CameraWize Photography Courses Review

By Tata Rossi 21 days ago, Photography Tips

CameraWize Photography Courses

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Verdict: CameraWize offers first-class courses covering such topics as cameras, lenses, and photography. I like that they help every beginner become more confident as a photographer by explaining not only the basics of working with cameras but also technical terms in simple language that creative people can easily understand. Apart from hands-on video courses, they offer a guided learning process.

CameraWize doesn’t provide nonsense camera courses that dwell on basic camera settings. Instead, they transformed years of photographic experience into a simple format for aspiring photographers to understand how to use a camera to take breathtaking shots and record awesome videos.

  • Comprehensive analysis of gear
  • Detailed guidelines
  • Convenient format of training
  • Open YouTube channel
  • Tips from an expert
  • Devoted to Canon and Nikon gear only
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Thanks to many years of practice, the lecturer of the CameraWize photography courses shares his personal experience developed by trial and error. He uses simple language and tonality and highlights the most important points so that even a beginner can quickly understand a topic. Digital manuals such as books, PDF sheets will remain with you forever and may serve as quick cheat sheets.

Although these are short-term courses, you can perceive your DSLR camera in a completely new way. Discover all the secrets of your camera and use them in your work.

CameraWize Photography Courses Features

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CameraWize is a comprehensive course for photographers, who want to understand how to make the most out of Canon and Nikon cameras, and how to achieve perfect light and color balance with minimal retouching. You will learn how to arrange light setup, choose a proper photography style, and create interesting compositions for your photos.

The founder, Jeremy Bayston, has worked as a photo editor for national newspapers for 30 years, and now he shares a great deal of photography knowledge in his course. During the training, you will be able to create your portfolio, hone your photography skills, build expertise in your work and find your first clients. Although the management of the CameraWize photography courses doesn’t provide assistance with finding a job, practical skills will definitely come in handy.

Separate Course for Each Camera

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Typically, photography courses include everything and nothing, but this doesn’t apply to CameraWize. CameraWize offers the most accurate training for working with certain types of cameras without overused tips. I like that they don't try to cover all aspects of photography in one course, but go into detail about each button and setting in a camera for you to understand how to compose a shot and improve the quality of a photo.

The CameraWize photography courses include everything you need to know to get started using these camera models:

These are tailor-made courses for specific camera models. Each course contains video tutorials (more than 4 hours) and supplemental resources. In case you have a question or need additional assistance, you can consult a tutor via direct messages.

Possibility to Choose a Training Format

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CameraWize photography courses are available in several formats. This is a strong advantage since every photographer is different. Some users prefer to get information through reading, while others like to watch videos or have both printed and video versions of the course at hand.

One of the options is a lifetime digital course on the Udemy platform, which comes with a money-back guarantee. This course allows you to learn numerous hacks and camera references that will bring your photography to the notch.

You also get a PDF document that will serve as a digital manual with clickable links to useful video tutorials. Besides, you can present a course to your friends in the form of a printed book, which contains all the tips and rules for using a particular camera. The book is available for purchase on Amazon. Each format includes all video tutorials and complete tutor assistance.

Comprehensive Analysis and Explanation of the Material

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By purchasing a course, you get a complete immersion in the photography world and shooting gear. However, it is not a boring manual. This tutorial is written in simple words. The book and PDF include 17 exclusive videos about the Modes, Tabs, Autofocus, Filters, Flash. Also, you will learn all the tricks concerning settings to create better exposure, lighting, and focus.

Jeremy Bayston also explains what gear it is better to get for your DSLR camera and provides useful tips on how to take stunning photos.

Then you can learn how to improve picture quality when shooting on Canon DSLR cameras. All tutorials will be also useful for experienced photographers since they cover advanced features of cameras. You can take a deep dive into camera controls, Menu Tabs and Custom Settings. Thus, you can adjust a camera in accordance with a specific shooting situation.

Free YouTube Channel

CameraWize is active on social media sites, providing everyone with the opportunity to learn more about cameras, flashes and camera accessories. This YouTube channel includes numerous playlists with videos dedicated to Canon and Nikon cameras. Here you can learn tips and hacks on metering, focusing, how to use the camera flash and how to record awesome videos.

Jeremy Bayston recorded all videos himself. Also, he explains what to consider when choosing Flashguns and lighting and how to arrange a photo studio. There are also playlists dedicated to Canon lenses for video and photo, Nikon D3400 and the settings for portrait, landscape, or journalist photography.

This useful information is absolutely free. Additionally, in the descriptions under the video, you can find pleasant bonuses such as free videos from paid courses or even discounts on courses via a link or a promotional code.

Informative Blog

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The blog is constantly filled with new interesting articles about the photography world. You can find reviews dedicated to the most popular lenses for landscape photography, lenses for sports photography, travel and portrait lenses, and tips on how to use them in different lighting conditions. The author also provides in-depth camera reviews for photo and video recording, describing the camera benefits, and complementing the reviews with instructional videos.

The information included in the course, YouTube channel, and blog is absolutely different. These unique articles allow you to level up your skills without additional investment.

CameraWize Photography Courses Prices

The price for courses at CameraWize Studio depends on the type and format of training you opt for. In general, the cost doesn’t exceed $20. So, the course dedicated to Canon or Nikon cameras costs $13-15. For this price, you get lifetime access to the course on the Udemy platform, the ability to contact a tutor, and a full money-back guarantee.

You can purchase a PDF document for $15. A print book from Amazon with links to exclusive videos cost $19.50.

Similar Products

Currently, there are no similar courses that provide such informative tutorials on the most popular types of cameras. The majority of online photography courses are based on the principle of compositions and varieties of photography genres. They devote only several hours to the technical characteristics of a camera.

The situation is different with CameraWize. These courses help you understand what you are holding in your hands and how each setting affects the result. Live communication via chat with the tutor and the possibility to ask any question and get an instant answer from a real professional is a pleasant bonus.