7 Best Catalog Maker Software in 2022

If you need a tool for customizing a business magazine, you can greatly benefit from downloading the best catalog maker software you can find. If your business releases interactive catalogs to clients or if you want to post one online, such software is a great tool for presenting your products in a convenient, comprehensive manner.

Top 7 Catalog Maker Software

  1. Adobe InDesign - With HTML Export
  2. Flipbuilder - Creating page-flipping eBooks
  3. Flip PDF - Offers a selection of themes
  4. iPaper - Automatically adds product links
  5. Catalog Machine - Simple and fast to use
  6. FlipHTML5 - For creating interactive content
  7. Akeneo - Validation workflows

This article focuses on reviewing the most interesting tools that will help you promote your products with maximum efficiency and minimum expenses. Look at the options presented below and pick the best catalog maker software for yourself.

1. Adobe InDesign - Our Choice

With HTML Export
  • Offers support for endnotes
  • PDF accessibility enhancements
  • Alternative text
  • Easy to use design features
  • Requires subscription

Verdict: Adobe InDesign is the industry standard software for designing catalogs and web pages. The Adobe photo catalog software allows a business owner to create and publish professional-looking catalogs and other collateral that will attract customers to their business.

Many of the features found on the Adobe InDesign catalog maker software are common among other publishing packages, but there are still some features that you will want to have on your new software. It has features such as the ability to upload digital images from your camera or your computer, edit text, change fonts, and add text or pictures. Other features include the ability to customize colors and borders, AutoShape tools, clipping path tools.

adobe indesign interface

2. Flipbuilder

Creating page-flipping eBooks
  • Mobile friendly
  • Interactive reading
  • Easy to use
  • No additional templates

Verdict: Flipbuilder has made it easy to create and publish catalogs online. Flipbuilder is a powerful and easy to use layout program. You can design your own layout, add products, change colors, add text, and search for product categories or keywords.

Once you have created your catalog, you can publish it immediately using the built-in website builder at no additional cost. Flipbuilder's software allows you to update your catalog from within the software interface, so you never have to worry about losing data, or wondering if you have entered in all the right data.

flipbuilder interface

3. Flip PDF

Offers a selection of themes
  • Support for interactive elements
  • Offers HTML and Flash output
  • Allows to embed almost any sort of media
  • Some problems with import and output

Verdict: Flip PDF is relatively new on the market and has become extremely popular amongst designers who need to quickly create professional catalogs. In particular, designers who do design work and need to have digital products they can upload into a website to entice potential customers are finding this software very useful.

Flip PDF allows you to quickly and easily convert PSD files that you find on the internet into PDF documents.

flip pdf catalog maker software interface

4. iPaper

Automatically adds product links
  • Engages your readers to stay longer
  • Customize checkout flows
  • Tracks performance
  • Feed-based updates
  • Not free

Verdict: iPaper allows for you to create a unique content that can be made into an eBook. This is the same technology used to create downloadable content for computers and other types of electronic devices. The cool thing about this type of software is that it makes the creation of the content easy so that anyone can do it.

One of the best features that this free brochure maker has is the fact that it allows for easy creation of the content using what is called an iWorkbook format. The content itself can be easily changed and resized as well.

ipaper catalog maker software interface

5. Catalog Machine

Simple and fast to use
  • Collaboration support
  • Easy for beginners
  • Wholesale and retail catalog templates
  • Catalog website for online sharing
  • Not too many features

Verdict: Catalog Machine is an ideal cataloging solution for any type of retail business. It helps to keep your entire inventory in one place, easily access by the sales staff, so that you can quickly locate a particular product or item and offer it to the customer. If you need to display hundreds of items on your rack, then using this catalog software can save you time, energy and money.

catalog machine catalog maker software interface

6. FlipHTML5

For creating interactive content
  • Automatically collects all digital publications
  • Free catalog creator
  • Allows you to add prices
  • SEO friendly
  • Limited templates

Verdict: FlipHTML5 is an HTML based software program that will allow you to build and manage an online catalog of all your digital products. While the idea of cataloging your goods is a great idea, not everyone has the time or skills needed to build such a website. Thankfully, there are software programs available that will take the work out of building one for you.

fliphtml5 catalog maker software interface

7. Akeneo

Validation workflows
  • Product asset manager
  • Rules engine
  • Data import and export
  • Not for beginners

Verdict: When it comes to what is the best catalog maker software, there are several different options available to you, but the best one for my small business needs is called Akeneo. This software creates great templates for any type of businesses, not just catalogs. The best part is that you don't have to be an expert in art, design, photography, etc. You don't even need to know how to do any of those things. What you do need is a computer, internet connection, printer, and something you can use to make your own amazing catalogs from the software.

akeneo catalog maker software interface