ChatWithPDF Review 2024: Breakthrough AI Opportunities


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  • Pricing: Free/$9.99/month
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Verdict: As a small startup owner, I often work with documents in PDF format usually, and the functionality offered by ChatWithPDF not only made my daily life a lot easier but also prompted by to write this review. I like how convenient this tool is and how quickly I can find the necessary information even inside huge files.

This artificial intelligence software isn’t just an automated researcher solution, but also a kind of personal assistant that can continuously provide relevant insights regarding my PDF documents.

  • Drag-and-drop UI
  • User-friendly controls
  • Customizable data extraction process
  • AI-based functionality
  • High processing speed
  • Free edition has a limited feature set
  • Doesn’t offer extra protection for private documents
  • Doesn’t properly organize the extracted data
chatwithpdf interface

ChatWithPDF is an AI-based platform that allows you to quickly and easily extract data from PDFs regardless of their size. It’s similar to conversing with a virtual assistant that’s capable of locating the necessary data and analyzing it per your request.

It’s online, you can open it on any device. This makes it a lot easier to use and can be a lifesaver when you’re handling documents on the fly.

Supports 6 languages, which makes it a versatile tool when processing PDFs sent to you by business partners or clients from abroad.

ChatWithPDF: Main Features

chatwithpdf features

ChatWithPDF puts a lot of effort into ensuring maximum data security. Your PDFs are only accessed to find answers to your requests and are only stored for processing purposes. All imported documents are kept at protected AWS servers and you can remove them whenever you want without worrying about them leaving any trace.

Basic features: AI research functionality, intuitive interface, available in several languages

Advanced features: unrestricted number of documents, OCR, cloud storage

"i've been relying on chatwithpdf for almost a month now, and i’ve grown to appreciate its tools quite a lot. the ai-based extraction feature offers great results, allowing me to avoid wasting hours on manual data input." - Zoey, student ★★★★★ (5/5)

Super-Easy Extraction Process

chatwithpdf pdf uploading

I appreciated ChatWithPDF’s handy drag-and-drop controls, which make it easy to manage and organize all my PDFs. This platform also lets me import documents from links as well as browse my PC and pick the desired PDF manually.

The data extraction process consists of 3 stages. You start by uploading the PDF that you’d like to chat about. Then, you ask the questions and provide prompts regarding the data you want to learn about or extract. The last part entails you receiving instant responses along with the relevant data from your document.

Extremely Convenient Dashboard for PDFs Management

chatwithpdf dashboard

This PDF reader offers an intuitive toolset layout on the main dashboard, which is opened when you upload a document. The virtual helper will instantly suggest possible inquiries by automatically scanning the entire document. If you have any other inquiries, you can ignore the suggestions and type in your own question.

Additionally, the platform saves a history of all your chats, allowing you to return to previous inquiries if needed. The chat history will be preserved for as long as you don’t delete the uploaded files.

Interactive Chatting Imitating Speaking to a Real User

This platform provides double-sided communication with your documents instead of limiting itself to just extracting data. It lets you ask questions, receive answers, and follow up on those responses. The experience resembles a conversation with the author of the PDF.

The responses to your questions are highly accurate, making you feel like you’re having a business conversation with a real person. After getting an answer, you can ask the AI to expand on it with specific follow-up questions or to analyze the text in its entirety to provide the conclusions you need.

Premium Feature Set for Professional Purposes

chatwithpdf ocr

The premium edition of this tool comes with OCR software, which is irreplaceable if your PDF contains text formatted as an image. Text recognition can significantly streamline your workflow, as you don’t have to “extract data” as a separate operation, while the multilingual nature of this solution ensures your text will be converted with maximum precision.

Another advantage of the premium version is that it allows you to ask as many questions as you want. You also aren’t limited in the number of PDF documents you can upload. Moreover, the platform lets you upload huge files that are up to 3000 pages in size.

"I’m constantly handling large documents when doing my research work. ChatWithPDF lets me extract crucial data and insights so much easier. It has proven to be a fantastic tool." - Frank, marketing lead ★★★★★ (5/5)

ChatWithPDF Prices

You can use ChatWithPDF absolutely for free as long you don’t need to process large documents or ask a lot of questions. The free version lets you upload up to 2 documents a day that are up to 10MB in size. The PDFs also can’t be longer than 100 pages each, but you can leave as many inquiries as you want.

The Premium plan will send you back $9.99/mo. It allows uploading PDFs as big as 50MB while also offering the benefit of optical character recognition technology, which is applied to all uploaded PDFs.


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