6 Best Map Software For Windows

6 Best Map Software For Windows in 2022

Those people, who have ever experienced the struggle of embodying their ideas into the form of visual diagrams without purpose-built tools, are extensively looking for the best map software for Windows. Such programs come with all the needed instruments for creating idea and conceptual maps with different notions represented in the hierarchical structure. Besides, you can mark different types of relations in such a map.

Top 6 Map Software For Windows

  1. Ayoa - All-in-one platform
  2. ClickUp - Easy to convert map nodes into tasks
  3. Milanote - Good combination of notes, boards, images
  4. MindGenius - Visually captures and structures ideas
  5. MindMeister - Web-based collaboration
  6. SmartDraw - Plenty of help tutorials

If you have a closer look at the range of mind mapping software, you’ll see that some of them have a simpler feature set, while others amaze with sophisticated visualization and diagramming mechanisms. If you frequently make engineering graphs, architectural plans, and project timelines, you definitely need such software.

1. Ayoa - Our Choice

All-in-one platform
  • Combines graphic organizers + lists
  • Works directly from email
  • Auto-layout is especially quick
  • Integrates well with iMindmap
  • None

Verdict: Ayoa map software for Windows has received numerous positive comments and endorsements. It is an easy-to-use software that comes with a variety of features. The software has the capacity to create a topographical map, topographic map and cartographic map. The software is equipped with numerous tools including Auto Positioning of Maps, Saving/loading GPX file, Document Picker, Document Tree and so on. This amazing software enables you to get the best mapping solution for your needs.

ayoa map software for windows interface

2. ClickUp

Easy to convert map nodes into tasks
  • Great free plan
  • Frequently updates
  • Many improved features
  • Easy to convert map nodes into tasks
  • Creating new projects can be a little confusing at first

Verdict: ClickUp is a powerful tool that allows you to create professional looking maps and place them on your website. When people are searching on the Internet, they generally click the first (or last) result that comes to mind without doing much research or looking at other places on the Internet. With this tool you can easily add your maps to your website without much effort. The best thing about using this particular program is that it is free to download and provides a lot of functionality.

clickup map software for windows interface

3. Milanote

Good combination of notes, boards, images
  • Real-time collaboration supported
  • Easy to save links and make notes
  • Ability to link boards to one another
  • Lean, lightweight, and fast UI
  • Missing many features
  • Expensive paid accounts

Verdict: Milanote map software for Windows is a program which allows you to plan and create your very own maps using only the WIM files (maps) you have on your computer. All you need to do is to click on the map you want to have created, and from there, you'll find all the tools you need to place it on the appropriate road. For example, you can choose which street should the street number on the map fall on, and you'll see the places you need to fill in the extra information about that particular street. Milanote also has an online editor which is really useful for people who would like to make a little modification to their map.

milanote map software for windows interface

4. MindGenius

Visually captures and structures ideas
  • Large range of import/export options
  • Project management functions
  • Shallow learning curve
  • Lots of templates
  • Dated interface compared

Verdict: MindGenius is a web design software that will help you and your business manage ideas much better by knowing what you need to achieve your goals and how to satisfactorily complete your projects. This program has all the tools you need to organize ideas so that you can turn them into plans and projects. MindGenius has an intuitive interface that helps you develop your mind maps.

mindgenius map software for windows interface

5. MindMeister

Web-based collaboration
  • Simple controls with attractive output
  • Great Google Drive integration
  • Comes with lots of templates
  • Easy to use and adopt
  • Could use more in depth text editor features

Verdict: MindMeister map software for Windows is a program that you can use to help you create MindMeister style diagrams onto your computer. This particular software comes with basic tutorials and is quite easy to use and understand. The majority of features that you will be able to find in this program include; brainstorming tools, note taking, presentation creation, presentation viewing, project planning, and the ability to export your work to many different formats including PDF.

mindmeister map software for windows interface

6. SmartDraw

Plenty of help tutorials
  • Use on any device
  • Easily customize the color and input dimensions
  • User-friendly
  • Ability to export in multiple formats
  • Low functionality with free version

Verdict: SmartDraw is a map drawing software allows you to draw any map onto any surface, be it a flat surface or a curved surface. Smartdraw is very easy to use, and the programs come with superb instruction. It can also save hours of your time and frustration when doing complex projects. It is available in both freeware and shareware editions. The freeware edition allows limited downloads, while the shareware edition allows unlimited downloads. I prefer the shareware version because of its flexibility. You can also try the demo version before purchasing the full version.

smartdrawmap software for windows interface