8 Best White Gaming Mice in 2024 - Wireless and Wired

By Robin Owens 8 days ago, Computer Mouse

Budget, laser-sensor and wireless white gaming mice for players.

best white gaming mice

Choosing a new white gaming mouse, you probably notice that it is very hard to find a mouse that isn’t grey or black. Keep on reading to see efficient models from the top brands.

These white gaming mice are a perfect choice for gaming with all the necessary features you are looking for: ergonomic design, perfect performance, cheap price.

8 Best White Computer Mice for Gaming

  1. Roccat Kain 202 - Our Choice
  2. Cooler Master mm711 - RGB mouse
  3. Logitech G305 - Wireless
  4. CORSAIR M55 - Lightweight white gaming mouse
  5. Razer DeathAdder - Universal model
  6. Picktech Q8 - LED gaming mouse
  7. Corsair M65 - Affordable
  8. Logitech G203 - The best white Logitech gaming mouse

Every experienced gamer understands the importance of the proper equipment, especially of the right mouse for gaming. If you are one of them, you probably won’t use the same mouse for playing different kinds of games.

Choosing an appropriate mouse is important not only for improving your gaming experience but to avoid wrist and hand pain, that may happen when playing for a long time.

Making up the list of the best white gaming mice we considered not only the high quality but also how the mouse feels in your hand, its design, the price, reviews, etc. to let you get the best gaming experience.

1. Roccat Kain 202

Our Choice
white gaming mouse roccat kain 202

DPI: 16000 | Interface: Wireless / USB | Buttons: 6 | Ergonomic: Right-handed

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⊕ Great minimalistic design
⊕ Ergonomics and weight
⊕ Great build quality
⊕ Long battery life
⊖ No storage for the wireless dongle

This is a wonderful choice if your budget is under $100. This white wireless gaming mouse comes in a special anti-wear coating, provided with Swarm Software and an Owl-Eye optical sensor.

You will enjoy playing your favorite shooters with its great ergonomic design and high-level performance. The custom AIMO light engine that displays vivid RGB effects based on your actions deserves special praise.

So, with all these features, we doubtlessly recommend this wireless white gaming mouse for every avid gamer.

2. Cooler Master mm711

Best white RGB mouse
white gaming mouse cooler master mm711

DPI: 16000 | Interface: Wired / USB | Buttons: 6 | Ergonomic: Right-handed

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⊕ Lightweight body is nice to touch
⊕ Great Mouse Feet
⊕ Ultraweave Cable
⊕ Gaming-Grade Sensor
⊖ Fragile material on the sides

The Cooler Master mm711 may be successfully used both by right-handed and left-handed gamers. It has buttons on the side to access custom key binds easily.

The two RGB lighting zones are the scroll wheel and a section towards the back of the mouse. The Cooler Master is provided with the MasterPlus+ Software, which gives you lots of lighting and effect options.

This white gaming mouse comes in a great lightweight honeycomb design that makes it extremely comfortable during long gaming sessions. It has a perfect glide on almost any kind of surface. With MM711 your gaming experience will never be the same.

3. Logitech G305

Universal white gaming mouse
white gaming mouse logitech g305

DPI: 12000 | Interface: Wireless / USB | Buttons: 6 | Ergonomic: Right-handed

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⊕ Lightweight
⊕ Ultra-fast Lightspeed Wireless technology
⊕ HERO Gaming Sensor
⊕ Long-lasting battery
⊖ No RGB lighting

Logitech G305 has a very small size, doesn’t weigh much, and has a very useful feature – you can store its USB receiver in the mouse.

Its ergonomic and super comfortable design and a matte white color make the mouse very attractive.

Other selling features are low clock latency, good sensor, many customization options, Logitech’s G HUB software.

The Logitech G305 mouse works perfectly with Windows or macOS. The buttons may be programmed so you can easily use the shortcuts to navigate your computer.

This wireless white gaming mouse is provided with one AA battery and has an extremely long period of continuous work – 250 hours. So you don’t need to worry about battery life during your exciting gaming session.


Lightweight white gaming mouse
white gaming mouse corsair m55

DPI: 12400 | Interface: Wired / USB | Buttons: 8 | Ergonomic: Ambidextrous

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⊕ Extremely lightweight
⊕ Solid construction
⊕ Intelligent control
⊕ Low click-latency
⊖ Tight cable

If you are looking for a great white wireless gaming mouse both for right-handed and left-handed users, you should consider the Corsair M55 RGB Pro, which has two buttons on both sides.

The construction of this mouse will give you extreme comfort during the longest gaming sessions. Besides, it is a very lightweight model.

The mouse is equipped with a Pixart PAW3327 gaming-grade optical sensor, rated up to 12400 DPI with a polling rate of 1000Hz.

With the Corsair iCUE software you can customize the RGB lighting and save several profiles for a mouse. It is possible to turn off buttons on one side, if you don’t want to use all four of them.

5. Razer DeathAdder

Green backlighting
white gaming mouse razer deathadder

DPI: 6400 | Interface: Wired / USB | Buttons: 5 | Ergonomic: Right-handed

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⊕ Ergonomic design
⊕ Solid plastic construction
⊕ Green backlighting
⊕ Tactile switches
⊖ No RGB lighting

If you are looking for a classic shape and comfortable design, have a look at the Razer DeathAdder Essential mouse. It is very comfortable to use this mouse during the longest game sessions.

You will have a great control thanks to the 6,400 DPI optical sensor. With 5 Hyperesponse buttons you may enjoy 10 million clicks. The length of the cable is 1,8m, which gives you more freedom moving across the desk.

This model doesn’t have RGB lighting, only G, which is green. You may choose from two modes: static light or a breathing effect, or you may turn the light off.

6. Picktech Q8

Best white LED gaming mouse
white gaming mouse picktech q8

DPI: 2400 | Interface: Wireless / USB | Buttons: 6 | Ergonomic: Right-handed

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⊕ Breathing LED Light mode
⊕ Silent and solid click
⊕ Built-in rechargeable battery
⊕ Wide compatibility
⊖ Short battery life

Gamers on a budget looking for a low-priced white wireless gaming mouse will enjoy the Picktech Q8, which offers great quality at a reasonable price.

The DPI may be adjusted according to your preferences. The options are 800/ 1600/ 2400.

The mouse comes with six buttons. The buttons on the sides are soundless. The mouse has LED breathing light. Using this mouse you will find yourself in a fancy atmosphere with 7 different colors that are randomly changing. If you don’t need the light, you may simply turn it off.

7. Corsair M65

Right-handed white mouse for gaming
white gaming mouse corsair m65

DPI: 18000 | Interface: Wired / USB | Buttons: 8 | Ergonomic: Right-handed

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⊕ Made from anodized aluminum
⊕ High-quality Omron switches
⊕ Sniper button for better precision
⊕ Solid build quality
⊖ Difficult-to-use cable

As this white RGB mouse is equipped with an 18000 DPI optical sensor, it is highly accurate and you can move the cursor across the screen with high precision.

If you use your PC for gaming, you will appreciate an opportunity to change DPI settings with the help of the sniper button. All in all, the mouse is quite durable and can be customized to meet your needs.

Available eight buttons are easy-to-program as well.

8. Logitech G203

Best white Logitech gaming mouse
white gaming mouse logitech g203

DPI: 6000 | Interface: Wired / USB | Buttons: 6 | Ergonomic: Right-handed

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⊕ The polling rate of 1ms
⊕ Responsive buttons
⊕ Adjustable RGB Lighting
⊕ Software with intuitive UI
⊖ Comes without a braided cord

You can choose between different DPI settings, starting from 200 to 8000 DPI. It accounts for better accuracy and gives you a competitive edge in action-packed games.

The mouse comes with 6 programmable buttons for the better gaming experience. With the help of the software, you can create several profiles but it’s impossible to save more than one of them in the device’s memory.

Its advanced RGB lighting settings are easy to adjust and allow for using 16.8 million colors to make the device look more stylish.

Image Name Features  
white gaming mouse roccat kain 202
Roccat Kain 202
Our Choice
  • DPI: 16000
  • Interface: Wireless / USB
  • Buttons: 6
  • Ergonomic: Right-handed
white gaming mouse cooler master mm711
Cooler Master mm711
RGB Accents
  • DPI: 16000
  • Interface: Wired / USB
  • Buttons: 6
  • Ergonomic: Right-handed
white gaming mouse logitech g305
Logitech G305
HERO Sensor
  • DPI: 12000
  • Interface: Wireless / USB
  • Buttons: 6
  • Ergonomic: Right-handed

How to Choose the White PC Mouse for Gaming?

best white gaming mouse

If your wired or wireless white gaming mouse doesn’t have a lot of buttons and comes without LED lights, you can still impress everyone with your superior gaming skills.

When making your choice, consider which games you are going to play and whether a mouse provides good palm rest. If you are left-handed, take a look at ambidextrous devices.

Besides these features, you can choose a wired or wireless white mouse depending on:

  • Cutting edge design
  • Impressive ergonomics
  • Solid build


For better precision, manufacturers use optical and laser sensors for gaming mice. A good sensor is vital when it comes to solid gaming performance regardless of DPI. If your best white gaming mouse has low DPI, needless to worry as it might be still good enough for gaming.


Being the most important part of any mouse, a sensor can be laser, optical, or infrared one. Most devices are equipped with laser sensors that deliver high precision regardless of the surface you use your mouse on.

The only shortcoming of a laser mouse is that it becomes less precise when you move the device to the edge to a mouse mat. An optical mouse has a better lift-off distance so you can move it to the center of a mat without moving the cursor.

As a rule, gamers choose optical devices and invest in a good mouse mat so that their device can deliver better performance.


To prevent muscle strain, the best white mouse has to deliver consistent performance.

When you move a mouse quickly, it reacts faster thanks to acceleration. It means that the distance the cursor covers depends on the speed you move the mouse with.

Acceleration allows one to move the cursor across the screen with little to no effort.

RGB Lighting

RGB is one of the most distinctive features of gaming mice. Thanks to it, you can easily adjust brightness levels or choose any color to enhance the overall look of your device.

There is an advanced set of RGB options that allows synchronizing your mouse with your gaming gear so that all the devices have the same color profile. In games, RGB lighting effects contribute to the most immersive gaming experience ever.


While wireless devices are the best when you need to use a mouse on any type of surface, wired mice are more convenient when it comes to gaming. They have a smaller lag and don’t need to be charged. All in all, a white wireless gaming mouse is worth considering if you travel often, but a wired mouse is still better for gaming.


best white gaming mouse

If you spend a lot of time in front of your PC, pay attention to a grip type of your device.

Firstly, there are devices that can be controlled with your entire hand. They are usually quite large. You just need to put your palm on a white gaming mouse and move it around.

Secondly, some devices are designed to be controlled with fingertips. They are smaller but still quite convenient. The third type of mice is narrow. While the back of a device provides good palm rest, your fingers stay of its top part. Thus, your hand forms a claw.

To decide which type suits you better, it’s worth trying to use devices of different types before making your choice.


While FPS fans prefer lighter devices as they ensure faster cursor movements, other gamers opt for black or white gaming mice that weigh more as they provide better precision. Manufacturers offer a wide range of devices with adjustable weight as well


  • • Is a gaming mouse worth its price?

If you are serious about gaming then purchasing the best white gaming mouse is a smart thing to consider. Before choosing a mouse, think about which games you enjoy playing most and how much you are ready to spend on a new device. The more features a mouse has, the more expensive it is.

  • • Will I get better at games if I purchase a gaming mouse?

A gaming mouse boasts higher sensitivity if you compare it to a standard model. It might give you a competitive edge but you need to practice a lot to take your gaming skills to the next level.

  • • Is the weight of a mouse important for gaming?

If your white PC mouse weighs a lot, you won’t be able to move it across the gaming mat too quickly. However, it might provide better accuracy with higher sensitivities. Lighter mice can be moved with a faster speed which is extremely helpful in shooters.

  • • What mouse do pro-level gamers use?

Professional gamers who intend to improve their level in FPS games and raise their earnings in the eSports field usually opt for the Zowie FK models, SteelSeries Sensei, the Razer Deathadder, or the Logitech G502. These devices are great if you are serious about becoming a top-level gamer.