EaseUS Data Recovery 13.2.0 Torrent

More and more people are searching for the EaseUS Data Recovery torrent download link, since they want to get a program capable of restoring deleted files free of charge. Anyway, downloading this software from a torrent resource may bring lots of unpleasant consequences. This article contains a full description of the risks you run if you decide to install the EaseUS Data Recovery torrent file and features several legal ways of how you can get this software without violating the law.

Why Is EaseUS Data Recovery Torrent So Demanded?

EaseUS Data Recovery helps restore lost data on servers, laptops, storage media and desktop computers. The utility operation algorithm is very efficient: three separate modules restore information after accidental disks formatting, unpleasant virus attacks, or the actions of an inexperienced user.

When users understand how powerful and helpful this software is, they start looking for the ways to circumvent the copyrights in order to use the program without spending a cent. The most frequent method to do this is to download EaseUS Data Recovery Torrent.

Why Stop Using Torrent Files?

If you have at least one pirated program installed on your computer, and torrent files belong to this group, then you break the law and you can be punished for this at any moment. There is a widespread misconception that this applies only to the head of the companies and system administrators, and an average user can sleep peacefully. In fact, this is not true.

EaseUS Data Recovery Torrent Disadvantages

If you use a hacked version of a program, you actually copy it. The thing is that professional software, developed, tested and advanced by experts can’t be shared free of charge.


Hacked programs, for example, EaseUS Data Recovery 12.9 torrent, are distributed on disks of a poor quality. It often happens that an anti-virus recognizes a program installation file on such a disk as a virus. Therefore, almost always distributors of such software suggest users disable antiviruses, which in the end can lead to irreparable aftermath.

No Updates

If you’ve decided to download EaseUS Data Recovery torrent and hope to get top-level software, you will be rather disappointed. Actually, such programs remain in the initial state, because they have no reserved code, which means the absence of regular updates.


When hacking a licensed product, pirates often change the boot module codes. Consequently, the program works incorrectly, and you need to watch it all the time. The most serious problems arise with software that are designed for calculations and generation of reports, as you may end up with terrible consequences.

Possible Fine or Imprisonment

EaseUS Data Recovery full version torrent download can bring you a huge fine of about $200,000, which doesn’t sound so good, does it? Even worse punishment is imprisonment for up to 5 years. Maybe it is more reasonable to pay for the software you really need once and use it as much as you want without worrying about being caught red-handed?

No Tech Support

People using illegal software can’t receive technical support or advice from the developers of the program, and if they even manage to reach the managers, the professional consultation may cost a lot.

No Educational Guides

When you perform EaseUS Data Recovery offline activation and something goes wrong, you can’t look up the instructions of what to do in the manual simply because there is any supplied with the hacked program. You can either look for the answers online on various resources, which by the way is time-consuming, or go the trial and error path.

How to Download EaseUS Data Recovery without Torrent?

If any of the above-mentioned reasons not to download EaseUS Data Recovery torrent has convinced you, but you still want to add this program to your arsenal, go to the official website and get it from there. Developers offer a completely free version with the possibility to restore up to 2GB of data.

Another option is the Pro version with unlimited data recovery potential for $69.95. The latter can be tested for free. Besides, there is the Pro + Bootable Media Edition charged $99.90. You can also examine its functionality via a free trial version.

Free Alternatives

If you have tested EaseUS Data Recovery and like the functions it offers, you can purchase the full version on the official site. In case, the price is too high for you, but you need the software of this kind – choose the alternative program. The most popular replacements I have described below.

1. TestDisk

testdisk logo
  • A free, open-source program
  • Advanced utility
  • Multi-platform
  • You can use it without installation
  • May be difficult for total newbies

TestDisk is a wonderful alternative to EaseUS Data Recovery torrent with the wealth of handy features. It can recover 1GB in 83 seconds, which is a fantastic result, surpassed only by commercial software.

This is a cross-platform tool pre-installed on several Linux distro live CDs. Here you can find many interesting functions like restoring DE type partitions highly-demanded by Dell owners. A great upside is that you can use TestDisk without installation.

As for the shortcomings, the program doesn’t have a GUI and won’t suit beginner users. Because of the absence of an in-depth guide, you may need to spend quite lots of time to understand all the options. However, you can look for tutorials online, as there are probably some nice manuals.

2. PhotoRec

photorec logo
  • Unlimited recovery free of charge
  • A very comprehensive scanning process
  • Works with digital cameras, smartphones, memory cards
  • Can recover ZIP, Office, HTML, PDF, JPEG, graphic files
  • An old-fashioned graphical interface
  • Very weak customer support

If you need to recover deleted videos, archives and documents from CD-ROMs or hard disks, or lost images from camera memory, but using EaseUS Data Recovery 11.9 torrent isn’t an option – you can resort to PhotoRec, which easily cope with such tasks. Since this program works ignoring the file system and directly goes after the underlying data, you can rely on it if your media’s file system has been formatted or damaged.

This software resembles TestDisk, being cross-platform, open-source and free. People frequently use it to recover deleted partitions regardless of the file system, which is an undeniable advantage. Some claim that this is the best tool to make non-bootable disks bootable again. Follow this link to download the program.

To ensure that the recovery process is absolutely secure, PhotoRec accesses only the drive or memory card where the lost files were kept, instead of affecting the whole system.

3. Kickass Undelete

kickass undelete logo
  • Free and open-source
  • Supports both FAT and NTFS file systems
  • Filters by filename and extension
  • Straightforward UI
  • Windows-compatibility only

EaseUS Data Recovery Kickass Undelete alternative is another free program to restore deleted data. It boasts many efficient features and tools optimized for Windows devices. Kickass Undelete looks for deleted files on your hard drive, SD card or flash drive and restores them.

The best results are possible if you launch the process right after the files have been accidentally removed. Note than when you delete something, the data is still available for some time, but then it is overwritten with new files, so the later recovery may simply be impossible.

Thanks to a well-designed, intuitive UI, you can easily start scanning for deleted files. This is relevant even for bigger hard drives and the operation speed won’t be disappointing. Once the “searching” process is finished, you can select files for recovery.

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