8 Best Latex Editors for Linux in 2022

Though the range of LaTeX programs on Linux is impressive, they can be roughly divided into 2 groups – for beginners and for experts. This article is the result of my personal research with my top picks described in detail.

If you are fond of LaTeX editing or want to start mastering it, look through the list of presented programs and choose what suits you most.

Top 8 Latex Editors for Linux

  1. LyX - For automatic creating of lists
  2. TeXstudio - Easy-to-use interface
  3. TeXpen - With spell-check feature
  4. Overleaf - Files syncing via Dropbox and GitHub
  5. Authorea - Submitting articles directly to journals
  6. Kile - With advanced editing commands
  7. Texmaker - For the GNOME desktop environment
  8. Gummi - Based on the GTK+ toolkit

Instead of using entry-level software for document formatting, you’d better learn the capabilities of LaTeX markup and add such elements as complicated mathematical equations and the like. You can take advantage of a well-known Vim editor or pick from this list of more feature-rich programs to see LaTeX formatting appears in full bloom.

Here are the top 6 LaTeX editors that have won the trust of thousands of Linux laptops users.

1. LyX - Our Choice

For automatic creating of lists
  • Easy to use
  • Well written with clever documents
  • Manages files according to the type of document
  • Collaboration with users are complicated

Verdict: LyX is a good open source LaTeX editing software that runs on the Linux operating system and comes with its own set of features and modules. This is a great option for professional LaTeX author who wishes to produce top quality documents.

It is predominantly focused on teaching the user how to make great looking, informative and user friendly applications using the Linux operating system. While this software does cost over $50, it is quite affordable considering the features that it has. To make your business run more smoothly, try a free trial copy of LyX LaTeX editor.

lyx interface

2. TeXstudio

Easy-to-use interface
  • SVN Support
  • Code folding
  • Auto-completion of standard commands
  • No indication

Verdict: TeXstudio is a fully automatic open source software that allows one to create and edit documents in such format as LaTex. The major advantage of this type of software is that it gives the users the power of making changes as and when they please.

It also has been specifically designed for the Linux platform, hence giving the users the most control on how the document looks like after it's being edited.

texstudio interface

3. TeXpen

With spell-check feature
  • Article outline to navigate quickly
  • Auto-completion functionality
  • Document Templetes for beginners
  • Too simple for pro

Verdict: TeXpen is a leading commercial LaTeX editing software that allows users to create documents and work with advanced features that are found in the industry standard. One of the best selling features of this editor is the ability to use Linux under either Windows or Linux operating systems. This means that anyone can use this editor no matter what their operating system preference.

One of the most popular functions is the ability to merge several documents together into one single document for easy editing and modification. The biggest advantage of using TeXpen over other similar programs is that there are no long term contract restrictions or licensing fees that can prove problematic to many small business owners and entrepreneurs.

texpen latex editor linux interface

4. Overleaf

Files syncing via Dropbox and GitHub
  • Great for online collaborative work
  • Collaborate in real-time
  • Coding part is easy to learn
  • Slow compilation

Verdict: Overleaf LaTeX editing software has a lot to offer for people interested in using the Internet for creating and editing documents. This is one of the best choices for people who need the capabilities that a good editor provides.

The software comes with everything that you need to create the perfect document, including the capability to create different sized text boxes, bold and italicized areas, links, embedded commands and many other options. Although the Overleaf program isn't free, the price is certainly cheaper than other programs for creating and editing LaTeX documents.

overleaf latex editor linux interface

5. Authorea

Submitting articles directly to journals
  • Get a DOI to make your work citeable
  • Automatic citation formatting
  • Ability to make any document public
  • Not completely free

Verdict: The advantages of using an Authorea LaTeXx editor starts with the fact that it supports Linux. Linux has proven to be the most widely used server platform for software development today and this means that you can develop your software on servers that are supported by Linux.

Another big advantage of using an Authorea is that it supports a range of different languages including German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, and Portuguese among other locales. With so many different languages to choose from, being able to use a Linux based editor means that you can cater to different skill sets when developing your software.

authorea latex editor linux interface

6. Kile

With advanced editing commands
  • Easy insertion of standard tags
  • Organization of the document into chapters
  • QuickPreview feature
  • Not too flexible

Verdict: If you're looking for a free, open-source, "lightweight" LaTeX editing software solution for Linux, Kile is a great choice. It has all of the features you need, and it's very affordable too! One of the most important things you should know about the Kile is that there are many other types of software that can perform the same functions and it's important to be able to choose software that suits your needs.

By learning a little bit about LaTeX coding and how to use the different features available in Kile you will be able to find the best solution for your editing needs.

kile latex editor linux interface

7. Texmaker

For the GNOME desktop environment
  • Dealing with mathematical notation
  • Easy to use math, symbols, etc
  • Separation of content and style
  • Fairly steep learning curve

Verdict: With a Texmaker LaTeX editor, you are given many advantages. It is best used in collaboration with the Texmaker PC plugin and the 100% LaTeX editing knowledge base of Texmaker. If you know Adobe InDesign and have spent any time working with it on the computer, you will feel right at home with LaTeX.

There is no need to have any previous experience with this kind of software. Texmaker has been helping business people and individuals create amazing content for over fifteen years, and Texmaker is just an upgrade of their product.

texmaker latex editor linux interface

8. Gummi

Based on the GTK+ toolkit
  • Featuring a live preview pane
  • Helps with basic error-checking functionalities
  • Exporting documents to PDF format
  • Not so great for Win/Mac

Verdict: Gummi LaTeX application is the best choice for a person who is working with different kinds of document. This is because it can be used to create documents that are of various degrees of complexity and can be used for a wide range of applications. It is an open source program that is used for designing and editing LaTeX documents.

Gummi editor allows one to manipulate and edit the various attributes of a document with the use of a stylus for tablet or a pointer. This kind of program can be used for designing brochures, manuscripts, booklets, manuals, presentations and much more.

gummi latex editor linux interface