Adobe Audition vs Pro Tools

Looking for powerful DAW software to record, edit and write your music professionally? Want a program with co-op features and support for third-party VST plug-ins? Read the in-depth comparison of Adobe Audition vs Pro Tools and choose the best software for you.

Adobe Audition is an audio workstation by Adobe Systems that features both a multi-track, non-destructive recording and adestructive-approach virtual drum beat editing interface. The main function of Adobe Audition is to convert a WAV file (uncompressed) into a MP3 file for storage or distribution.

Pro Tools is a popular digital audio workstation originally used only for sound production and music production, producing, mixing, and more generally, music recording, editing, and finishing tasks. A great many plugins are available for use in this versatile DAW. It is also able to be used in the case of live shows for instance.

Final Verdict:

Adobe Audition is widely used for multiple reasons such as, editing existing audio projects, editing digital video, converting audio files to different formats, and creating audios or even media-rich documents. The software allows the user to make extensive audio editing and mixing and has an intuitive interface that makes it simple to work with.

Adobe Audition is the winner >

Adobe Audition Features:

  • Strong audio-restoration
  • Noise reduction
  • Macros
  • Easy workflow
  • 100+ audio effects

What is Adobe Audition?

adobe audition interface

It is a complete digital audio workstation by Adobe Systems featuring both a non-destructive and destructive-mix/edit environment as well as a destructive-mix/edit system. These features together are already extremely powerful when it comes to editing and producing audio tracks.

Another great feature of Adobe Audition is its user friendly interface and the wide range of useful features that it provides for all audio editors to use. You can do everything from trim, pan, flip, and remove unwanted noises or other unwanted sound effects easily with the new features. It also allows you to easily insert new files in the track, make edits, and insert other media like attachments and MP3s with the new features.

Adobe Audition has a powerful multi-track and even a hundred track edit and recording studio. You can combine recordings with effects and music tracks with ease. The features even allow you to create a background noise for a particular sound effect or piece of audio, which again makes it extremely versatile and convenient to use for any editing job. The software even contains a feature called Noise Reduction which greatly reduces background noise when you are recording or editing your media.

What is Pro Tools?

pro tools interface

With Pro Tools, you are able to produce and mix the most complex, high-end recordings quite easily. Preset Multi-track recording gives you the ability to edit one track at a time. This software also features a wide variety of popular and widely used plugins.

The two most essential aspects that studios Pro Tools most often lack is support for large projects and decent audio interface. This software has both, with the majority of its features supporting multi-track recording. It also comes bundled with the industry-standard VST instruments, such as the Eventide Plug-ins, which comes with easy to use setup and installation instructions.

If you are looking for quality audio editing and recording software, Pro Tools is an excellent option to consider. Features include a vast number of powerful recording and mixing features. It also comes bundled with midi, so you are able to import sound from your computers and connect it to your studio system through a USB cable. Also, there are thousands of sound effects and vocal adjustments, and a vast collection of musical instruments included with the program. This is a reliable and stable piece of software that does all it can to make your production as successful as possible.


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Adobe Audition & Pro Tools Features:

  • Edits stereo waveform
  • Useful visualization tools
  • VST plugins
  • Adheres to film standards for audio
  • Intuitive interface
  • Fast 64-bit mixing engine
  • Robust commit options
  • Easy to use
  • High-end hardware
  • Extensible functionality by plugins

Adobe Audition and Pro Tools Price:

STARTING PRICE $20.99/month $29.99/month
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FixThePhoto Choice:

Adobe Audition offers support for all files, unlimited tracks and third-party filters, the ability to connect recording devices and the most advanced MIDI instruments.

Compared to Adobe, Pro Tools can be called a good tool for beginners, albeit slightly overpriced.