5 Best LaTeX Editors for Windows in 2021

For editing documents with complex formatting, make sure to install the best LaTeX editor for Windows that will allow you to cope with any task in no time. LaTeX is a useful markup language for working with various files.

It allows you to edit mathematical equations, symbols, tables, matrices, etc.

Top 5 LaTeX Editors for Windows

  1. Overleaf - A lot of templates
  2. TeXmaker - Cross-platform
  3. TeXstudio - Integrated viewer
  4. TeXnicCenter - Spell checking
  5. LyX - Integrated equation editor

Whether you are interested in computer sciences, mathematics or economics, LaTeX editors will help you create a wide variety of documents. The best LaTeX editor for Windows makes it easier for you to add various content and create documents that meet the latest publication standards.

1. Overleaf - Our Choice

A lot of templates
  • It makes writing, editing, and publishing documents quicker
  • Offers a real-time preview of code
  • Share with other people effortlessly
  • You can switch to LaTeX and Rich Text mode
  • None

Verdict: The Overleaf LaTex editor is a free, web-based LaTex exporter for Microsoft Word documents. Overleaf also offers undo/redo features so that you can edit a previously printed document. If you'd like to edit multiple documents at once (such as lots of different documents on a certain topic), this is a great feature.

Plus, if you need to make minor edits, such as inserting a space between words in a document, you will be able to do so right away - no need to save and lose time looking for the correct keystroke.

overleaflatex editor for windows interface

2. TeXmaker

  • Easy to use and configure
  • 350+ mathematical symbols
  • Wizard to generate a quick document
  • Can automatically locate warnings and errors
  • Dated interface

Verdict: The TeXmaker LaTeX editor for Windows is designed to be user friendly and able to meet the needs of users. It is an easy to use package that includes a number of tools. The major advantage of using the TeXmaker LaTeX editor is that it can be operated from any computer whether it is on a Linux, Windows or Mac platform.

Another feature is that it has the ability to track changes as they happen and so makes it easy to track changes to a document.

texmaker latex editor for windows interface

3. TeXstudio

Integrated viewer
  • 1000+ mathematical symbols
  • Bookmark to keep references to important places in text
  • You can copy, paste table columns quickly
  • It allows you to drag and drop images to the editor
  • Updates issues

Verdict: What makes this LaTeX editor for Mac so attractive is that it has a number of features that make it stand-out among other editors in the market. First of all, it has a GUI (Graphic User Interface), which makes it easy for new users to use it.

Users also get to experience a number of features, such as auto indentation, code completion, find/replace tool, command history, undo function, file Redirection facility and more.

texstudio latex editor for windows interface

4. TeXnicCenter

Spell checking
  • Offers a quick setup wizard
  • Customization of tools is possible
  • It offers syntax highlighting
  • Free and open-source
  • Too basic

Verdict: A TeXnicCenter LaTeX editor for Windows is the most comprehensive solution for any LaTeX document. It can handle a variety of different document types such as PDF, HTML, plain text (text), Postscript and Math.

One feature that is unique to this editor is its ability to edit 'hard' Word documents. This means that instead of using the normal formulae used when writing a document, you can enter a formula that will be used when re-writing the document later.

texniccenter latex editor for windows interface

5. LyX

Integrated equation editor
  • You can export the document as PDF
  • This program supports tables and captions
  • You can write multilingual documents
  • It offers automatic completion of the text
  • Can be slow
  • Expensive

Verdict: LyX is a free document processor based on the LaTeX typesetting system. LyX is cross-platform LaTeX editor and has prebuilt builds for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and various Linux distributions, as well as an unofficial build for OS / 2. LyX adheres to the WYSIWYM paradigm.

In accordance with this paradigm, the user writes the text and defines its semantic structure, marking the content in accordance with its meaning, purpose in the document.

lyx latex editor for windows interface
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