10 Best Red Gaming Mice in 2021

By Robin Owens 13 days ago, Computer Mouse

What are the best red gaming mice in 2020?

red gaming mouses

Simply getting a super-powerful computer is not enough to excel in your games, it takes a really great red gaming mouse as well.

Of course, style plays a large role for gamers and it’s totally fine if you want the best red gaming mouse purely because of the vibrancy and power of the color. With the variety of versions on the market, however, you won’t need to compromise anything.

Top 10 Best Red Gaming Mice

  1. G-Wolves Skoll Ace - Our Choice
  2. HyperX Pulsefire Raid - Budget
  3. Redragon M601 - Weight regulation module
  4. Lenovo Legion - Lightweight
  5. Razer Lancehead - Stylish
  6. G-Wolves Hati - Solid performance
  7. Redragon M901 - Weight adjustment
  8. VEGCOO C12 - Wireless
  9. TENMOS K6 - Energy-efficient
  10. VicTsing - Robust construction

You obviously need those high-performance rates and the comfort of handling more than the color but with the carefully compiled list below you can get the absolute best red gaming mouse to fit your needs in every respect.

There are several sizes and shapes for your grip, some ambidextrous and even specifically left-handed designs, responsive wireless large mice that can stand up to the wired models in their responsiveness.

1. G-Wolves Skoll Ace

Our Choice
best red gaming mouse g-wolves skoll ace

DPI: 12000 | Interface: Wired | Buttons: 7 | Ergonomic: Right-handed

⊕ Convenient body ergonomics
⊕ Countless parts and accessories
⊕ Honest pricing
⊕ Basic software for setting up the mouse
⊖ Average button quality
⊖ No official warranty provided

This red gaming mouse is of the lightweight type with a flexible cord that creates no discomfort during use. It will be super comfortable if you prefer the palm grip, especially with the shallow grooves for your fingers to rest in, and those with a preference for a more modern design would hardly have a reason to complain.

The mouse doesn’t boast the highest reaction speed for clicks, although it is pretty good still, and that could be an issue if not for the price range. For a more affordable kind, its performance is great, especially if you consider all the bonuses the manufacturers provided it with.

The shape of this device is taken from the EC series and this is a great move because designers have really hit the right spot with it. The shell is of the medium-large size and yet super lightweight, feeling incredibly comfortable under the hand and flying around with ease.

You might see some reviewers of the wireless red gaming mouse complaining that the device is not robust enough and issues creaking, especially if you grab it by the sides tightly.

2. HyperX Pulsefire Raid

best red gaming mouse hyperx pulsefire raid

DPI: 16000| Interface: Wired | Buttons:11 | Ergonomic: Right-handed

⊕ 11 programmable buttons
⊕ Wheel tilt inputs
⊕ Good price
⊖ The Sniper button is hard to reach
⊖ Two sets of side macros create confusion

HyperX certainly have a reputation for their headsets, plus their latest keyboard has really been favored by gamers and mentioned in certain periodicals. However, previously the brand could never create an equal controller for this segment, putting out some decent but unremarkable items.

This particular model has finally hit the right spot and received much praise as the best red mouse for gaming. It is FPS-style and accommodates 11 buttons on its body which simplify tasks greatly and come with quite a decent price tag. Being the first triumph, it still counts several flaws in the design, though.

The body is designed for right-handed users and provides great support for the palm and an additional little “shelf” to rest the thumb on.

The soft rubberized coating ensures that you have enough grip on the device for the more intense moments while peaceful operation can be done with a relaxed hand. You will be the most comfortable if you prefer the palm grip as it was the sole intention of the designers.

3. Redragon M601

Weight regulation module
best red gaming mouse redragon m601

DPI:3200 | Interface:Wired | Buttons:6 | Ergonomic: Ambidextrous

⊕ Affordable
⊕ Braided cable
⊕ Weight regulation module
⊕ Mesmerizing gaming aesthetics
⊖ Feels somewhat rickety
⊖ LED illumination never off

Another option of the black and red gaming mice that hide great functionality under their pleasant cover. It comes with a 6ft braided cable for those, who don’t want the risk of lags that wireless technologies create and has the optimal set of half a dozen buttons.

The quality of that cable is outstanding for the price range of the device. So is the possibility to change the weight of the mouse by putting in or out eight metal weights hidden inside the body.

The scrolling wheel allows you to feel each turn separately and looks quite sturdy. The two buttons under your thumb are both useful for playing games and browsing the computer, having different functions in either case.

Another dedicated button allows you to switch the DPI in a moment for better aiming or other tasks. I used the mouse the way it came in the box and never touched the weights because I like the heaviness of this red RGB mouse.

4. Lenovo Legion

best red gaming mouse lenovo legion

DPI:8200 | Interface: Wired | Buttons: 9| Ergonomic: Right-handed

⊕ Lightweight
⊕ Precise In-Game Control
⊕ 9 Programmable Buttons
⊕ Decent price
⊖ None

If you don’t want a regular mouse, take a look at this ergonomic one instead. It operates at a 15° angle, changing your hand’s position to something less straining during long hours of use.

This slanted body might look weird but it’s supposed to decrease the negative effect of those repetitive motions that cause pain and injuries in severe cases. With the textured grip, you will have even more control over the device.

You will notice that this red PC mouse comes with a program and it is necessary to let you set the needed properties to the 7 extra buttons that can perform any action you indicate. Flipping the thing over, you will notice four special feet that let it roll around the table with more ease.

A closer look will also reveal a compartment where the extra weight is installed and you can make it 10 grams lighter by pushing the engraved circle or leave it if you like a heftier controller. Last but not least is the braiding of the cable that serves as protection but also eliminates tethering.

5. Razer Lancehead

best red gaming mouse razer lancehead

DPI:16000 | Interface:Wired | Buttons: 8 | Ergonomic: Ambidextrous

⊕ Appealing symmetric design
⊕ Eliminated transmission dropouts
⊕ Five pre-set DPI values
⊕ Acceleration support
⊖ Side grips too smooth to help
⊖ Macro editor doesn’t function well
⊖ No deceleration, angle-snapping

This red wireless gaming mouse looks like a typical representative of the brand. The main body color is charcoal-grey and the matte red plastic has only a tinge of gloss on it.

The beautiful logo is under your palm. There are two main buttons for quickly increasing or decreasing the DPI tied to five pre-set values. A toggle would have been even better but this way is still preferable to the traditional one-button model that takes longer because it’s irreversible.

The scrolling wheel is tight and grippy, perfect for precise rotations. Lefties will be happy with this symmetric design that is both comfortable and functional. The additional buttons are mirrored on both sides so that either the left or the right thumb could be clicking them.

6. G-Wolves Hati

Solid performance
best red gaming mouse g-wolves hati

DPI: 12000| Interface:Wired | Buttons:6 | Ergonomic: Ambidextrous

⊕ Exceptional performance
⊕ Ergonomic and robust
⊕ Symmetrical body for any grip
⊖ Too large for a miniature hand

The best red gaming mouse by this brand has the only deficiency of being too bulky for any small hand, which is not necessarily a problem for most users.

This model is great for combining tasks so you can play your favorite games and then work or study at the same computer. The two buttons on the left can be programmed to flick pages in a browser or do any other action in your game.

The interesting body might look flimsy because of all the holes in it but the device feels quite sturdy. It is also comfortable enough for prolonged use and is supposed to be suitable for any grip style which, however, will only be true for adults of average height or above that due to the large size of the body.

It is a stationary device not intended for travel and thus it has a nice long cable. If you look at other qualities, you will find some outstanding CPI and polling rate values that are an absolute requirement for gaming, especially if your preferred genre is FPS, and some areas of work like that of a designer.

7. Redragon M901

Weight adjustment
best red gaming mouse redragon m901

DPI:12400 | Interface: Wired | Buttons: 18 | Ergonomic: Right-handed

⊕ Teflon feet
⊕ 16 million LED colors
⊕ Has an option of black or white body
⊕ Weight adjustment
⊖ The feature-rich body requires getting used to

Similar to professional gaming controllers, this red LED gaming mouse has either too many features or too low price. The most important element would probably be a sensor and it is a great one, producing a maximum sensitivity of 16,400 CPI.

In most cases, you don’t need that much in any regular or gaming task but having some margin is always preferable. At any rate, a sensor of this type performs equally well in the slower-paced MOBAs and MMORPGs or the really chaotic and active FPS games. It being a laser means that you can be quite careless about the surfaces and play even on glass.

Just one look will tell you that even if the hardware is universal, the side keys are clearly intended for games with a wide number of operations like World of Warcraft or Final Fantasy XIV.

In situations when a quick reaction is crucial, you can become nearly unbeatable with that dial pad programmed to call the most needed actions and placed right under the tip of your thumb.


best red gaming mouse vegcoo c12

DPI: 2400| Interface: Wireless | Buttons: 7 | Ergonomic: Right-handed

⊕ 10m/32ft long working distance
⊕ 12-month manufacturer warranty
⊕ Noiseless click
⊖ Isn’t shining like the picture
⊖ User manual isn’t really detailed

VEGCCO C12 is a robust wireless red gaming mouse that offers a higher response rate to supercharge your gaming experience. This is an energy-efficient device since it goes into sleeping mode after some time of inactivity.

There is also an option to turn off light, which allows you to save your battery life. Auto energy saving mode will especially come in handy if you want to take a break during the gameplay.

If the backlit annoys you during the gaming sessions, feel free to pick this option. VEGCCO C12 includes only one light in order not to distract your attention from the game.

This mouse is compatible with the most popular operating systems such as Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. You can use it on your laptop, PC, Chromebook, and other devices.


best red gaming mouse tenmos k6

DPI: 2400| Interface: Wireless | Buttons: 6 | Ergonomic: Right-handed

⊕ Log-distance connectivity over 10 meters
⊕ Catchy design and LEDs
⊕ Energy-efficient
⊖ Doesn’t include thumb buttons
⊖ Isn’t robust enough

TENMOS K6 is one of the best red gaming mice that comes with a rechargeable battery and a charging cable in a kit. It is a very practical option since you don't need to change batteries all the time. You can connect the mouse either to your desktop computer or laptop.

It is compatible with such platforms as Windows 7, 8, 10, XP, Vista, and Mac OS. TENMOS K6 surpasses the rivals due to its rechargeable nature. Feel free to rely on the battery during the gaming sessions because it has a long life.

The manufacturer presented brand-new mechanics in the gaming buttons layout of the mouse. For better energy efficiency, there are two buttons underneath the mouse. One button lets you turn on/off the mouse.

By pressing the other button, you can turn on/off the LED lights. When you manually control the LED-backlit, you considerably save the battery life.

10. VicTsing

Robust construction
best red gaming mouse vic tsing

DPI: 2400| Interface: Wireless | Buttons: 7 | Ergonomic: Right-handed

⊕ Robust construction for the price
⊖ Inconsistent CPI levels
⊖ Works with delays

VicTsing is a red PC mouse with wireless connectivity. However, it isn’t so popular among gamers due to the number of reasons. Although it is suitable for medium-sized hands, it has poor sensor performance, and the buttons aren't customizable at all. Since it is heavy, you will hardly find it convenient for gaming.

Also, VicTsing is not the best choice for office use. First off, it isn't suitable for large and small hands. Also, it works with delays, and if you are an office worker, the low latency is important. You can’t reprogram buttons, so you should settle for less and use default button bindings.

Nevertheless, VicTsing is a good option for traveling. Since it is wire-free, it will neatly fit any laptop bag. Although it is rather bulky, you can still carry it with you in a bag. VicTsing is not the best pick for FPS gamers.

Even though it has a decent maximum CPI with 5 adjustable levels, it has a high CPI error, which leads to inconsistent cursor sensitivity. Also, VicTsing produces an annoying delay between player input, which isn’t suitable for FPS games.

Image Name Features  
best red gaming mouse g-wolves skoll ace
G-Wolves Skoll Ace
Our Choice
  • DPI: 12000
  • Interface: Wired
  • Buttons: 7
  • Ergonomic: Right-handed
best red gaming mouse hyperx pulsefire raid
HyperX Pulsefire Raid
For gaming
  • DPI: 16000
  • Interface: Wired
  • Buttons:11
  • Ergonomic: Right-handed
best red gaming mouse redragon m601
Redragon M601
  • DPI:3200
  • Interface:Wired
  • Buttons:6
  • Ergonomic: Ambidextrous

How to Choose the Best Red Gaming Mouse?

best red gaming mouse

Know Your Grip Style

The grip style you use is a crucial factor when choosing the best red gaming mouse. Since every gamer is different, we can differentiate three grip styles:

Palm grip is the most common kind of grip used by the majority of people. Your fingers are located on the buttons with the palm resting on the mouse’s body.

Tip grip means that your index, middle, and ring fingers (but not palms) are touching the mouse body. They are located on the left side, wheel, and mouse buttons while the thumb rests on the side.

Claw grip is a combination of two above-mentioned styles. This grip type is achieved by placing a palm in the claw shape on the back of the mouse and arching the finger and thumb tips towards the buttons of the mouse. Certain grips offer different advantages for players, but it doesn’t mean you should change your grip style right away. Just decide which grip works for you and allows your hands to feel rested during the long-lasting gaming sessions.

The modern market is full of numerous red computer mice suitable for different grip styles. Large and heavy gaming mice are excellent for a palm grip type since it is expected that at least a part of your palm will constantly be resting on the mouse body. Lightweight and compact mice are ideal for a tip grip style since they make maneuvering a mouse a breeze. Ergonomic mice with thin and elongated buttons are a perfect fit for those, who use claw grip style.

Think about What Kind of Games You Play

Are you all about FPS games? Or maybe you are engaged in RTS or MMO? The majority of mice are designed for FPS games. Nevertheless, there are numerous options that cater to the needs of RTS and MMO players since they come with multiple buttons and macros.


The sensor is the most important part of a red gaming mouse since it detects the level of precision of your device. A poorly-developed sensor can spoil your gaming session since it can produce acceleration, mouse jitter or angle snapping. Overall, a high-quality mouse sensor should reproduce mouse movements to your computer flawlessly and accurately.

However, if you are engaged in turn-based strategy games and don’t need your commands to be performed with the pixel-perfect precision, the quality of a mouse sensor isn’t that important. Nevertheless, it is always good to have a mouse with an accurate sensor at hand.

Nowadays, the most prominent brands produce mice with high-quality sensors. However, it is better to check this aspect while browsing reviews before making a purchase, especially if you are going to buy a budget mouse.


best red gaming mouse

The materials of the mouse play a crucial role in the look and feel of the device. The majority of models available on the market are made of ABS plastic material, but they differ in destiny and covering. It is recommended to pick a red led gaming mouse that doesn't have a slick surface and can handle a gamer’s sweaty palm.

If you are looking for the model with grips, you can choose between the silicon and rubber ones. A good mouse should grip a surface well and produce smooth movements.

However, the device shouldn’t be too grippy since you will experience overly-clunky mouse movements and thumb discomfort.

The best red mouse should have a durable construction without plastic spots and creaks while twisting it. When shaking the mouse, the internal details shouldn’t rattle. A decent device should be robust but still lightweight. That is because it is better to manipulate a mouse with lower weight during the gameplay. The ideal weight of a mouse should be approximately 100 grams. If you have even a shadow of doubt about your purchase, carefully study the red computer mice reviews to pick the best option for you.


  • • Does a good red gaming mouse make a difference?

The high-quality and regular mice have many differences, but the most essential one is the sensitivity. If you are going to purchase the device for gaming, it is better to consider purpose-built products since they have a high sensitivity level.

  • • Are regular mice suitable for gaming?

You can use a regular mouse for gaming, but it won’t allow you to explore the full potential of a game. For instance, the gaming mouse comes with special software that allows you to customize all the necessary parameters for your particular gaming style. Also, they have high DPI and CPI levels. If you use a regular mouse, it will produce high latency, which can spoil your game.

  • • Are wired mice better for gaming?

Wireless mice are less popular among gamers because they may produce a delay while transmitting a signal. That is why the majority of serious players, who aim at better performance, choose wired models.

  • • What DPI level do most gamers use?

The DPI level of the mouse can reach more than 6000 DPI. People consider that the most optimal DPI levels for gaming are 400, 800, or 1600 DPI. However, the majority of avid players use low values, such as 400 and 800.

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