7 Best Photo Tiles to Buy for Decorating Walls in 2022

By Eva Williams 22 days ago, Inspiration

If you want to fully transform the atmosphere in your living room or decorate your bedroom with unique elements, you can use black-and-white or colorful photo tiles. There is a range of companies on the market that print photos of custom sizes thus allowing their clients to get lovely prints for making their houses feel more homely.

Top 7 Photo Tiles Platforms

  1. CanvasDiscount - Uses a magnetic hanging system
  2. Shutterfly - Good delivery packaging
  3. Mixtiles - Specializes in photo tiles
  4. Photobox - With free Android and iOS apps
  5. Snapfish - Inexpensive option
  6. FreePrints - Lifetime guarantee
  7. ZoomTiles - Removable & restickable photo tiles

To attach photo tiles to the wall, you can use adhesive stripes or other hanging systems they come with. They typically don’t weigh much, which is why it’s easy to hang them wherever you want. I have rounded up the most reliable services that allow you to order photo tiles today.

When selecting the best platforms, I was paying attention to the print quality, a variety of frames, prices, and shipping terms. On this list, you will find both dedicated services that specialize solely in printing photo tiles and companies that offer a variety of other printed products as well.

1. CanvasDiscount - Our Choice

Uses a magnetic hanging system
  • Quick order placement
  • Ships orders within 24 hours
  • Decent print quality
  • Doesn’t require signing up
  • None

Verdict: What I like the most about this service is that it has created a reliable hanging system for its photo tiles. Each of them is fitted with magnetic elements that make it easier to attach tile magnets to the wall. It makes it extremely easy to experiment with different placements of photo tiles and reattach them several times.

Besides, I like that there is no need to sign up to order photo tiles for wall. You can quickly upload photos using your phone. If the price of your order exceeds $70, you will get free delivery. A photo tile costs from $5.

canvasdiscount photo tiles website

2. Shutterfly

Good delivery packaging
  • Streamlined interface with great sharing options
  • A variety of sizes
  • Allows printing text on the back of tiles
  • A collection of presets
  • Large prints are pricey
  • Expensive shipping

Verdict: If you are serious about decorating your home and want to order photo tiles of impressive quality, Shutterfly is what you need. You can order tiles of various shapes and sizes. While professional photographers might be slightly disappointed with the print quality, other users won’t notice anything wrong. The colors are bright and perfectly saturated. However, there might be some issues with their accuracy.

Despite some minor shortcomings, Shutterfly is a great option to consider if you have some money. To print one 8x8-inch tile, you will need to pay $12.99.

shutterfly photo tiles website

3. Mixtiles

Specializes in photo tiles
  • Super easy to use
  • Many positive reviews
  • Lots of framing options
  • Free shipping options are available
  • A limited choice of sizes
  • Tiles are difficult to attach

Verdict: The process of placing an order is pretty streamlined. Even though I was reluctant to use my social media account when using Mixtiles, this service is quite secure. I quickly figured out how to import my pictures from Google Drive and social networks. This platform also allows uploading images from your laptop or PC.

All the stickable photo tiles can be attached with the help of adhesive tape. If you need to change the position of your tiles, you can easily restick them wherever you want. Many clients who ordered photo tiles from this company emphasized in their reviews that frames are easy to restick. Each tile printed by Mixtiles will cost you $11.

mixtiles photo tiles website

4. Photobox

With free Android and iOS apps
  • Different upload sources
  • Secure payment options
  • Photos of decent quality
  • Coupon codes with discounts
  • The quality could be improved
  • Pricey shipping
photobox photo tiles website logo

Verdict: I believe that Photobox is the best photo tiles service as it allows me to quickly get beautiful prints for decorating my living room. Besides, it is known for quick delivery, which allows its clients to get their printed orders within the shortest time possible. To sign up, you need to indicate your email and come up with a secure password. It will allow you to upload images from various devices and synchronize your data.

When using this service, you can order photo books, photo calendars, photo tiles and other printed products. To give them a unique feel, you can add captions to them and tell other people about the importance of these photos. Loyal clients can get 50 free photo prints monthly. To order a tile, you need to pay from $9 per product.

photobox photo tiles website

5. Snapfish

Affordable service
  • Allows printing one tile per month for free
  • Mobile-friendly service
  • Affordable
  • No subscription
  • Paid shipping
  • Subpar quality
snapfish photo tiles website logo

Verdict: Snapfish is an all-in-one solution that will come in handy for budget-conscious people. Similarly to Shutterfly, it allows you to order tiles of different shapes, including the standard square and unique heart shape.

You can order photo wall tiles in 3 sizes. While some services allow you to access a wider variety of options, it’s still nice that this company offers its customers a choice. You can also select between a matte and metallic finish. The latter is perfect for anyone interested in black and white photography. You can quickly hang your tiles on the wall using an adhesive strip. However, it might be impossible to attach this strip to coarse walls. When placing an order, you are required to pay $9 per tile.

snapfish photo tiles website

6. FreePrints

Lifetime guarantee
  • Automatic backups
  • It is available for business and personal
  • Notifications if backups fail
  • Easy restore process
  • Weak functionality
  • Expensive subscription
freeprints photo tiles website logo

Verdict: FreePrints is a widely used photo printing app that lets you print pictures on the go using only your smartphone. After installing the app, you can quickly place your order and get professional-quality prints with accurate colors without wasting a lot of time. You just need to upload pictures that you want to use for decorating your home, select a suitable size and number of tiles, and confirm your order. You will receive your photo tiles by email.

I was slightly put off by the fact that FreePrints is not as free as its name may lead you to believe. However, its services are quite affordable. It has a streamlined interface and comes with intuitive tools. While it will cost you at least $9 to print a tile, you will be pleased by the high quality of this service.

freeprints photo tiles website

7. ZoomTiles

Easy-to-remove photo tiles
  • Streamlined interface
  • Budget price
  • Speedy delivery
  • High quality
  • Only one size
zoomtiles photo tiles website logo

Verdict: After addressing ZoomTiles, you will easily decorate your home using the best photo tiles for budget-conscious people. You can experiment by selecting where to hang them to give your interior a more welcoming feel. Before sending your pics, check if they are 800x800-pixels big, otherwise, your tiles might become blurry. This app will help you see if your images fit the required size.

What I like the most about ZoomTiles is that it fares better than other photo printing services when it comes to accessibility. You can reach out to the company by using its app or an online-based platform. To print a tile, you need to pay only $4.30. To get 4 tiles, you are required to pay $17.20. However, if you order at least 4 tiles, the company will cover the shipping costs.

zoomtiles photo tiles website