Looking for photo retoucher

Looking for photo retoucher

Our editing firm that offers only high-quality and advanced post processing services for photographers welcomes new talented photo manipulators.

Everybody knows that photo post production services are very hard, but captivating to work with. Modern photo art industry cannot be imagined without various proficient retouching options, as every picture that we see on billboards or magazines has been enhanced by real editing professionals. And definitely if you are looking through this article, it means that you have a wish to be an essential part of this alluring industry. Without any doubts, that is a brilliant and advantageous desire that will bring you success if you follow it. And in this informative article you will find everything needed for starting work in our prosperous company.


What is our photo editing proposition

Our editing firm that offers only high-quality and advanced post processing services for photographers welcomes new talented photo manipulators. Due to the impetuous development and widening working horizons, we are in dire need of staff increasing. We are looking for gifted and totally dedicated image editors that will not be afraid to improve their working skills every working day in various services from headshot retouching to demanding jewellery retouching services or even real estate photo editing for commercial use in case you are interested in this topic. That is the prominent qualifying requirement to our potential colleague.  


You need to be quite sure in your wishes connected with future position. We are seeking for not only professional editors. The most important is your dedication to what you are doing. Nowadays our retouching firm is enjoying apogee of editing business. The flow of customers increases from week to week. The amount of interesting picture improving tasks for one day is so huge and impressive, that our contemporary team is not surely able to process all of them in time. The matter is that really high-quality image outcomes need time. Actually, every quality needs time. That is the golden rule for every occupation and pro retouching job is not an exception.

So, our picture changing specialists face the dilemma whether to sacrifice the final characteristic of enhanced photos for the sake of shortening retouching time. Certainly we cannot do that. All post production photography services done by our firm are always professional and outstanding. Here we do not agree to degrade the quality of our work. So, the best variant for us is to take new editors. We know that nowadays that is not a huge problem to find people that have basic knowledge in modern image changing programs like LightRoom and Photoshop. But that is not a thing what we are looking for. We need people that not only will be knowledgeable in these services, but also will be eager to work hard on self-development. 



Freelance retoucher jobs

As you have understood from the article, we do not offer just ordinary position for earning money at the end of each month. We want to present you with a great possibility. And that is the best that can happen with you. Our friendly picture improving team will give you all necessary opportunities for self-development. That is not a just ordinary position with dull and monotonous work. To get this alluring job, your editing skills need to be competitive. Moreover, creativity and various fresh ideas are also in demand. There are so many retouching companies, that in order to be noticed you need to provide not only exceptional image outcomes, but also be ready to astonish clients with unique editing ideas. This golden rule helped us to stand out from the crowd at the beginning of retouching business and it has remained to be our helping hand. 


In addition of to all previously noticed, we are searching for editors for freelance work. That is widely considered to be the modern trend in the sphere of employing and we want to support all popular tendencies. Thus, you may apply for various freelance positions. It does not mean that freelancers earn less money or are limited in retouching orderings. They have the same tasks and rights as office-based workers. Such kind of co-operation brings only vivid advantages for both sides. It gives us an opportunity to employ talented retouchers from all over the world and this contributes to a great degree to our outsource photo retouching. For 10 years of success image improving business we have collaborated with gifted editors from all continents. And that is an outstanding feature of our firm. On the other hand, freelance picture manipulators can co-work with us without leaving their comfortable and familiar houses. For many people it is much easier to concentrate not in offices, but on the comfortable territory. In addition to this, freelance editors are able to determine their working time according to their needs. They may work at nights, for example, if they want to. Nobody will order you what to do. The only demand is to present you edited outcomes in time, discussed before-hand.

Choose the retouching job you are specialized in and sign in:

  • Clipping Path Job
  • Product Retouching Job
  • Real Estate Retouching Job
  • Color Correction Job
  • Jewelry Retouching Job
  • Landscape Photo Editing Job
  • HDR Photo Editing Job
  • Portrait Photo Retouching Job
  • Wedding Photo Editing Job
  • Basic Retouching Pro
  • Pro Retouching Job
  • High End Retouching Job
  • Extra Level Retouching Job
  • Digital Drawings Job
  • Old Photo Restoration Job
  • Photo Manipulation Job
  • Photo Montage Job
  • Nude Retouching Job
  • Ad Editing Job
  • B&W Photo Editing Job
  • Newborn Retouching Job


Looking for photo retoucher right now

In case all these facts do not frighten you at all, you should not waste valuable time and register at our website. That is the first step to getting the position of your dream. Here you will have a chance to get any editing work starting from private newborn retouching Job or  skill-demanding wedding photo editing job to occupations that requires commercial types of enhancement, for example extraordinary nude retouching job or modern product retouching job. Before filling in application you have to think thoroughly what kind of retouching is alluring definitely for you. Otherwise this work will bring you disillusionment instead of great pleasure. The second step is to send your CV, in which we will be able to see all your benefits. Remember that it should be written honestly and detailed. And the third step is to send us your retouched works. We advise you to present only best images, as that will double your chances for success. 

This picture changing company has a diverse range of services and you my download your CV to various types of editing. In addition to previously mentioned kinds of enhancement, you have a chance to try your skills in complicated wedding photo retouching services, good portrait photo retouching, or heartwarming baby photo retouching. If you have not decided what topic is alluring to your soul, try yourself in diverse photo manipulation services, professional photo color correction or even background removal service. Definitely there are positions for all tastes. If among these occupations you have not found the suitable one, consider old photo restoration services as potential working sphere. 


On our website you have also a unique opportunity to see photo retouching examples done by our photo manipulators. We are confident that you will be fascinated with edited results, no difference whether they are provide by specialists in product photo retouching services or advanced family photo editing. Perhaps that will help you to come up the final choice. One more thing that will contribute to your decision is retouching blog. Here you will be able to deepen knowledge reading, for example, the article The history of photo editing. This information will give you answers to many controversial questions about image retouching. Furthermore, if your hobby is photo making as well as retouching you many look through articles Pet Photography Ideas From Popular Photographers  or How to photograph children – the best poses for toddler shooting as these models are the most capricious ones. If you are not a photographer, but you are curious about photo industry, the article Most controversial photos of all time will be number one in your list of interests. We hope that all this will make your choice easier.

Photo editor job description


In order to continue the list of our advantages, we offer our retouchers full-time jobs. You should not be afraid that there will be lack of clients. That is not our situation. The flow of ordering is constantly impressive. Definitely you will not sit without tasks, especially when you get your first satisfied customers. In case you do editing perfectly, you will get permanent clients. There is no need to explain all benefits from such kind of cooperation. That is much easier than to meet new customers all the time and guess whether your work will be satisfying for them. But still for this really tiring occupation, we support our photo editors with a quite comfortable salary as photo retouching prices for our services are reasonable. Due to modern tendencies, usually we offer payments in PayPal, because that is the most reliable way of getting money on the internet. The last advantage, that will definitely convince you to become our colleague, is that being our photo editor you may take active part in various international editing competitions. That will broad your outlook and contribute to your retouching experience. So, if you like this position, we are waiting for you!




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