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Dreamweaver crack seems an ideal variant for those, who don’t want to pay money for any kind of software. However, are you sure that having installed Adobe Dreamweaver crack you won’t experience serious consequences? Read the post below and you will see why illegal programs will do no good. Moreover, you will find some legal programs like Dreamweaver that may come in handy.

What Is Dreamweaver Crack?

In simple words, Adobe Dreamweaver crack is a hacked program. Hackers deletethe original files and install a cracked one instead of it. As a result, the program is opened without requesting an activation key.

At first sight, everything seems OK, but as a rule, you won’t be able to use all the capabilities of the program because the functions are limited. Moreover, it may damage your computer. Finally, if you use pirate software you violate the law.

Windows Dreamweaver CC

Filename: Dreamweaver_Set-Up.exe (download)
Filesize: 285.43Mb

MacDreamweaver CC

Filename: AdobeDreamweaverCC2020.2.1iMacs (download)
Filesize: 315Mb

TOP Dreamweaver Templates Part 1

Filename: Top Dreamweaver templates Part 1.zip (download)
Filesize: 1.01 MB

TOP Dreamweaver Templates Part 2

Filename: Top Dreamweaver templates Part.zip (download)
Filesize: 2.28 MB

Why Using Dreamweaver Crack Is Dangerous?

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If you install an original version of Dreamweaver, you may be sure that this software doesn’t have any viruses and hidden dangers. Speaking about Dreamweaver crack download, the situation is different. What unpleasant surprises does Dreamweaver crack prepare for users?

Download Part 1 Dreamweaver Templates (912KB)
Download Part 2 Dreamweaver Templates (1.13MB)

Viruses. As a rule, pirate programs have hidden viruses, which may greatly damage your computer. So, if you want to protect your PC from “Zeus” or any other viruses, stay away from illegal soft.

System errors. When hackers crack the software, they usually damage its code. As a result, failures and crashes occur and you can’t cope with them on your own. Moreover, hacked programs are limited in functionality so you will not get the quality you hope for.

Outdate quickly. Adobe Company constantly updates its products adding new tools and functions. However, all these features are available only with paid Dreamweaver software. Adobe Dreamweaver crack doesn’t get any updates and you may use only an old variant.

Lack of support. If you buy an original Dreamweaver version, you get constant customer support. Adobe’s experts will help you fix any problem and explain how to usevarious tools. In such a way, having paid for the program, you receive professional consultations if you need any. Of course, there is no support if you use an illegal version.

Illegal. Frankly speaking, it is the key reason why you should avoid Dreamweaver crack. Adobe developers have the product copyright so you may be taken to the court for its illegal usage.

What Are the Legal Versions of Dreamweaver Crack?

If you have realized that Dreamweaver crack is not your option, consider the following two ways to get the software. The first one is to pay for Adobe Dreamweaver and get an official version. The second variant is to buy the pack of Adobe programs that has several apps including the one you need. One of the plans below may be suitable for you. Check them out.

1. Dreamweaver Single App Plan

  • Platforms: Mac OS, Windows
  • Price: $19.97/month
  • FixThePhoto Editors’ Rating

If you pay for the subscription, you get basic program tools. Using them, you can perform main operations: create beautiful images, develop unique sites, and improve the design. This plan is suitable for those, who don’t need any additional Adobe products.

2. Dreamweaver All Apps Plan

  • Platforms: Mac OS, Windows
  • Price: $49.94
  • FixThePhoto Editors’ Rating

If you opt for this plan, you can enjoy all the advantages of the Creative Cloud. You will get Dreamweaver and 20 other desktop and mobile programs such as Photoshop, InDesign, Premiere Pro, Illustrator, Adobe XD, Acrobat DC, etc. Moreover, you will get access to video, design, web and other services.

Dreamweaver Crack Alternatives

In case you don’t want to spend money on software or are not interested in advanced tools Dreamweaver offers, look through the list of free alternatives that boast decent functionality. Check out the info below and you will forget about Dreamweaver crack.

1. Quanta Plus

  • Supports JavaScript, CSS2, XForms, RSS, etc.
  • Syntax highlighting support for PHP, HTML, JavaScript, Perl, XML and others
  • Lacks direct support for SVG or HTML5

For today, Quanta Plus is a decent alternative to paid web editors. It has a multi-document interface, offers WYSIWYG editing and templates. Speaking about advanced functions, it features team development, plug-in support and a PHP debugger. Quanta Plus developers tried to create the best instrument for web design.

2. Aptana

  • Open source app
  • Developed on Java
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, BSD
  • NO WYSIWYG editor anda spell check
  • Absence of RSS, Atom, or Xpath support

Featuring many professional options, Aptana is created for users enthusiastic about dynamic web applications. This tool offers a context related help (Code Assist) that shows possibleJava-script functions and parameters, html and css tags. Moreover, it informs you about the options available in various browsers allowing you to know whether your code works for particular users.

The main advantage of this Dreamweaver crack alternative is Java-script, which comes with an integrated Java-script debugging. Therefore, Aptana is a perfect instrument for ajax development.

An embedded browser allows you to preview your design and check its functions. Through ftp or secure ftp (sftp), you may sync the design to your web server after it is verified. In addition, this software supports all main platforms.

CoffeeCup HTML

  • Offers code completion to auto-suggested tags
  • Supports JavaScript
  • Split-screen editing
  • Allows to pick up color through a website color scheme chooser
  • Compatible only with Windows

It offers WYSIWYG options enabling you to design, edit, and drag-and-drop files. It also has an Integrated DHTML Menu Builder, Right-Click and Upload functions. Moreover, you may easily add cool text effects.


If you just begin working with Dreamweaver, you should use some free templates. Try these freebies to boost your productivity and achieve wonderful results.

1. Amazing

freebies for dreamweaver amazing

The presence of portfolio today is one of the main indicators of professionalism. So each photographer, designer, writer or any other specialist needs to have one to demonstrate his skills. With the help of this template you can easily create the portfolio of your works.

2. City

freebies for dreamweaver city

For those who likes to use landing pages in business, this template is a right choice. Minimalism in decor won’t distract from the important information. At the end you’ll get stylish and easy to read landing page for many purposes.

3. Infinite

freebies for dreamweaver infinite

This one-page template gives you the opportunity to post information which is available in different devices.

Dreamweaver Crack Download

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All in all, we can state that having downloaded Adobe Dreamweaver crack, you will get many problems with your PC as well as with the law. That is why it’s better to install the program that will be safe for you and your computer.

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