8 Best Mac Mouse Pads in 2022

By Robin Owens 15 days ago, Computer Mouse

Inexpensive Mac mouse pads for responsive and accurate navigation.

best mac mouse pads

The Magic Mouse designed by Apple seems to be the number one item created by this company, still, not everyone is satisfied with it. Some customers say the mouse is of high rubbing rate on specific covers.

Besides, its movement makes an unpleasant scraping sound.

For those who are pretty annoyed with it, Kickstarter launched a campaign offering a new product – the best Magic Mouse pad that will slide your table without making any noise.

8 Top-Rated Mac Mouse Pads

  1. Londo Genuine - Our Choice
  2. TOWWI Desk Pad - Dual-Side use mouse pad
  3. VicTsing Extended - The most popular model
  4. Pad Hide & Drink - Thick leather mouse pad
  5. VAYDEER - Aluminum
  6. Londo Leather - The best leather mousepad
  7. LoiStu - Round mouse pad
  8. Greatgo - Stylish

If you have the Magic Mouse by Apple or just an optical mouse by other brands, there is no need to buy a mousepad.

Still, Mac mousepad just makes your work easier. It helps not only make the mouse slide lightly but prevents your table as well as your mouse from harm.

1. Londo Genuine

Our Choice
best magic mouse pad

Dimensions: 8.3 x 8.3 x 0.3 inches | Weight:3.2 ounces | Material: genuine cowhide leather | Color: 4 different

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⊕ Classy leather fabric
⊕ Taut cover
⊕ Not the sticky downside
⊖ You cannot roll it up or fold

Londo Genuine is the best Magic Mouse pad if you are looking for a trendy option. Made of natural leather, this mousepad serves perfectly.

Besides, it has an anti-slip downside and comfortable support for your wrist. Though it’s not as tight as the Blade Hawks’ pad, you could hardly wrap it up to bring along.

2. TOWWI Desk Pad

Best dual-side use mouse pad
best mousepad for magic mouse

Dimensions: 32" x 16"| Weight:1.1 pounds | Material:LEATHER | Color: Blue/Pink

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⊕ Wide color range
⊕ Many size options
⊕ Water-resistant
⊖ Cost

This Apple mousepad impedes harm from poured beverages due to a water-resistant option. It also saves your table from damage. Besides, it’s easy to clean the pad by rubbing its cover with a wet wipe.

TOWWI’s Mac mouse pads are produced of quality pleather that serves for long due to solid structure. OWWI Desk Pad is not only the best mousepad for Magic Mouse but a nice decor for your desk.

Besides, the cover is good for your wrists, and a surface can be used as a mouse pad for your hands while working.

3. VicTsing Extended

Most popular Magic Mouse pad
best mousepad for apple magic mouse

Dimensions: 31.5×15.75×0.08Inch| Weight: 22.93Oz | Material: fiber braided | Colour: black

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⊕ Big size
⊕ Soft fabric
⊕ Durable
⊕ Non-stick padding
⊖ Not for small tables and travel

VicTsing Extended Gaming Mouse Pad is the best mouse pad if you want something that doesn’t cost too much. Due to its big size that takes the bulk of your table, it protects not only your mouse but all your devices.

Firmly crafted sides reduce the risk of breaking off and a soft fabric helps your mouse move with ease. Due to water-resistant features, this mousepad for Apple mouse highly protects your technical from spilled drinks and non-stick padding provides it with stability.

Massive size makes the pad cumbersome while bringing along, but this is still the best variant for those, who work a lot at the table.

4. Hide & Drink

Thick leather mouse pad
apple mousepad

Dimensions:9.2 x 8.8 x 0.1 inches | Weight: 5.4 ounces | Material: leather| Color: brown

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⊕ Soft fabric that suits Optical Mice or Trackballs
⊕ Handmade model of high-quality natural leather
⊕ Serves as a useful and nice gift
⊖ Slides on the desk

Hide & Drink is a vertically concentrated company managed by society tabled to maintain the local association in La Antigua, Guatemala. Their mousepad for Apple mouse is developed, gained, and produced by resident craftsmen in the interests of the local population.

The income for the product is equitable and the brand puts emphasis on commercial growth due to entrepreneurial training.

Besides supporting employment by producing and selling the best Mac mouse pads, the community makes contributions to remarkable non-commercial entities in Guatemala – 5% of the standard gross margin.


Aluminum mouse pad
mac mousepad

Dimensions:9.1*7.1*0.1 inches | Weight: 7.5 ounces| Material: Aluminum Alloy, PU Leather | Color: Silver

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⊕ Flat and water-resistant cover
⊕ Anti-slippery
⊕ Classy styling
⊖ Cost

Thanks to soft and water-resistant fabric, this mousepad for Magic Mouse is very simple to clean. It provides fast mouse flow, exact and easy management together with the highest response times.

The flat framework for consecutive engagement with mouse sensors ensures controlled management and accurate targeting. Its qualitative anti-slip pleather downside offers stability helping keep your mouse pad from gliding and fidgeting.

The pad also prevents your table from scuff marks and damage. Such non-slip pads allow your mouse to easily work on glass surfaces as well. Its thin material and soft styling make it portable and easy-to-use.

6. Londo Leather

Best leather mousepad
best mouse pad for magic mouse

Dimensions:28.7 x 13.1 inches | Weight:10.6 ounces | Material:Premium PU Leather | Color: 4 colors

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⊕ Sophisticated handmade leather pad
⊕ Smooth-as-silk
⊕ Anti-slip Downside
⊖ Small

The Londo Leather Mouse Pad is made to introduce a mouse pad for iMac that stands out not only with the best quality of handmade leather but serves as a comfortable and classy accessory for your home and office.

This mouse pad is produced as a trendy desk accessory without neglecting its tangible and practicable features.

The product offers necessary helpful affinities of an up-to-date mouse pad such as anti-slipping downside and easy movement performance thanks to its soft fabric.

7. LoiStu

Round mouse pad
mousepad for magic mouse

Dimensions:220*220*3mm | Weight:12 ounce | Material:Antiski Matte Metal/High-Grade PU Leather | Color: Gold / Silver / Gray / Rose Gold

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⊕ Water-resistant
⊕ Dual-purposed
⊖ Small size

The LoiStu Magic Mouse 2 pad offers a dual-use for both winter and summer due to pleather and metal cover tiers. Its metal layer is cool and pleasant in summer, while leather tier – convenient and warm in winter.

CNC machine tools made the pad match the latest tendency and only 3mm in width.

This mousepad for Apple mouse of a creative rounded shape with a metal frame is ideal for summer vibes. In addition, you can wash it with ease by using just water or a special wet wipe.

8. Greatgo

Stylish mouse pad
best mousepad for apple mouse

Dimensions:16.9 x 2.5 x 2.5 inches | Weight: 1.19 pounds| Material: wood|Color: Pink/Skyblue

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⊕ Cleaning the pad is effortless
⊕ Variety of sizes
⊕ Dual use
⊖ Low quality

This Mac mousepad comes in the size of 31.5"" x15.7. This pad is good to place a laptop or keyboard and mouse, as well as any other accessories that you have.

In addition to gaming considerations, this mat also has purely practical functions – it smooths out uneven areas of the surface beneath it as it is non-slip.

Moreover, it is waterproof for those who struggle with spilling drinks over the table.

Best Mac Mouse Pads Comparison

Image Name Features  
best magic mouse pad
Londo Genuine
  • Dimensions: 8.3 x 8.3 x 0.3 inches
  • Weight:3.2 ounces
  • Material:genuine cowhide leather
  • Color: 4 different
best mousepad for magic mouse
TOWWI Desk Pad
  • Dimensions: 32" x 16"
  • Weight:1.1 pounds
  • Material: leather
  • Color: Blue/Pink
best mousepad for apple magic mouse
VicTsing Extended
  • Dimensions: 31.5×15.75×0.08Inch
  • Weight:22.93Oz
  • Material: fiber braided
  • Color: black

How to Choose the Best Magic Mouse Pad?

best mac mouse pads

Even if you choose the best mouse but at the same time use the "wrong" mat, then you may lose comfort in work or game that this mouse can provide you.

The main benefit of mouse pads is that they increase the comfort of the workplace, improve the control, increase the positioning and functioning of a computer mouse.

Moreover, they help keep your workplace clean. Lots of people prefer the sensation of the mouse pad texture rather than a wooden desk one. Being rather affordable, a Mac mousepad enhances the experience of using the mouse big time.

Even though all the mousepads are alike, you should consider the next points while choosing it.


Despite the fact that the price is not the only aspect to take into consideration, it's nonetheless very significant.

The price-quality ratio matters, even if you want to buy one of the best Mac mouse pads. You can compare products on the Internet to ensure that you are purchasing the item for a reasonable price. You can do it on Amazon.


The demand for specific leather desk blotter pads indicates its ability to perform the tasks for which it was created. When a product exists for some time and still maintains a high demand, it is likely to be the best mousepad for Apple Mouse.


The material from which the pad is produced will have a significant impact on the properties of the gaming mouse. Leather pads have significant differences depending on their manufacturer.

Buying an Apple mousepad think about where you will use it and for what purposes. This would help you decide what material is better.


The sizes of mousepads vary from small to medium and large. Here the choice depends mostly on the space available on the table and the aims of usage.

If you still cannot decide, read the other user's reviews on Amazon to apply their experience to your needs. This way, you will be sure that you have purchased the best Magic Mouse pad suitable for a particular purpose.


Mousepads tend to feature a variety of colors. If you need a certain color that suits your interior design, you have multiple options available. Just consider that the color should not distract you, having an impact on the efficiency of operation.


best mac mouse pads

The durability of the mousepad for Magic Mouse is affected by the material from which it was produced, and on whether or not the manufacturing process is quality-controlled.


Ask yourself if you need to store your mouse pad somewhere. In case your answer is positive, then you should choose the mouse pad with the characteristics that could help you store it properly.

Customer Rating

As you can't just take the mousepad for a Magic Mouse home and test its quality by yourself, you can rely on the customer rating published on the Internet.


Make sure that the item you purchase has a warranty. If it doesn’t, then you better consider a different manufacturer who offers such a perk. The retailers of the best Mac mouse pads won’t hesitate to provide their customers with a guarantee.


  • • Do I need a mousepad for Magic Mouse?

Mousepads evolved into accessories that enhance the functioning of the device. They are a stylish attribute of the desktop, adding points to the comfort of a working environment. The Magic Mouse's design doesn't suppose the use of it for the twitch gaming, though. It was developed mostly as an accessory for office work with low consumption of resources.

  • • Are aluminum mouse pads good?

The aluminum mouse pad is the most robust option characterized by maximum speed and accuracy. Besides, the tactile feel of cold hard metal is rather refreshing.

  • • What can I use instead of a mouse pad?

If there is no mousepad for Magic Mouse available, but it is inconvenient to work, temporarily you can use these items as a substitute: A placemat or a wax paper. Not too thick hardcover book or a magazine. A piece of cardboard from a shoebox or a piece of paper. A duct tape. Not the most convenient option, but also suitable. Anything your imagination is capable of. The main thing is that the surface is smooth, not decorative. The material should provide good contact with the surface.

  • • Is it bad to use a mouse without a pad?

Mousepads are accessories that enhance the functioning of the device, but they are not required. However, if you use the mouse on a reflective surface, you may still need a mouse pad. The necessity of the mouse pad also depends on whether you have the optical or the laser sensor within the mouse.