4 Best Port Forwarding Software in 2023

The best port forwarding software makes the process of sending communication requests and traversing packets as simple and secure as it should be.

Top 4 Port Forwarding Software

  1. Simple Port Forwarding - Ability to create multiple rules
  2. Port Forwarding Wizard - For adding 2+ ports
  3. AUTAPF - Run as service
  4. Port Forward Network Utilities - For 2+ routers

Since a large number of Internet users nowadays decide on utilizing routers instead of modems with safety concerns in mind, the importance of port forwarding software has become even more evident. If you feel doubtful about what software is worth getting, then read this overview of the best options for Windows and Mac systems.

1. Simple Port Forwarding - Our Choice

Ability to create multiple rules
  • Easy to configure
  • Private network
  • Connects to video game servers
  • Rules for each device

Verdict: Simple Port Forwarding is an essential service that enables you to access different web servers without having to configure each and every one of them for a single web server. With this software, you can have a single email account with your company and have multiple email IDs.

Multiple IPs or hosts can also be assigned to a single email account. Use this software instead of VPNs for routers.

simple port forwarding interface

2. Port Forwarding Wizard

For adding 2+ ports
  • SSL port forwarding
  • Command line tool
  • Web interface
  • Buggy

Verdict: Port Forwarding Wizard is a very common tool in the IT industry for forwarding traffic between PCs and servers. It is a software application that is usually installed as part of a web server and it lets you configure various interfaces for connecting to your home server software.

With this software, you can connect two or more computers using their ports and make them able to access the Internet in the same manner as they would if they were connected directly. Basically what happens is that each computer that uses a different port gets assigned to a specific IP address.

port forwarding wizard interface


Run as service
  • Free to use
  • Accessible via the web interface
  • Status page feature
  • UI design is poor

Verdict: AUTAPF is actually an application by Microsoft for Microsoft routers and it can allow you to easily configure your multiple ports on your computer and also test for usability.

The nice thing about this application is that it allows you to use FTP access from your computer to connect to your routers. This way you can configure all your ports remotely and can test all your configurations without reconfiguring all your computers.

autapf port forwarding software interface

4. Port Forward Network Utilities

For 2+ routers
  • Double router detector
  • Affordable
  • Saves network profiles
  • Not for beginners

Verdict: Port Forward Network Utilities is software that basically forwarding for a specific port to a specific IP address so that it can function properly. What is great about this kind of software is that it helps in providing many different ports to a number of devices.

Let us take an example; you have a scanner and a camera at home, but due to poor communication you cannot connect the two with each other. You may then install a program like Port Forward Network Utilities so that these devices can communicate and you can use both the ports for the purpose.

port forward network utilities port forwarding software interface