencies or different brands.

The cost of the photo on Foap is usually $10 but due to Foap 50% commission, you will receive only $5.

Read this Foap review if you need more information about this platform, how to make money with Foap and whether it actually works for this purpose or not.

What Is Foap?

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  • Commission is 50%
  • A mission system provides big prize fund
  • You don’t have to pay to register
  • Easy to use via a mobile app
  • You can’t upload a few photos at a time
  • You can pay only through PayPal
  • Not rated at the Better Business Bureau
  • Tough competition

VERDICT: To begin using Foap, you have to download the application on Apple iTunes or Google Play and to register. This can be done via Facebook page or your e-mail. Also, there is a website where you can buy pictures on your own.

Foap was always a very profitable platform for amateur photographers who would like to earn some money. I think, it doesn’t have to become the only way to get money through your photography as it’s quite difficult to sell more than several photos after two-tree months of work.

How Does Foap Work?

This Foap review covers all the initial steps of using this platform, so go on reading. Primarily, download iPhone or Android application and then sign in.

You will be able to complete registration in a few seconds provided that you have a Facebook page or e-mail which everyone has.

registration in foap app

Foap app will automatically use your Facebook profile picture and name. Also, you will need to type your date of birth and the place where you live. After you’ve done that, you can use the platform.

add photos in foap application

It’s very easy to add your images and videos to this platform. All you have to do is to find the camera icon at the bottom of the application, click on it and choose necessary files from your camera roll.

When your photo or a video is loading, you can add headings and keywords related to your picture. Foap will offer the ones that can suit your file and you can pick some of them or add your own if you don’t like what the application offers.

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The next step is to click the "Publish" button in the upper corner of the window. Once you do it, you will be transferred. There, you will have to answer some questions such as "Are there any people in your photo?" and "Are the faces in this image recognizable?"

If there aren’t any people that can be recognized, there is no need to sign a photo or model release. You can simply post your content straight away and let Foap sell your photos and videos.

All these steps will take not more than 5 minutes. When everything is set, users of this platform can look at your images and buy them if they want.

The Foap payment method is PayPal, so in order to receive your money, you need to have an account there. When somebody buys your photo, you will get a notification about the purchase.

After that, you will need to fill the application not later than on the 15th day of the current month. In case you don’t do it, you will get your money the next month.

Foap Review

Nowadays you can find a lot of apps like Foap to sell your pictures and each user prefers a different one. I will tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of this platform.

missions in foap

Foap Advantages

  • Foap has a commission of 50%. This is good for you as you don’t have to do anything to sell your works, the platform does it for you. Such conditions are better than the majority of other applications used to sell photos online offer.
  • The Foap missions system is great. There, users have to take particular images that should fit the stated criteria. In such competitions, you can win $100 and more.
  • You can access this application in no time. Once you take a photo with your smartphone and want to sell it, just open the app and post it. Just several minutes to do it.
  • You don’t have to pay money to register there.
  • No need to provide DSLR images. The majority of stock photography websites ask for a particular resolution but in Foap the minimum requirement is 1280x960 pixels. That’s why, you can easily upload photos taken on your phone.

Foap Disadvantages

  • You can upload a picture only through your smartphone. This may be problematic for photographers who don’t use them.
  • You get paid only to a certain date (the middle of the current month), so sometimes you will have to wait until you receive your money, especially if you didn’t submit the payment application by the 15th day of the month.
  • You can’t upload a few photos at a time. Because of this, it will take you some time to post a bunch of images.
  • You can receive your money only via PayPal. In case you don’t have an account there, you will have to make it, fill necessary information and get your bank account checked.
  • Right now Foap is not rated at the Better Business Bureau.
  • There are plenty of users on this platform, which means you will have to compete with them.

Is Foap Legit or a Scam?

A lot of users ask this question. I have tested this platform and can assure that making money on Foap is legal and you can earn good money if your images are bought. However, it’s not going to be easy due to a tough competition.

Freebies for Working in Foap

Here are some freebies to enhance your picture and create eye-catching Foap albums.


matte freebie for foap appmatte freebie for foap app

If your image has too many shadows and doesn’t let viewers focus on the main subject, use this preset to solve this problem.


portrait freebie for foap appportrait freebie for foap app

This filter is perfect for dull photos. Using it, you can increase the contrast and add a deep red hue to your images.

Double Exposure

double exposure freebie for foap appdouble exposure freebie for foap app

This action will help you combine your photos in one picture composition and give it an interesting vintage Lomography effect. A mixture of red and blue colors will add creativity to your images.

HDR Cool

HDR cool freebie for foap appHDR cool freebie for foap app

This action focuses on the details and adds depth to your photos. It is perfect for landscape or architectural photography and shows the full beauty of nature and the surrounding world.

Bokeh Overlay

bokeh freebie for foap appbokeh freebie for foap app

This overlay beautifies the photo composition and serves as a part of the general idea. It adds the decoration to the frame, which, because of the contrast of details, looks more interesting.

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