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Verdict: With Determ, it is possible to receive relevant information about a particular business matter and make informed business choices. Most of all, I like its user-friendly interface and exceptional customer support.

Moreover, this social media management tool boasts an exceptional character recognition system and provides comprehensive global reach, with no limitations related to language or geographical location.

Other features that I appreciate are personalized alerts and summaries, the possibility to generate customized PDF and Excel data reports, as well as support for an unlimited number of users.

  • Personalized alerts
  • Vast worldwide coverage
  • Advanced search filters
  • Detailed reports in the needed format
  • AI assistant
  • Complex multi-account management
  • Disappointing filtering in a mobile version
determ interface

Determ provides users with detailed yet easy-to-grasp analytics. You can change more than 2,000 types of charts to create reports that perfectly match your business plan and desired goals.

As a result, you get unique sets of information and can envisage and leverage growth opportunities, keep an eye on what people think about their brand, collect feedback from customers, prevent possible problems, and spot high-profile prospects.

Determ: Main Benefits

determ logo

The most effective way to learn what people say about your brand is by using social media monitoring tools. These instruments are also helpful if you want to find out customers’ attitudes toward your products, competitors, and your industry in general, and whether they are satisfied with your customer service response times.

These tools serve as time-saving and accurate methods to monitor specific topics. Social media marketing companies fully rely on such tools when it comes to public relations, research, and monitoring of a brand's reputation.

Complete Analysis on 100M+ Online Sources

Determ performs a thorough examination of your online presence, providing you with pertinent metrics and in-depth data insights for any topic across over 100 million online sources.

Thus, you can discern where your audience is most involved, what sources are most helpful in your case, and what social media platforms relate to the topics you're monitoring, and then harness that information to adjust your communication strategies.

determ analytics

What I appreciate is that akin to social media customer service software, Determ allows you to gauge public opinion and protect your reputation. This involves comprehending how people perceive your brand in online discussions and staying vigilant for any potential negative publicity that may arise.

What’s more, with Determ you can better understand your consumers by obtaining a comprehensive view of the audience through demographic data. You can see gender distribution and gain insights into how each demographic group sees your brand.

Powerful Search Filters to Avoid Irrelevant Results

determ search filters

Determ allows you to narrow down your search using keyword configurations and filters, eliminating the need to sift through irrelevant mentions. You can provide your keywords with more context or avoid unrelated mentions by using Boolean operators.

The setup process is very intuitive. You have complete control over what appears in your feed. You can customize your search by language or location, select the sources you want to monitor, and apply filters based on metrics such as sentiment and influencer score.

Real-Time Notifications Tailored to Your Needs

Determ sends notifications when there is an abrupt uptick in the frequency of your mentions. Thus, you can proactively manage potential negative publicity or seize opportunities arising from viral trends.

determ real time notifications

It is great that you can choose the preferred type of notification. You just need to identify what should be flagged as important or worth further investigating, and you'll receive prompt notifications as soon as these events occur.

Besides, with Determ you can receive regular updates on the topics you're monitoring. It is possible to choose whether you want to get updates on a daily, weekly, monthly basis, or at intervals that you customize to your liking.

I also like that it’s possible to share the most important news and mentions. You can easily send newsletters directly to the inboxes of your stakeholders, containing updates on competitor news, brand media coverage, or campaign developments.

Data-Driven Reports in Your Preferred Format

determ reports

You can either utilize pre-made templates or tailor them to match your specific requirements. Anyway, you’ll get a flexible reporting experience where you can extract insights from existing dashboards or craft custom charts aligned with your unique business objectives.

You can share your key insights quickly and ensure your resources are accurate. Besides, users can export data in the selected format and bolster decision-making with insights derived from data.

It is very easy to maintain a consistent visual identity by crafting fully customizable reports that feature your logo and color scheme. Next, you can share these reports with your current stakeholders.

Automate Repetitive Tasks

determ automation

Determ can streamline your workflow by automating rigmarole tasks, reducing your workload, and yielding better outcomes. To my mind, the possibility to organize your mentions as they appear online is very useful. You can categorize mentions related to specific topics using tags.

What’s more, the service allows users to designate positive or negative sentiments to specific keywords and get customized public opinion insights for a brand. In addition, you can schedule regular updates and reports about your digital media presence on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Interpret and Summarize Data with AI Assistant Synthia

I believe an embedded AI assistant called Synthia deserves special mention in this Determ review. It can analyze specific topics, suggest exceptionally valuable recommendations, and accurately characterize the tone of each news summary.

Synthia also produces a concise summary of online conversations and media coverage, so you can clearly understand how your company is doing and what you can perform to make it more profitable.

determ ai assistant synthia

Synthia can spot lucrative opportunities and potential pitfalls related to your brand, competitors, or industry. Therefore, you can develop strategies for your next moves. Moreover, Synthia sheds light on current trends that can serve as a basis for your creative projects aimed at boosting brand awareness.

It’s amazing that Synthia is capable of recognizing sarcasm or irony and can fully comprehend the context of your mentions. Gaining insights into how your customers discuss your brand is crucial if you want to enhance and protect your brand's reputation.

Furthermore, Synthia “knows” all spoken languages, so it can effortlessly interpret and condense data, regardless of the language used in the mentions.

Determ Price

You can take advantage of a free 7-day trial, which is available after a demo call. The team will help you with account setting up based on your business type and goals and will demonstrate the features of Determ. After that, you can test it with full access to all features independently.

There are 3 plans to choose from: Plus – Will suit teams in rapidly expanding companies. Unlimited users, 20 queries, 50,000 mentions, unlimited keywords, 3 months of historical data, real-time results, monitoring all web and social media channels.

Premium – Perfect for data-driven agencies. All features from the Plus, plus 50 queries, 500,000 mentions, and up to 24 months of historical data.

Multibrand – Great variant for enterprises with multiple brands. Same as Premium, but with 99 queries, 1000000 mentions, and AI Assistant Synthia.

You need to make a demo call and the team will calculate the price based on your needs. You can choose to pay every month or once a year. Paying for a year at once is cheaper, and you get a 20% discount.


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