10 Best Styluses for Tablet in 2023

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Choose the best stylus for your tablet that won’t lag!

best stylus for tablets

best stylus for tablets

Are you looking for the best stylus for tablets to help you simplify your work? You don’t know which one you need? Either you use a tablet with stylus to take notes or edit drawings, a stylus can be of great help. Though most people perceive a stylus as an accessory, not as a handy tool. If you’re not one of them, keep reading.


There are many different styluses on the market. Many of them are universal and perform basic functions on all touch screen devices, including tablets with best cameras. Some styluses are optimized for specific tablets and programs.

Photographers, retouchers and designers can use a stylus on any surface where they can leave a mark. It may not be easy for them to find the right type of pen that matches their needs and has all the necessary characteristics, such as pressure sensitivity and smoothness. So, to help you choose an efficient stylus, I have described the best ones that may suit your purposes.

1. MEKO Universal Stylus

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  • meko universal stylus for tablets
  • meko universal stylus for tablets

    OS Supported: iOS, Android, Windows | Shortcut/Programmable Button: none | Weight: 0.84 ounces | Product Number/Model: MKDS-2P0101

    ⊕ Broad compatibility with capacitive screens
    ⊕ Aluminum balanced design
    ⊕ Transparent disc for accuracy
    ⊕ Replaceable tips of 2 types
    ⊕ 2 pens included
    ⊖ Not found

    This tool is priced as a single stylus, but, in fact, it can be used for two tasks: for taking notes and navigating thanks to a ball tip. This set of stainless steel and aluminum gives you everything you need to start writing and drawing on your tablet or phone.

    You will not encounter compatibility issues, since it is designed to work with all possible touch screen devices. The 2mm fiber tip and 6.8mm disk work together to give you a clear view of your navigation and ensure a precise output signal. Optical tips are good for standard web browsing, drawing and general navigation.

    Because of its compatibility, price and multi-tip functionality, MEKO is the best stylus for smartphone and tablet in this price range. It comes with interchangeable discs and tips.

    2. Apple Pencil

    Only for iOS devices

    • apple pencil stylus for tablets
    • apple pencil stylus for tablets

      OS Supported: iOS | Shortcut/Programmable Button: none | Weight: 0.73 ounces | Product Number/Model: MK0C2AM/A

      ⊕ Sensitive to pressure and tilt
      ⊕ Integrated Bluetooth
      ⊕ The tip is 1.45mm thick
      ⊕ Up to 12 hours of continuous use
      ⊕ Magnetized tip
      ⊖ Not compatible with new ApplePro
      ⊖ No eraser feature

      Apple Pencil looks and works like a regular pencil or pen, but this is the best stylus for iPhone. Created specifically for the Multi-Touch iPad Pro subsystem, you can use it to get access to all the advanced built-in tablet features.

      The Lightning jack under the cover allows you to connect our stylus directly to the iPad Pro via an adapter for charging: 15 seconds will give 30 minutes of work, and a full charge can provide up to 12 hours.

      This stylus, connected to Bluetooth, is smart enough to recognize how hard you press on the surface and how the inclination angle changes. This iPhone stylus can vary the thickness of the lines, create shadows and a wide range of artistic effects, mimicking the work of a regular pencil. Users noted that this is the best stylus for iPad because it provides creative control, especially when you use Photoshop.

      3. Friendly Swede 4-in-1

      Best Android stylus for drawing

      • friendly swede 4-in-1 best stylus for tablets
      • friendly swede 4-in-1 best stylus for tablets

        OS Supported: iOS, Android, Windows | Shortcut/Programmable Button: none | Weight: 0.8 ounces | Product Number/Model: 4326568026

        ⊕ Impressive versatility
        ⊕ You can use it as a pen
        ⊕ Lifetime warranty
        ⊕ Robust aluminum body
        ⊕ Appealing price
        ⊖ No pressure sensitivity
        ⊖ Compatibility issues with some applications/devices

        Friendly Swede offers a stylus that can be adapted and used by any digital artist. It comes with four different tips: a brush, a microfibre tip, a precision disc, and a ballpoint pen.

        The brush tip acts just like a real brush, making it ideal for drawing, but not if you need a thin line. Fortunately, you can switch to a 5mm precision disc if you have to be ultra-precise. For a regular use, you can attach a microfiber tip.

        This is a retractable stylus pen that comes in an aluminum case and looks like a regular pen. Each tip is interchangeable, and the stylus comes with several spare ones. The length of the pen can be adjusted using the above-mentioned tips. All these features, as well as a moderate price make Friendly Swede 4-in-1 the best stylus for Android tablet drawing.

        4. AmazonBasics 3-Pack Executive Stylus

        One of the best values for compatibility

        • amazonbasics 3-pack executive stylus best stylus for tablets
        • amazonbasics 3-pack executive stylus best stylus for tablets

          OS Supported: iOS, Android, Windows | Shortcut/Programmable Button: none | Weight: 0.16 ounces | Product Number/Model: PEAB-1TIPSTYLUS

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          ⊕ 3 Spare tips in the pack
          ⊕ Broad compatibility
          ⊕ Increases accuracy and speed of work
          ⊕ Lightweight sleek design
          ⊕ Good value for money
          ⊖ 5mm tip isn’t meant for drawing
          ⊖ No additional functions

          If you're looking for a cheap, reliable stylus for your device, then AmazonBasics Executive Stylus is a perfect choice. This affordable Amazon stylus is easy to use, durable, has an attractive design and a silicone tip that leaves no traces.

          This is a basic stylus that does not offer any additional functions, but it does its job quite well. It is designed for use on devices with a variety of touch screens and provides ease of writing due to its weight and design.

          AmazonBasic can boast compatibility with many tablets. The kit tip is also durable and provides a steady balance. This best stylus pen combo comes in packs of three, which means that you have spare parts in case you lose any. It is ideal for those, who have several tablets and want a reliable stylus that is always at hand.

          5. Adonit Dash 3

          Universal fine-point stylus for pen-like simplicity

          • adonit dash 3 best stylus for tablets
          • adonit dash 3 best stylus for tablets

            OS Supported: iOS, Android | Shortcut/Programmable Button: none | Weight: 0.32 ounces | Product Number/Model: ADJD3B

            ⊕ Vast compatibility
            ⊕ Thin 1.9 mm tip
            ⊕ Works up to 14 hours
            ⊕ Partially compatible with Windows
            ⊕ Charge indicator and pressure clip
            ⊖ Sometimes Bluetooth lacks accuracy
            ⊖ Weak tip and charging magnet

            Adonit Dash 3 is a universal capacitive stylus that can be used with Android tablets and phones. Using Adonit Dash 3 is like writing with a sharp-pointed pen. It has a sharp point imitating drag and drop technique, similar to natural writing on paper.

            The improved thin-tip stylus reduces resistance, which results in faster, smoother recording. The lack of sensitivity to pressure and tilt means that it can work with any device. The complete charging time is 45 minutes and the battery lasts up to 14 hours.

            Adonit Dash 3 isn’t an “active” stylus, which means the absence of Bluetooth connection and advanced features. So, you can quickly figure out how the stylus works and can use it for writing and drawing.

            6. Musemee Notier V2

            Smooth sliding ergonomic stylus

            • musemee notier v2 best stylus for tablets
            • musemee notier v2 best stylus for tablets

              OS Supported: iOS, Android, Windows | Shortcut/Programmable Button: none | Weight: 0.64 ounces | Product Number/Model: MNSTYV2B

              ⊕ Support for most touch screens
              ⊕ Durable 1mm tip
              ⊕ Free tilt angle
              ⊕ Transparent disc for accuracy
              ⊕ Sleek ergonomic design
              ⊖ Not rechargeable
              ⊖ May leave scratches

              This fine point stylus narrows near the tip to prevent cramping of fingers and hands. It provides a more comfortable grip, allowing you to hold the stylus at any angle that is convenient for you while writing or sketching.

              Its thin interchangeable tip and the design of a transparent protective disc increase accuracy and allow you to tilt up to 42 degrees. Musemee Notier V2 is compatible with all capacitive touch screens, including smartphones and tablets.

              This stylus boasts an ergonomic lightweight design, and also does not require additional hand pressure, gliding smoothly and accurately. It comes in 4 colors with one easy-to-replace interchangeable nozzle.

              7. Lynktec TruGlide Pro

              Affordable stylus for navigating and drawing

              • lynktec truglide pro best stylus for tablets
              • lynktec truglide pro best stylus for tablets

                OS Supported: iOS, Android, Windows | Shortcut/Programmable Button: none | Weight: 0.64 ounces | Product Number/Model: LTTG-0005PBS

                ⊕ Broad compatibility
                ⊕ Built-in card storage
                ⊕ Durable mesh tip for navigation
                ⊕ Replaceable drawing tips
                ⊕ Weighted slick design
                ⊖ 5mm fiber tip isn't suited for drawing
                ⊖ Body could have been longer

                Lynktec TruGlide Pro is probably the best stylus for tablets in its category as it stands out from the rest with its fiber tip that slides better on a tablet’s screen than a rubber one. Compatible with both smartphones and tablets, this stylus pen can be used with most touchscreen devices.

                The precise 5mm mesh tip allows you to write, draw, take notes and play games without having to drag-and-drop or suffer from skipping. There’s also a replaceable Artist Paintbrush tip if you love using brushes for creating your artworks.

                The body is made of black and silver anodized aluminum combined with chrome inserts, a spring-mounted clip-on and ergonomic slick design, making it probably the best smartphone stylus in its category, as it’s both stylish and easy to use. The detachable tip design allows you to attach a brush accessory.

                8. Wacom Bamboo Fineline 3rd Generation

                Smart and stylish stylus for tablets

                • wacom bamboo fineline 3rd generation best stylus for tablets
                • wacom bamboo fineline 3rd generation best stylus for tablets

                  OS Supported: iOS, Android | Shortcut/Programmable Button: 1 | Weight: 0.7 ounces | Product Number/Model: CS610C

                  ⊕ LED/customizable button
                  ⊕ Lasts for up to 15 hours
                  ⊕ Pressure-sensitive
                  ⊕ Anti-slip ergonomic design
                  ⊕ Twist power/protection mechanism
                  ⊖ Removing the delay requires skill
                  ⊖ App and device compatibility

                  Wacom Bamboo Fineline is a fine tip 1.9mm smart stylus designed for drawing and note-taking while also offering pressure sensitivity controls and ergonomic design that provides a natural writing grip. Connect the stylus via Bluetooth, and activate/deactivate it by twisting the body.

                  Thanks to a thousand sensitivity levels and the customizable button that allows changing modes on the fly, Wacom Bamboo Fineline 3 is considered a premium fine tip stylus for some Android and iOS devices, since not all models are compatible with its expanded functions.

                  This is a well-built ergonomic smart stylus for Android and iOS, nicely balanced and convenient to hold, with a resistance level when used on a screen. It comes in white, blue, deep blue and black colors and is perfectly compatible with Wacom tablets.

                  9. MoKo Universal Active Stylus Pen

                  Pencil-style Android active stylus

                  • moko universal active stylus pen best stylus for tablets
                  • moko universal active stylus pen best stylus for tablets

                    OS Supported: iOS, Android, Windows | Shortcut/Programmable Button: none | Weight: 0.64 ounces | Product Number/Model: 4326581431

                    ⊕ Broad compatibility
                    ⊕ Replaceable 2mm tip
                    ⊕ Up to 12 hours of continuous operation
                    ⊕ Turns off after 30 minutes of inactivity
                    ⊕ Familiar aluminum-plastic design
                    ⊖ Incompatible with iPad Pro, iPad Air
                    ⊖ No Bluetooth / wrist protection

                    Looking for a familiar pencil shape to use with your tablet? Then you might be interested in the universal MoKo Active stylus pen. This model is unique in the fact that it works with most devices. Its size is about equal to the length and width of a regular pen or pencil, making the writing process more natural. Besides, it even features a normal power button. With a charging duration of 1 hour, this stylus for Android tablets provides up to 12 hours of work and will turn off automatically when not used.

                    The self-contained active design of the stylus doesn’t require Bluetooth as it can work in any app you need. You can choose between beautiful graphite and pink color options.

                    10. Wacom Bamboo Tip

                    Stylus for note-taking on iPhones, iPads and Android

                    • wacom bamboo tip best stylus for tablets
                    • wacom bamboo tip best stylus for tablets

                      OS Supported: iOS/Android | Shortcut/Programmable Button: none | Weight: 0.64 ounces | Product Number/Model: CS710B

                      ⊕ Impressive compatibility
                      ⊕ 1.9mm tip diameter
                      ⊕ No pairing required
                      ⊕ Up to 20 hours of uninterrupted use
                      ⊕ Partially compatible with Windows OS
                      ⊖ Lacks pressure sensitivity
                      ⊖ No buttons

                      The short tip doesn’t skip pixels when moving quickly. It allows you to see the exact place where it will touch the glass when using the stylus on iOS and Android devices. The side switch, which you can move up or down, optimizes the stylus’ performance for your device: Android tablet or iPadPro. You can change the tip of this retractable stylus pen if it begins to wear out.

                      Wacom Bamboo Tip manages to introduce a decent number of functions without overcomplicating things. It doesn’t need to be paired with your device. The stylus has a built-in battery that helps it receive more control over your drawing as it uses the Reflective Electro Static technology. It’s beautifully designed and nicely balanced, making it possibly the best stylus for Android tablet drawing and note-taking.

                      List of the Best Styluses for Tablets

                      Image Name Features  
                      MEKO Universal Stylus
                      MEKO Universal Stylus
                      OUR CHOICE
                      • Broad compatibility with capacitive screens
                      • Balanced aluminum design
                      • Transparent disc for increased accuracy
                      Check PRICE
                      Apple Pencil
                      Apple Pencil
                      FOR iOS
                      • Pressure and tilt sensitive
                      • Built-in Bluetooth
                      • 1.45mm tip width
                      Check PRICE
                      Friendly Swede 4-in-1
                      Friendly Swede 4-in-1
                      FOR DRAWING
                      • Impressive versatility
                      • Can be used as a pen
                      • Lifetime warranty
                      Check PRICE
                      AmazonBasics 3-Pack Executive Stylus
                      AmazonBasics 3-Pack Executive Stylus
                      • Comes in a package of 3
                      • Broad compatibility
                      • Improves accuracy and speed
                      Check PRICE
                      Adonit Dash 3
                      Adonit Dash 3
                      FOR ANDROID
                      • Broad compatibility
                      • Thin 1.9mm tip
                      • Operating time of up to 14 hours
                      Check PRICE

                      How to Choose а Stylus for Tablets?

                      When you’re picking one of the many available stylus pen options, you have to think about your needs. How often do you write on paper?

                      Do you use a tablet for taking notes or drawing and need a stylus with maximum precision? The answers to those questions should play a role in your decision. For instance, if you’re going to draw, you’ll need a small tip for ultimate precision. If you’re constantly switching between programs and taking notes, which is a thing many people do, you’re going to need a stylus pen that combines ink with a rubberized tip for screens.

                      When choosing the best stylus for tablets, firstly, you have to examine these functions: accuracy and sensitivity, compatibility and size, characteristics and material. Once you’ve made up your mind, you can save a huge amount of time.

                      Аccuracy and Sensitivity

                      compatibility and size best stylus for tablets

                      Аccuracy. The accuracy of a stylus is determined by its tip. A rubber tip is the cheapest one and is relatively precise. Rubberized tips are mostly used with drawing tablets. Plastic tips are better and can be found in more expensive models that offer unparalleled accuracy and are considered to be contenders for the “Best stylus for tablets” title.

                      Sensitivity. Active styluses are the best ones in this aspect since they have a very high sensitivity level and even allow you to regulate the thickness of the line. They are perfectly suited for drawing and draughting. As passive styluses don’t have such sensitivity, they are mostly designed for writing text and switching between different programs. So don’t go searching for the best stylus for drawing on Android tablet in this category.

                      Compatibility and Size

                      compatibility and size best stylus for tablets

                      Compatibility. Ordinarily, styluses are compatible with almost all modern screens. But you should still check the compatibility section of a specific model before buying it, especially if you’re looking for a stylus to pait with your tablet for gaming.. For instance, some models are designed to work exclusively with Apple iPad and iPhone, while others are universal.

                      Size. If you want to enjoy working with your stylus with maximum convenience and performance, then pay close attention to its size. The weight, length and diameter of a pen’s body determine its placement and feel in your hand.

                      Characteristics and Material

                      characteristics and material best stylus for tablets

                      Characteristics. Styluses are controlled wirelessly via Bluetooth. As a rule, such models also have a few customizable buttons for specific functions. Unlike passive styluses, active ones usually have built-in batteries that can be charged via USB-ports.

                      Material. Another important characteristic of the best stylus for smartphone devices is the eraser. It allows immediately deleting unwanted parts of your text or drawings. In some cases, manufacturers supply styluses with protective caps, magnets or hand straps. The material a stylus is made of plays an important role. By picking a metal body, you receive a stylish device that will serve you longer than a plastic one.

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