9 Best VoIP Software in 2024

Using the best VoIP software is a great way to make calls over the net. This software includes tools for moving direct extensions to new geo locations with one click.

Thanks to VoIP, you can work with different types of phones from analog desk ones to softphones connected to a cell phone. Moreover, this software can store a lot of phone numbers around the world. As a result, your clients can contact you by phone for little or no cost.

Top 9 VoIP Software

  1. RingCentral Office - Unlimited calling
  2. 8x8 X Series - For small businesses
  3. Microsoft 365 Business Voice - Integrates with Microsoft 365
  4. Ekiga - Open-source
  5. Intermedia Unite - Cloud PBX system
  6. Ring4 - Simple and easy-to-use interface
  7. JustCall - Integrates with CRM
  8. Asterisk - Automated attendant
  9. Jitsi - For video conferencing

You may need the best VoIP software for customer service or a call center for sales. Besides, these systems are useful for organizing various types of communication including mobile communications, video conferencing, wireless handsets, fax machines, and text messaging.

Some VoIP systems can contain a variety of advanced features including call recording, shared meeting collaboration, voicemail to email transcription, etc. Besides, some programs allow you to combine all or part of their softphone clients into other back-office apps. This can be help desk platforms or customer relationship management.

1. RingCentral Office - Our Choice

Unlimited calling
  • Artificial Intelligence integrations
  • Mobile and desktop messaging apps
  • Integrates with MS Office
  • With system analytics tools
  • None

Verdict: RingCentral Office streamlines communications and eliminates the need for employees to carry around lots of extra telephone equipment. It eliminates a lot of the phone line rental costs for both employees and clients. You can save up to 50% on your phone bill every month by using this software alone, and it has features that allow you to automatically bill your clients phone lines.

Instead of having your phone bill delivered to you by mail, your monthly invoice will be generated on your PC using this call center software. It also automatically pays your bills each month including cell phones and Internet access. You can add an optional extra phone line for toll-free conference calling, which is another feature that most larger companies may not need. The software will even allow you to pre-authorize funds transfer from your company account to your customer's bank account.

ringcentral office voip software interface

2. 8x8 X Series

For small businesses
  • Call recordings feature
  • Personal call analytics
  • Integrates with CRM
  • Multiple pricing plans
  • No scheduling meetings option

Verdict: 8x8 X Series is a complete VoIP solution for businesses that require voice, data, and conferencing solutions. It integrates all aspects of the business into one easy-to-use interface, so that it can take advantage of all the capabilities of a computer system.

With X Series VoIP you can conduct a conference with up to 200 participants without having to provide them with physical meeting space, computer equipment, etc. Voice and data can be sent to one another using a standard telephone with a microphone, or over the Internet using standard voice and data connections.

8x8 x series voip software interface

3. Microsoft 365 Business Voice

Integrates with Microsoft 365
  • Deep integration with Microsoft 365
  • Cloud voicemail
  • With audio conferencing tools
  • Limited calling plan

Verdict: Microsoft 365 Business Voice allows you to make calls from a PC to a cell phone or to an extension. This makes it so easy to collaborate with your сolleagues while they are on the go. The software will also allow you to make conference calls to multiple numbers at once.

This software is set up to work with most any major service provider, including Verizon, AT&T, and all the other fine telecom companies. Microsoft 365 Business Voice VoIP is something that you want to consider when you are looking for a phone system for your small to medium-sized business.

microsoft 365 business voice voip software interface

4. Ekiga

  • Supports HD sound and video quality
  • Video conferencing feature
  • Supports standard telephony features
  • Outdated interface

Verdict: The most important feature of Ekiga is the built-in script auto-installer that enables your computer to automatically install the necessary modules on first usage. Moreover, it comes with a bundle of features that include a full-featured call recorder, call muting, call blocking, Voicemail to Email, an Email to Email client and a desktop sharing tool.

Apart from the free-voice services, there is also a cost-effective plan called 'Ensign plus package', which offers extra features and provides low rates. Although it does not have all the bells and whistles that the paid software has, what it does have is excellent quality and good compatibility with different operating systems.

ekiga voip software interface

5. Intermedia Unite

Cloud PBX system
  • High-quality audio/video conferencing
  • Automatic greetings
  • Interactive presentation tools
  • Integrates with third-party software
  • Limited call monitoring features

Verdict: Intermedia Unite provides the features needed by a business to enable them to integrate video with email, conferencing, instant messaging, and other types of unified communications platforms. This stand-alone program merges VoIP software with IP video. It has a unified communications server to processing voice and data traffic. Finally, there is the Intermedia Unite converter, which is a computer application that allows a user to convert voice traffic into any other type of format such as a PDF file.

The software has the screen recorder feature similar to options in free screen recorders without watermark. In order for an Intermedia Unite system to work, it must contain the necessary components. They include ITOS hardware, PCMCIA cards, a high-speed broadband connection, a high-quality microphone or web cam, video capture devices, software for unified communications. Purchasing software alone usually will not be enough, so you should also make sure that you have the right type of hardware to run the software and a high-speed internet connection.

intermedia unite voip software interface

6. Ring4

Simple and easy-to-use interface
  • Affordable online business phone system
  • Mobile and web apps available
  • Allows businesses to port their existing numbers for free
  • Spam calls
  • iTunes accounts sync issues

Verdict: Ring4 is an online business phone system that offers an affordable and easy solution for small businesses. It provides unlimited access to all features starting at $8 per month, with a 7-day free trial and a 7-day money-back guarantee.

The system offers features such as recording custom voicemail greetings, recording business calls and generating transcripts, sharing business contact lists with team members, and a Do Not Disturb mode for after-hours. Ring4 also allows businesses to port their existing numbers for free and set up their business phone number in 30 seconds.

Ring4 has received positive feedback from users. It has been described as the "best phone service" and "Google Voice on steroids" by users and praised for its ease of use, call quality, and customized voicemail.

ring4 voip software interface

7. JustCall

Integrates with CRM
  • CRM & Helpdesk integration
  • Automatically logs calls and messages
  • Real-time call monitoring
  • Difficult to work with some integrations

Verdict: JustCall VoIP software has all the features that you require to make calls through your computer and Internet without the need of a telephone. It can be used for various functions like connecting VoIP enabled cell phones to an IP enabled computer and transferring call details between computers and mobile phones.

As a part of the cloud services, it offers several additional features like appointment reminders, caller ID, call transfer, fax, and other communication features. There are numerous resellers and integrators that offer hosted services to suit individual requirements and budgets.

justcall voip software interface

8. Asterisk

Automated attendant
  • Caller ID enabled
  • With SMS messaging tools
  • Great support
  • Steep learning curve
  • Buggy

Verdict: Asterisk is a voice over IP telephone system that integrates with the existing telephone system. Features include a powerful call recording feature that allows multiple calls to be forwarded to the same number, call forwarding, a fax function that allow you to send and receive faxes, and an instant messaging function.

In addition to all these features, other options are provided as well, such as voice mail, unified messaging options, and the ability to integrate many of your VoIP applications with your computer through the use of plugins. This web-based software works with various file formats including HTML, JavaScript, and XML.

asterisk voip software interface

9. Jitsi

For video conferencing
  • Simulcast video routing concept
  • Call recording
  • With screen sharing feature
  • An audio delay during the meeting
  • No detailed guides

Verdict: Jitsi VoIP enables users to make cheap phone calls over the internet. With this program, you will need a high-speed internet connection and the right device for your VoIP telephone. You can record your calls using feature similar to that one in the recording app for iPhone.

You will also need to configure the software so that it is able to pick up the correct local time and use the correct currency. Although Jitsi VoIP software enables people to make cheap calls overseas, it is best used for local calls.

jitsi voip software interface