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If you are going to download Filmora keygen, you’d better think twice before doing it. Did you know that it is illegal and can result in serious problems? Using this software, you risk causing harm to both your computer and yourself. I will tell you all the disadvantages of using Filmora keygen as well as the legal ways of getting this program.

A keygen is a tool for generating unique keys for such programs as Filmora video editor in order to activate them. But mind that some of the keygens may be fully legal. Certain software developers open access to their products to satisfy the requirements of a particular business. For instance, big enterprises may buy a specific program and receive a product key as well.

In most cases, hackers take advantage of key generators just to neutralize the software’s protection and share it on unverified sites. Their main goal is to get a hold of confidential information of those who downloaded and installed hacked copies.

Filmora Features:

filmora video editor interface
Complex Layering
The best stories comprise a number of layers. This concept is clearly understood by Wondershare. Thus, the program offers an efficient layering option, with the ability to apply a hundred layers of video and audio in the timeline. It is possible to add all the desired clips, sound and video effects.
Fast Video Rendering
The speed of rendering is impressive, especially if it is set to automatic. This occurs due to the fact the program instantly renders any element added to the timeline – it doesn’t hinder or influence the video editing workflow.
Such a capability will surely come in handy in case the user deals with a number of audio and video layers and doesn’t have much time to wait for the clip to finish rendering.
Video Aesthetics
Unintentional effects like camera shake and fisheye can ruin the quality and the overall impression of the video. Filmora greatly cares about video aesthetics. To deal with camera shake, it performs video stabilization and smooths frames.
To eliminate the fisheye effect, the program offers Lens Correction. Your only task is to indicate the intensity of correction, and then you can leave it all to Filmora.
Seamless Online Sharing
The program enables simplified online sharing of videos. Thanks to the integration with YouTube and Vimeo, it is possible to upload the video to these sites and don’t switch between several tabs. Moreover, you have an opportunity to adapt the video to the requirements of the desired video sharing platform before you finish uploading.

System Requirements

Operation System Windows: Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit), Microsoft Windows 8
Apple: macOS 10.15 Catalina, macOS 10.14 Mojave
Processor Intel Core i3, Core i5, Core i7 or AMD equivalent
Storage At least 1.2 GB free hard disk space for installation
Graphics processor 2 GB vRAM (4GB required for HD and 4K videos)

Windows Wondershare Filmora 9

Filename: filmora9_wondershare-for-windows.exe (download)
Filesize: 66.2 MB

Mac Wondershare Filmora 9

Filename: (download)
Filesize: 209 MB

Windows Wondershare FilmoraPro

Filename: filmora_pro_wondershare-for-windows.exe (download)
Filesize: 86.1 MB

Mac Wondershare Filmora FilmoraPro

Filename: filmora_pro_wondershare-for-mac.pkg (download)
Filesize: 67.7 MB

Free Video Editor

Filename: adobe-premiere-pro-cc.exe (download)
Filesize: 1.20 GB

What Is Filmora Keygen?

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Keygen is a key generator. In other words, it is a tool that creates unique keys for programs like Filmora to activate them. However, not all keygens are illegal to use. Sometimes the software developers make their products available to users to meet the needs of a specific business. For example, if a large company purchases a particular program, it comes with a product key.

Unfortunately, most often, hackers use key generators to break the protection of the program and distribute it to unofficial resources. Usually, they aim at stealing personal data of users, who downloaded and installed cracked software.

Even if you didn’t experience such problems, you have probably downloaded the Filmora Wondershare keygen from unreliable resources. This means that the software may contain viruses that will harm your computer. Moreover, don't forget about copyright infringement. When you use hacked software, you violate the law and may incur criminal liability.

Filmora Keygen: Disadvantages

filmora disadvantages image

Using Filmora keygen can lead to unpleasant consequences that you may not know about. Below, I will tell you about the most serious ones. However, the list of possible issues is definitely longer.

1. No Updates

A strong shortcoming of using illegal Filmora activation key is the inability to install updates. Without updates, you can’t use extended capabilities of the software or fix errors. Software updates are a way for developers to improve their products. However, if you are using hacked software, you will deprive yourself of the chance to try all the useful features of the soft.

2. Law Violation

The developers make every effort to ensure their product is protected from piracy since they make a living from selling the program. That is why they team up with law enforcement authorities to identify software piracy. Every user should remember that downloading a pirated program, you violate copyright, which can lead to negative consequences. Apart from being fined, you can get the maximum sentence of up to five years.

3. System Errors

When using illegal Wondershare Filmora codes, most likely, you will face system errors. It is not surprising that your software will work improperly, lag or crash. Usually, hackers change the source code of the program to distribute it for free. If the source code was edited by an unskillful programmer, then the program may lack some important elements which will cause system crashes.

4. Infecting Your PC with Viruses

Any pirated software, and Filmora is no exception, may contain different malware. That is why when using Filmora key, you are likely to infect your PC with various viruses resulting in potential damage. Some viruses can clutter up disk space and bring the system to an abrupt crash, while others can control your computer, disable your security settings and even worse.

How Can I Use Filmora Legally?

If you don’t feel like using free activation code Filmora and want to install this program legally, you can learn several effective ways to get this software below.

1. Filmora 9

  • Platforms: Mac OS, Windows
  • Price: Free trial or $39.99/year
  • FixThePhoto's Rating

This is the basic version of the software. Filmora 9 allows you to create spectacular clips using smart filters and amazing effects. Also, you can make the most of professional 3D LUTs. Moreover, completely adjustable functions, preview quality, fast video editing and proxy files will help boost your productivity without any hassle. Such handy features induce users to search for Filmora 9 free download links.

2. Filmora Pro

  • Platforms: Mac OS, Windows
  • Price: Free (With Watermark) or $89.99/year
  • FixThePhoto's Rating

Forget about searching for Filmora serial key as you can take advantage of advanced functions of Filmora Pro and dive into the world of professional video editing. It is possible to enhance the audio in your clips with the help of such effective tools as automatic sync, noise reduction, transitions, and compressor. Also, you can express your cinematic talent using auto-correction, customizable animations, additional controls, and other helpful features.

3. Filmora Scrn

  • Platforms: Mac OS, Windows
  • Price: Free trial or $19.99/year
  • FixThePhoto's Rating

Despite being designed as screen recording software, Filmora Scrn has powerful video editing capabilities. It comprises an array of tools that allow editing clips quickly and easily. Filmora Scrn is a very user-friendly program with modern and intuitive design. You can record high-quality videos from your screen and then edit them using the advanced features of the software.

Filmora Keygen Alternatives

If you feel like Filmora doesn’t have enough functions to suit your needs, don’t be upset. I compiled a list of decent alternatives that will help you take your video editing to creative heights.


  • Supports 4K video
  • Simple learning curve
  • User-friendly design
  • Additional interface for screen video recording
  • Deep color correction
  • Supports multiple audio tracks
  • Windows compatibility only
  • Can lag or retard

There is no need to use Filmora keygen since there is a program that can take your video editing game to a whole new level. VSDC is a professional video editor that has a wide range of multimedia editing tools. Deep light correction, layers, chroma-key feature, non-linear video editing, awesome LUTs, different filters and effects, this is only a glimpse of what VSDC can offer to its users. It is possible to combine videos, audio files or images and create breathtaking projects in Full HD resolution at 30 fps.

2. Adobe Premiere Pro

  • Works with video in real-time
  • First-class video and audio editing features
  • Non-linear video editing
  • Resource-intensive system requirements
  • 30-day free trial period

Adobe Premiere Pro is industry-leader video editing software that allows you to create an artwork with minimum effort. This program gives you full control over the entire process of video editing. With Adobe Premiere Pro, you can edit footage, add various special effects, share your clips and more. Moreover, the software is integrated with Creative Cloud storage and other Adobe products.

3. CyberLink PowerDirector

  • Easy-to-use
  • Quick video rendering
  • Multicam feature
  • 360-degree video editing
  • Advanced functions
  • Only for Windows

Stop looking for Filmora registration key as I found a perfect alternative to this video editor, called PowerDirector by CyberLink. Depending on your experience, you can choose between two modes, a “simple editor” and a “full editor”.

This video editor supports multi-camera editing. You can use 4 different camera angles to create dynamic clips. Apart from powerful tools for splitting, trimming and merging videos, PowerDirector features panning, zooming, frame freezing, color matching, motion tracking and even more. Once you have finished your work, you can showcase it on YouTube, Facebook or other sites.


Filmora offers not only advanced video editing tools, but supports LUTs that can give your project a unique visual style. If you want to improve your projects, make the most of these freebies I’ve prepared for you.

Teal and Orange LUT

teal and orange luts for filmora teal and orange luts for filmora

This LUT allows you to whiten all yellow areas in your footage. Apart from clarifying and intensifying the colors, it will help you improve the contrast of black and white tones.

Wedding LUT

wedding luts for filmora wedding luts for filmora

If you want to enliven your wedding movie, this LUT is a perfect option. It will enhance colors and contrast and add saturation to your video.

Ground Control LUT

ground control luts for filmora ground control luts for filmora

This LUT is an ideal tool for improving landscape videos. It increases green shades and enhances the overall look of the footage.

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