11 Best Synthesizer Software in 2023

11 Best Synthesizer Software in 2023

If you are a musician or sound engineer, and you need to create sounds produced by musical instruments, the best synthesizer software will definitely come in handy. Such programs usually have a plethora of functions that can help you simulate the sounds of a synthesizer and other keyboards, edit tracks, apply filters and creative effects.

Top 11 Synthesizer Software

  1. Lethal Audio - Powerful software synthesizer
  2. Xfer Serum - Allows creating waveforms from your own samples
  3. Arturia V Collection 7 - Superb vintage synth plugins
  4. Rob Papen Go2 - Single-oscillator virtual synthesizer
  5. IK Multimedia Syntronic - Great for retro sounds
  6. UVI Falcon - Has a structure of samples
  7. Native Instruments Massive - The most feature-packed synth
  8. Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2 - Allows downloading your own samples
  9. Reveal Sound Spire - Allows setting musical intervals
  10. REFX Nexus 2 - Dance-music-focused product
  11. ROLI Equator - Comes with pro-level sensor keyboard

When choosing a virtual synthesizer software, you need to check whether it comes with appropriate presets for your musical genre. Considering that such programs are quite difficult to learn and they cost much, choose those with multifunctional oscillators and a sound processing system.

1. Lethal Audio

Powerful software synthesizer
  • Lots of sounds
  • Remarkable sound processing engine
  • CPU undemanding
  • None

Verdict: Lethal Audio is top-notch sample-based sound module and audio editing software, which offers thousands of sounds, settings and presets for professional music production. Here you can find about 30 genre presets and over 1000 factory presets that will help you create smooth and harmonious melodies.

Despite the fact that this synth program is aimed at professionals, the UI is quite simple and intuitive. Among the main functions for audio editing, you will find volume, pitch and filtering settings, turn on/off the white noise generator, unison detuning up to 8 voices, stereo widening, reverse playback of samples and many others.

lethal audio synthesizer software interface

2. Xfer Serum

Allows creating waveforms from your own samples
  • Visual wavetables
  • A multitude of filters
  • Modulation matrix
  • Demanding on CPU

Verdict: Xfer Serum differs from other digital synthesizer software by allowing musicians to use their own samples created in other synthesizers. In addition, you can create various waveforms from them. You can then save them as presets and use later when editing other tracks.

A rich collection of over 100 filters is another argument in favor of this program, as it allows generating truly unique melodies. In addition to regular filters such as low cut and bandpass, you’ll find many interesting options – reverb and scream filters.

xfer serum synthesizer software interface

3. Arturia V Collection 7

Superb vintage synth plugins
  • Realistic synth-based instruments
  • Amazing sonic diversity
  • Similar sound to vintage synthesizers
  • Upgrades cost much

Verdict: Arturia V Collection 7 imitates vintage analog synthesizers. Besides, this software synthesizer makes it possible to add some modern classics in the form of a piano and organ.

Thus, the package includes three completely new software synthesizers, updates to the other two and a new collection of presets. The main instrument panel lets you control flutter, audio saturation, mechanical noise, and more. Besides, there's an expandable FX section with multiple slots and a range of effects. In general, the software offers an excellent set of features for the money and copes well with mimicking the sound of real instruments.

arturia v collection synthesizer software interface

4. Rob Papen Go2

Single-oscillator virtual synthesizer
  • Well-designed oscillator
  • Over 600 presets
  • Top sound quality
  • Parameter modulation isn’t visualized

Verdict: Though this virtual synthesizer software has just one oscillator, it is quite enough to display two waveforms at once, selected from a menu of 128 analog, additive, spectral and noise options. Thanks to the Spread parameter and pitch modulation, you can tune two waves, thus turning a program into a two-oscillator setup.

Also, users can take advantage of more than 600 filters and presets for convenient audio editing. Rich auxiliary oscillator, spread control and symmetry allow for deeper manipulation relying on the main oscillator, thereby significantly expanding the capabilities of the program.

rob papen go synthesizer software interface

5. IK Multimedia Syntronic

Great for retro sounds
  • High-end sample instruments
  • Amazing arpeggiator
  • A library of effects
  • A bit incorrect simulation of the classic synths

Verdict: IK Multimedia Syntronic is a complete collection of software synths that you can purchase as one whole or separately. While working on these tools, the developers used 17 analog and digital classical instruments, as well as 38 synthesizers.

This DAW software probably contains the largest number of presets - over 2000, as well as a huge collection of different filters for your audio tracks. With their help, you can easily select the type of sound you need, and it will mimic the one produced by an original instrument as accurately as possible. You can also layer four virtual machines together, which is ideal when you want classic 70s, 80s and 90s sounds.

ik multimedia syntronic synthesizer software interface

6. UVI Falcon

Has a structure of samples
  • Straightforward search
  • Advanced sound generation
  • Huge modulation potential
  • Confusing UI

Verdict: UVI Falcon is the best synthesizer software for those, who don’t want to imitate the classics, but to please the audience with new, up-to-date sounds, timbres and rhythms. At the same time, the program offers excellent functionality for traditional track synthesis and can be used as music management software.

Unlike other programs designed for this task, UVI Falcon has an unconventional structure. In fact, this is a multitimbral sampler with a Multi (.uvim) patch consisting of unlimited parts. A part functions as a slot for a single program that contains a level fader, inserts and auxiliaries. A program (.uvip) is a key sound-producing patch that is assigned to keygroups by oscillators. The keygropus are further combined into layers.

uvi falcon synthesizer software interface

7. Native Instruments Massive

The most feature-packed synth
  • Convenient modulation system
  • Advanced filters and oscillator
  • Gradual learning curve
  • Disappointing presets

Verdict: Native Instruments Massive is a hybrid synthesizer that combines the best features of similar programs, but offers a more intuitive interface. The structure is organized in such a way that the most frequently-used settings (oscillators, noise control, feedback controls, etc.) are located in the main menu of the program.

You can choose from 82 wavetable oscillator shapes, adjusting both simple waves and more complex noises. Each oscillator has its own intensity control and you can also apply filters. There is a total of 11 filter modes, as well as standard two- and four-pole high and low pass filters, with the help of which you can create something more interesting.

native instruments massive synthesizer software interface

8. Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2

Allows downloading your own samples
  • Allows loading samples
  • Handy granular mode
  • Great set of filters
  • External sample editor required to loop user audio

Verdict: The most notable improvement if we compare the program with its previous version is the ability to complement the virtual synthesizer sound system with your own samples. This greatly expands your creativity. Besides, you can find a new granular synthesis algorithm in the Oscillator section.

Omnisphere 2 also offers a huge library of up to 400 wavetable oscillators. Each of them has its own shape parameter for easy control of the position of the wavetable. In addition, there are 8 new filter types in the Layer section, as well as such functions as FM and ring modulation, analog-style unison drift, polyphonic LFO and Modulation Envelope features, Soundsource Reversing, etc.

spectrasonics omnisphere synthesizer software interface

9. Reveal Sound Spire

Allows setting musical intervals
  • Self-resonating filters
  • Great oscillators
  • Well-designed modulation matrix
  • Display doesn’t contain envelope shapes

Verdict: Reveal Sound Spire is a virtual analog synth that can reproduce a wide range of tones, depending on the waveform and synth mode used. The software offers 49 waveforms, including common analog signals, as well as piano, vocal, organ, violin and other unusual types.

As for the oscillators, you can create up to 9 different sets for each of them. Here, in addition to the standard functions, you can also set musical intervals (for example, fifths, octaves) for the offset of the oscillators. There is also an advanced resonant filter section that you can set up in series or parallel, and select from different slopes and modes.

reveal sound spire synthesizer software interface

10. REFX Nexus 2

Dance-music-focused product
  • Numerous well-sounding patches
  • Dance Vol.2 expansion
  • Enhanced trancegate and arpeggiator
  • Lacks user modulation envelopes

Verdict: The Nexus2 is considered to be the best synthesizer software by professional users. In addition to about 800 factory presets, it contains over 120 modern dance patches. Thanks to a new Dance Vol. 2 expansion, the synthesizer allows you to create trance, electro house and hard dance music.

This version comes with an improved modulation matrix, which uses such sources as a mod wheel, aftertouch, pitchbend, CC and host automation, and twin user LFOs. Nexus2's arpeggiator and Trancegate deserves special attention. In addition to the usual arpeggiator modes for up, down, order, etc., Nexus2 offers a mini-sequencer in which you can set the octave and semitone transposition per step.

refx nexus synthesizer software interface

11. ROLI Equator

Comes with pro-level sensor keyboard
  • Advanced 5D Touch
  • Supports third-party apps
  • Two octaves available
  • Requires time to master all the features

Verdict: ROLI Equator is a wonderful synth program, which comes with the latex multi-touch keyboard that allows you to play and record melodies more interesting than what you could create on a regular keyboard. Producers have made a real breakthrough in the world of electronic music, innovating the so-called MIDI Polyphonic Expression theory.

Thanks to MIDI Polyphonic Expression, you can enjoy5D touch that lets you Strike, Slide, Glide, Press and Lift on keys and pads to create melodies. You also get access to Eerie Strings, enchanting pads, and rolling basses. The program has two modes: direct mode allows you to jump directly to the performance, and the second - expands the full view with 6 panels for audio editing.

roli equator synthesizer software interface