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Verdict: Filming Indo, the video production Company specializes in Production Fixer and Line Production in India, organizes all the necessary Permits, undertake research works, Location Management and equipment for filming. Their team of professional researchers, associate fixers across India, photographers & videographers turns filming experience in India into leisure for International media crews.

What additionally makes shooting in India attractive is the cost of production, which is lower than in most other countries. It is better to approach specialists in many areas of service because first-time visitors to India experience a slight cultural shock from the local charm and customs. Foreign guests are literally surrounded and bombarded with offers for transportation, overnight accommodation, as well as sales offers. Get all the necessary additional services in a civilized way from one partner, which is affordable and beneficial – from Filming Indo.

  • Professional in working with Foreign Media crews
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  • All types of filming permits support
  • Film and Journalist Visa Support
  • Experienced English speaking Crews
  • Affordable cost
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Although shooting in India is a fun activity, there are a lot of things you need to consider in order for everything to go smoothly: obtaining permission, issuing visas for your film crew, organizing the filming location taking into account the C-19 standard for labor protection in the conditions of local quarantine. If you plan to spend several days shooting, you will get excellent service and spend your time learning about the country and its customs in thematic tours.

In a foreign country, it isn’t always easy to do without linguistic help – Filming Indo offers you its own. They work with numerous translators and interpreters who speak various foreign languages. Specialists of this videography company are fluent in English, and some speak French, Spanish, Italian, German and Korean.

Filming Indo Review: Services

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Since 2010, Filming Indo has been a leading film production and tour organization company in India. Their film studios are located in New Delhi and Varanasi in India. Their team at Indo Vacations can arrange the necessary material and human resources to shoot the film as needed.

The mission of Filming Indo is to create spectacular, meaningful and engaging world-class films with an emphatic intent to help independent filmmakers and emerging talent.

If You Need More Than Just Videographer or Photographer

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The Filming Indo team is proud to belong to these amazing cities and Indian culture. With a highly qualified creative team, they are ready to help you every step of the way on this unforgettable and informative journey, where you will be enveloped in energy, tranquility and unity. To become a part of this journey, it is easier to list the services that Filming Indo won’t provide you in India, but let’s still try to do it by a reversal.

As a well-known video production management service company, Filming Indo coordinates the production of national and international feature films or documentaries, TV programs, commercials and series, photo shoots, events, project research. Besides, it locates and shoots music video projects across India.

With a huge network of a creative and hardworking team across India, Filming Indo is sure to support you in developing scripts and projects, renting equipment, location permission and scouting, casting management, renting drones for filming (yes, they love drones in India, but they are difficult to find there). The company will provide a technical team, transportation and accommodation, catering, permission to shoot from the embassy and a journalist visa, as well as other needs upon your request.

Not far from Varanasi, there are several other beautiful places of special significance. Mirzapur, Jaunpur, Chakiya, Chandauli, Sonbhadra, Renukut, Bhadohi are often visited by tourists because of their social, economic, adventure and religious value. A personalized trip has already been developed for you.

If you plan to develop a script and introduce a local cast, Filming Indo will be glad to assist in the development process of your project. Apart from filming, they have experience in event management, digital marketing, advanced graphic design, special guide packages, experience in yoga, staying and transportation.

Your comprehensive project will take into account your budget requirements and maintain a long-term relationship with your esteemed organization. Filming Indo will make sure that your production experience is professional and enjoyable.

Get the Best Project Score with Options to Choose From

As a core business, Filming Indo provides full-service video production – from initial research to location search, coordination, filming and video post-production. In many cases, the director or producer is the only one who goes to the studio, while it is responsible for the professional team and production staff.

Aside from filming, you may need a lot of related services: logistics, comprehensive food services, obtaining permissions, for instance, in holy places and temples. The team will find the right places that meet the requirements for the scenario, organize an exploration of the area to study the peculiarities of sound, lighting and geography.

The chain includes several one-stop homes and shooting equipment rental stores, from DSLRs to HD cameras, audio equipment, and Light to Rigs. No need to drive from one rental home to another, testing the shooting equipment that can be found here under one roof.

Filming Indo partners with several experienced production coordinators or fixers who will save you a lot of fuss and trouble, making your production as efficient and smooth as possible. At your disposal, you will have DOPs, lighting camera operators, camera operators, camera assistants, boom operators, sound assistants, offline/online editors, audio editors, sound designers, vision mixers, gaffer & sparks, visual effects artists and compositors, graphic designers and illustrators, make-up artists, costume designers.

The studio presents a vast array of models, entertainers and artists across the country working in film, television, theater, advertising and photography spheres. The studio prides itself in promoting the new talent of all ages alongside established performers. Therefore, you will have a fully equipped creative and technical team.Wedding ceremony in India is world-famous, so Filming Indo is the most innovative company in the field of wedding videography and photography in Varanasi, with a large team of wedding professionals, from photographers to wedding videographers, album designers and makeup artists.

Check out Most Shooting Locations in Advance

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Many years of experience in producing and providing production services in Varanasi and other places proves that this field doesn’t cease to attract directors of documentaries, feature films and television series. Shooting in India is always a great visual and cultural experience, as the country offers many different spiritual places and a variety of landscapes for shooting.

A wide selection of locations, such as deserts, beaches, national parks, wildlife, fortresses and palaces, as well as Indian weddings are often the targets of famous filmmakers from around the world. India, with its natural, architectural and cultural riches, is a holiday destination for every guest. Whether you are looking for lush green valleys and deserts, or royal art and architecture –India offers a variety of options to suit every taste.

Now You Cannot Only Work Remotely but Also Shoot

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Since COVID-19 is now dictating its own terms, this has particularly affected the film production industry. Along with crossing borders for filming abroad, restrictions on film crews have also kicked in here. See what an elegant solution Filming Indo has taken if the customer’s representatives can’t travel to the site. They will be offered the experience of remote production, delivering the footage in a flawless and safe way.

They have experience of remote filming, and this level of remote production skills is a valuable asset along with highly qualified and experienced professionals. The advantages of this type of shooting will be a reduction in the often high costs associated with production trips, an informed choice in favor of the surrounding people and environment, as well as less impact of large-scale production filming on the ground.

Today’s technologies offer a vast array of video conferencing software and user-friendly platforms that allow anyone to participate on set while being at home. Preparation for filming follows the same scenario as standard filming. The service company, production company and agency are contacted in the usual way by email and, depending on your territory, on such platforms as WhatsApp or Zoom.

Live streaming from the camera via the playback monitor and software allows the client, agency and director to see the action at the moment. Any potential delay is only 2-3 frames on a maximum of 16 devices. The high-speed translation is used to share news and footage with the selected editor at the end of the day.

Learn More about the Features of Indian Video Production

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Aside from ordering the necessary services, an extensive gallery of filming locations and local tours, there is a well-illustrated travel blog dedicated not only to the local cinema. India is famous for its crafts, cultural and spiritual heritage. Costume and dance festivals are a whole part of any activity in the country, not even related to the art of cinema. The site has a good selection of documentary series about India on the BBC, National Geographic and TV Tokyo channels.

Filming Indo: Prices

The list of services offered by Filming Indo is so extensive and not related that it would be very difficult to evaluate it in this Filming Indo review, especially if you need a comprehensive service or full placement. Therefore, you should approach the company’s representatives via the contact form, social networks, or phone call – there are many communication options.

For their part, Filming Indo ensures that within your budget, even if it is minimal, they will try to provide the proper level of quality and multiple options for approval.