7 Best Cash Register Software in 2022

If your business involves selling goods or services, you can’t do without the best cash register software. It is a reliable tool to register and calculate transactions with minimal effort.

Check out the list of the top programs to cope with such tasks and find a suitable option to satisfy your needs. Using this software, you simplify the selling process and arrange the sales recording. Plus, you don’t have to worry about the payments ‒ they are made securely.

Top 7 Cash Register Software

  1. Square - For small business
  2. Copper POS - With inventory control
  3. Vend - Bulk product imports
  4. Chromis POS - CSV-based import
  5. Floreant POS - For restaurants
  6. QuickBooks Point of Sale - Best accounting integration
  7. Ovvi - Offers inventory management

I’ve created the list of the best cash register software designed to improve the selling process and raise productivity. I have considered such aspects as convenience, availability of sale and income reports, real-time transaction tracking, etc.

Today, clients use different ways to pay for purchases and your POS system should be able to process all of them. So, your cash register program must handle cash payments, checks, credit and debit cards. I also considered the possibility to use two types of payments and return money if necessary. Plus, I studied whether this software provides features to work with special pricing, gift cards, and surge pricing.

1. Square - Our Choice

For small business
  • Mobile POS system
  • Customized receipts
  • Payment processing built-in
  • None

Verdict: Square comes with the basic features required to operate a cash register. It includes a graphic user interface, which makes it easier for the users to operate the machine and process the transactions accurately. There are also many other features available in this software such as customer support, accounting and billing facilities, payroll facilities, product tracking facility and even product identification.

This free POS software can be used in both offline and online modes. The best thing about it is that it has an integrated web browser that allows you to log into your computer and transfer money through the internet. The Square also has a high-security system with secured payment systems, making it a preferred choice for businesses around the globe.

square cash register software interface

2. Copper POS

With inventory control
  • Has inventory tools
  • Easily records
  • Print recipes
  • Multiple payment types
  • Limited features in the free version

Verdict: Copper POS system is easy to use, and it allows you to keep all your records in a secure online account and retrieve them at any time. The system also allows you to enter the data in any currency, and you can configure the settings so that it automatically displays the exchange rates.

Copper POS system comes with a database that stores the details of every customer entered. This enables the system to generate reports about every customer entered. You can generate the reports from your office PC by downloading the software from the official website of Copper POS and then print them off whenever you want. The system is compatible with Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Novell Netware, and Unix.

copper pos cash register software interface

3. Vend

Bulk product imports
  • Custom receipts with logo
  • Cloud-based system
  • Centralized product catalog
  • Doesn't offer e-mail promotion

Verdict: Vend not only make it easy for customers to purchase products or pay for services at the same time, but they also keep track of and record all transactions from beginning to end. For businesses, the use of cash register software offers them the opportunity to reduce operating costs and increase profits.

This program allows a business to properly charge all consumers for the products or services they have ordered, which gives them the ability to accurately determine their profit and loss ratio. Another way that cash register software helps businesses increase their profit is through the use of sales tax. By using the latest technology, any business can process and calculate taxes before the season begins.

vend cash register software interface

4. Chromis POS

CSV-based import
  • CSV import for product list
  • Has reporting options
  • Built-in customer database
  • Windows friendly

Verdict: Chromis POS displays all relevant information such as the amount of money, the date and time stamp and so on. It displays all the data that is needed for recording and calculating sales tax automatically. There are different versions of Chromis POS software available. The basic version can be used for general checkouts and accepts only debit cards. However, it does not accept any electronic checks.

A customer can purchase the Chromis POS software from the official site. The prices vary according to the features offered in the software system.

chromis pos cash register software interface

5. Floreant POS

For restaurants
  • Integrates with QuickBook ecosystem
  • Compatible with Windows tablets
  • Accept all payment types
  • Expensive plans

Verdict: When it comes to the features of Floreant POS, all businesses and consumers should be aware that it can be used as an Automated Teller Machine where the customer would make the payment using a credit card. Also, it can be used as a Point of Sale (POS) where the cashier prepares the receipt for the customer by inserting the card details. It also has an integrated scanner to perform the task of integrating the data received from the customer with the data stored in the computer system.

If the need comes about, one can also use this program as a check printing software. Since the software is fully automated, there will be minimal interaction between the staff of the store and the customers. However, the most crucial aspect of this software is that it can be customized according to the individual needs of the business. It is possible to record all the details like the name, address, occupation, date of birth, and so on.

floreant pos cash register software interface

6. QuickBooks Point of Sale

Best accounting integration
  • Automatic backups
  • Notifications if backups fail
  • Easy restore process
  • Weak functionality

Verdict: QuickBooks Point of Sale has proven itself to be the most convenient and streamlined tool for sales and transactions. This accounting software for medium sized business provides the basic features necessary for a register such as barcoding, and inventory and sales tracking.

When using QuickBooks Point of Sale cash register software, you will be able to register, record, and track sales and purchases at the same time. This way, you can keep an eye on your cash flow and you can also manage your inventory. QuickBooks also allows you to store the data of past sales and purchases on your computer so that you do not have to type it in every time.

quickbooks point of sale cash register software interface

7. Ovvi

Offers inventory management
  • eSignature
  • You can access a platform via a mobile device
  • Online orders
  • Paid

Verdict: OVVI is dedicated Point of Sale software that caters to the needs of businesses from different spheres, including groceries, marketplaces, restaurants, salons, etc. The service provides only effective POS solutions.

From a warm and welcoming atmosphere of lighted candles on the table to mouthwatering meals by chefs, dining restaurants have become an essential part of our lives.

With OVVI, you can create multiple menus or modifier items, choose elements, manage recipes, track ingredients, adjust pricing and tax options. Also, the software allows you to monitor your ingredients and keep them perfectly stocked. With easy order management, you can get the products from different sellers.

ovvi pos software interface