9 Best Mouse Pads in 2023

By Robin Owens 17 days ago, Computer Mouse

What is the best high-quality mouse pad?

top mouse pad

Nowadays, gamers pay more attention to choosing a perfect mouse pad as they consider it an important piece of gaming gear that might give them a competitive edge against their opponents.

In this article, you can find detailed reviews of different mouse pads that will be handy when you play games of different genres.

Top 9 Best Mouse Pads

  1. Corsair MM600 - Our Choice
  2. Razer Firefly Hard V2 - Best mouse pad with Chroma lighting
  3. SteelSeries QcK Edge - With stitched edge
  4. Logitech G440 - For gaming
  5. AUKEY XXL - Special surface
  6. Razer Goliathus Control (Extended) - Anti-slip rubber
  7. Exco XXL Red Leopard - Smooth mouse gliding
  8. VicTsing Extended - With non-slip base
  9. HyperX Fury - For professionals

If you are on a budget, it might be enough to purchase a neoprene mouse pad. However, if you are serious about gaming, it’s better to invest in more advanced gaming gear. You can buy the best mouse pad of a large size with a surface that reduces friction.

On this list, you will find the mouse pads that are suitable for multiple purposes. All of them will improve your gaming performance so make sure to choose a high-quality surface that suits your needs best.

1. Corsair MM600

Our Choice
mouse pad corsair mm600

Dimensions: 352mm x 272mm | Weight: 810g| Material: Plastic | Colour: Black

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⊕ Large surface
⊕ Frictionless mouse pad
⊕ Aluminum base
⊖ Comes without USB pass-through

The 3mm-deep metal base of the MM600 comes with 2mm rubber corners. While this double-sided mouse pad is quite thin, it will be difficult to bend it unless you put it too close to the edge of your desk and press on it.

Thanks to its sturdiness, it is the best mouse pad to be used on any type of surface, for instance, in your lap or couch.

The Corsair MM600 mouse pad can be used in different locations, which makes it a perfect option for those who travel a lot. While it’s better to use it on your desk as it provides the best support, it’s also possible to put it on softer surfaces.

FPS fans will appreciate the fact that the mouse pad allows for better accuracy regardless of the place where you decide to stay.

2. Razer Firefly Hard V2

Best mouse pad with Chroma lighting
mouse pad razer firefly

Dimensions: 355mm x 255mm | Weight: 860g | Material: Rubber | Colour: Black

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⊕ RGB lighting
⊕ Comes in a convenient size
⊕ Superb quality
⊕ Easy-to-install software
⊖ A hefty price

The Firefly V2 undoubtedly offers a great set of features that make it both useful and visually appealing. If you use a braided USB cable, the Chroma RGB LED lighting will be turned on automatically.

When compared to the previous version, it is the best gaming mousepad with lighting that covers all the sides of the surface. It does not have underglow anymore, so it looks far more impressive. There are 19 lighting zones, which is 4 zones more than the previous version had.

Despite its somewhat improved lighting, the Firefly V2 hasn’t been drastically transformed. Basically, it’s a simple mouse pad without any advanced features, such as Hyperflux wireless charging that you can see in the Razer Mamba Hyperflux and Firefly Hyperflux.

This mouse pad is quite thin, it has great brightness, a handy cable catch and fantastic chroma zones.

3. SteelSeries QcK Edge

With stitched edge
mouse pad steelseries

Dimensions: 320mm x 270mm | Weight: 100g| Material: Rubber | Colour: Black

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⊕ Anti-fray stitched edges
⊕ Pin-point accuracy
⊕ Pro-level gear
⊕ Non-slip base
⊖ Expensive

The design of the QcK Edge mouse pad clearly follows the signature minimalistic traditions. SteelSeries. It is designed in a black color and has a company logo in the corner.

This model has a special microfiber fabric surface on the front side. The edges of the mat are stitched, so they will stay in place and preserve their neat look longer.

The base of the pad is rubberized, which protects against accidental sliding and sudden hand movements. Due to its high density and minimal distortion, you can enjoy maximum movement accuracy when using both optical and laser mice.

The mat proved to be of great help during testing. The mouse glides on the surface rather fast. The hand feels comfortable and relaxed even after prolonged work.

4. Logitech G440

For gaming
mouse pad logitech g440

Dimensions: 280mm x 340mm | Weight:229g | Material: Rubber | Colour: Black

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⊕ Simple design
⊕ The impressive size of the surface
⊕ For high-sensitivity mice
⊕ Great for the Logitech G402 mouse
⊖ Overly expensive
⊖ Somewhat sharp edges

It is the best gaming mouse pad since it is made of durable materials and makes friction virtually non-existent. As it is also quite sturdy and tough, it can be used on any surface regardless of the game genre that you prefer.

If you have a Logitech mouse, this mouse pad will become a nice addition to your gaming gear as it has been designed specifically for intense gaming.

The surface of the Logitech G440 is made of polyethylene, which will make your movements smooth and precise. It’s especially important for those who use a mouse with a high DPI. What’s more, if you have a high-sensitivity mouse, it might be a smart option to choose regardless of the brand you prefer.

5. AUKEY Gaming Mouse Pad

Special surface
mouse pad aukey

Dimensions: 900mm x 400mm | Weight: 1018g | Material: Rubber | Colour: Black

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⊕ Large size
⊕ Water-resistant surface
⊕ Affordable price
⊖ Unimpressive design

The measurements of the Aukey mouse pad are 900x400x4mm. Its large size allows it to cover the most part of a gamer’s desk. Due to this, you can use it not only for your mouse but also for a keyboard. This is quite convenient if you need to avoid muscle strain.

The Aukey gaming mouse pad comes with a wide array of useful features that will be beneficial for any gamer. The surface is water-resistant while an anti-slip base ensures that you will be able to control your mouse with little to no effort.

The surface is quite soft and textured, which allows for better precision. The mouse pad features a simple black design and has stitched edges.

All things considered, I strongly recommend the Aukey mouse pad to everyone. It has a large size and is perfect if you spend a lot of time at your desk. If you are on a budget, this cheap mouse pad is a smart option to consider.

6. Razer Goliathus Control

Anti-slip rubber
mouse pad razer goliathus

Dimensions: 355 mm x 254 mm | Weight:331g | Material:Rubber | Colour: Green and Black

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⊕ Micro-textured
⊕ Optimized
⊕ Various sizes available
⊖ Design
⊖ Width

An extended Razer Goliathus gaming mouse pad is a representative of a Control Edition featuring rubberized bottom surface coated in a neon Razer green. It is an optimal design to prevent slipping. Moreover, this gaming mouse pad is big enough for a mouse and a keyboard.

It comes in a stylish packaging ‒ a black box with the product’s image on the side. Green panels highlight the black color making it trendy and eye-catching. There is also a small window on the side for you to touch the pad if you buy it in a store. On the side, you may learn about various sizes this edition offers and find some info on the textured wave.

Although you may feel a little movement if you slide the pad with your hand, in general, the quality of the pad is on point. The rubber base is something that really makes wonders.

Speaking about the cost, we can’t call it the cheapest large mouse pad but it is a decent alternative to completely smooth cloth options. Finally, the pattern design is not the best one but the functionality made us forget about all the drawbacks.

7. Exco XXL Red Leopard

Smooth mouse gliding
mouse pad exco xxl

Dimensions: | Weight: | Material: Rubber | Colour: Red and Black

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⊕ Pleasant design
⊕ Nice to touch
⊕ Smooth mouse gliding
⊕ Doesn’t move
⊖ Slightly bump when placed flat

This Exco XXL Red Leopard big mouse pad has a smooth non-slip rubber surface suitable both, for gamers and office workers.

It is a budget-friendly mat that will perfectly fit your office desk and become your first helper while playing games. Thanks to the beautiful design, it will embellish any table and make it look neat. You may easily clean it with a damp cloth.

Besides, it can perfectly fit both small and large desks. It ensures smooth mouse movement regardless of the desk surface you put it on. Being made of eco-friendly safe non-slip rubber, this desk mouse pad is very durable and will serve you for long.

8. VicTsing Extended

With non-slip base
mouse pad victsibg

Dimensions: 800mm×400mm| Weight:650g | Material: Rubber | Colour: Black

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⊕ Easy to clean
⊕ Feels comfortable
⊕ Perfectly fits wooden desks
⊖ Gathers dust quickly

VicTsing Extended gaming mouse pad is an ideal option in this price range. Although it is the cheapest variant in our list, it still has almost the same features expensive mats offer.

To begin with, it is made of the qualitative braided material which is also water-resistant and has zero friction. Even though it is not the most convenient and the longest mouse pad, it is an ideal option for enjoying fast-paced games.

If you can’t find the place for your mouse during gaming sessions, this mouse pad is a great investment. It is large enough for a keyboard and a mouse. Moreover, you may also fit two keyboards on it, or even a laptop with a keyboard and still have enough space for a mouse. We used it with the keyboard and may say that it doesn’t move at all; at the same time, the mouse smoothly glides over the surface.

It is the best mousepad for you if your current mat is too small. In general, we recommend this pad since it offers decent features at an affordable price.

9. HyperX Fury S Limited Edition

For professionals
mouse pad hyper x

Dimensions: 450 mm x 400 mm | Weight: 997g | Material: Rubber | Colour: Black

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⊕ Stylish design
⊕ Durable
⊕ Accented stitching at the border
⊖ One-size mat

HyperX is not a beginner-manufacturer of gaming mouse pads; in fact, the company started to produce mouse pads before they got down to making mice.

They started with ultra-thin mats (Skyn series). For today, they offer the Fury S line featuring several designs and two main surface types. We decided to review the Fury S Speed Edition pads that have an abstract print design and are available in four sizes. Judging from its name, it is a speed mat offering a smooth, ultra-densely woven surface.

HyperX Fury S Limited Edition features tiny rubber feet that prevents the pad from sliding over the table. They stick it to the surface making this mat a great option both keeping for a keyboard and a mouse.

Image Name Features  
mouse pad corsair mm600
Corsair MM600
Our Choice
  • Dimensions: 352mm x 272mm
  • Weight: 810g
  • Material: Plastic
  • Colour: Black
mouse pad razer firefly
Razer Firefly Hard V2
  • Dimensions: 355mm x 255mm
  • Weight: 860g
  • Material: Rubber
  • Colour: Black
mouse pad steelseries qck
SteelSeries QcK Edge
  • Dimensions: 320mm x 270mm
  • Weight: 100g
  • Material: Rubber
  • Colour: Black

How to Choose the Best Mouse Pad

best mouse pad

Buying Mouse Pad - Things to Consider

Nowadays, manufacturers please buyers with cool gaming mouse pads featuring various sizes and designs. Extra-large and very small, plastic and cloth, thin and thick ‒ all these characteristics are typical for modern mouse mats. Thus, you have numerous variants to choose from. If you are an experienced gamer, you probably realize that a mouse pad is one of the most important accessories for game competitions. Therefore, we have prepared this gaming mouse pad review for you to find the best mouse mat. You’ve probably decided on the brand you want to get; so, read on and find out what particular features you should pay attention to in order to find an ideal mouse pad for various needs.

The Basics of a Gaming Mousepad

The Surface

For today, mouse pads have different surfaces. If you decided to get a cloth pad, the most important features to consider are the type of fabric, the weave, and the construction. Don’t pay attention to such labels as “CONTROL” or “SPEED”; they are nothing but a marketing trick to improve sales. Try to find the mat that will combine both, speed and control; don’t forget about the friction of the surface ‒ it is also an important feature to keep in mind while choosing the best mouse pad.

The Base

There are three types of base ‒ slim, heavy and standard. Slim base (2mm) is ideal for those, who prefer the solid feel. It is like using a plastic/hard surface mouse pad, but with more convenience.

Heavy base (5mm) is developed for comfort-lovers. The surface is very soft and comfortable. Thanks to the added thickness, it is a great option for LAN parties/tournaments since you don’t know what kind of surface you are going to play on. It will negate any unevenness providing a very flat surface for the best gaming.

Standard base (3mm) is an optimal variant for any needs. It is not too thin and not too thick. We choose this base for almost all our mouse pads.

The Edge

In general, a mouse pad consists of the surface and the base. They are secured by an adhesive. However, after long use, they begin to detach. To avoid this, don’t buy cheap low-quality mouse mats.

Rise of the Extended Mousepad

best mouse pad

Ordinary users believe that a mouse pad is a small square mat designed for the mouse only. However, large mousepads are becoming more and more popular today since they offer space not only for your mouse but also for the keyboard. Modern gamers prefer mechanical keyboards because they are better for gaming. Paired with a large mouse pad, your keyboard and mouse will show the best gaming capabilities.


  • • Are mouse pads still necessary?

Today, mouse pads are not really necessary. Mice don’t have a rubber ball that needs to grip the surface to move. However, if you use a mouse on a semi or fully reflective surface, it is recommended to have a mouse pad. Some mice feature a laser instead of an optical sensor.

  • • Are all mouse pads identical?

The main difference lies in the size and comfort. There is also the surface material that influences how fast the mouse moves. However, we can’t claim that a mouse pad is something that greatly influences your mouse performance.

  • • Should I buy a mouse pad?

Experienced gamers agree that gaming mouse pads are of great importance. Regular users are satisfied with regular mats, but hardcore gamers need something that provides the best tracking and control. It doesn’t mean that ordinary mouse pads are bad; the thing is that premium products guarantee better tracking and less friction for more precision.

  • • Are RGB mouse pads worth buying?

RGB mouse pads are worth the money you spend on them if you need the right color combination to set off your mood or if you have a certain look that you are going for with your setup. If such things are not important for you, you can do without an RGB mat.