5 Best 4K TVs For Gaming in 2023

By Robin Owens 9 days ago, TVs

Affordable and high-quality 4K TVs for gaming.

best 4k tv for gaming

If you are looking for the best 4K TV for gaming, you need to find a model that ensures the most immersive experience and is similar to high-end monitors for gamers. Such models have high color fidelity and an impressive refresh rate. They can easily beat their counterparts in terms of performance. Besides a stunning 4K resolution, these TVs come with a variety of advanced features, deliver stable performance and produce a clear image without any sign of blur.

Top 5 Best Canon Projectors

  1. TCL 43S425 - Our Choice
  2. SAMSUNG UN50TU8000FXZA - Bezel-less
  3. LG 43UN7300PUF - Budget
  4. Sony X900H 55 - Sleek
  5. Hisense 50H8G - Attractive

Buying a TV for gaming allows you to enjoy a 120 Hz refresh rate and HDR support. If you compare them to gaming monitors, TVs are fitted with brighter panels. Many 4K TVs are designed with gamers’ needs in mind and come with FreeSync or G-Sync support.

1. TCL 43S425

Our Choice
tcl 43s425 4k tv for gaming

Available sizes: 43/50/55/65/75 inches | Input lag: 15.2 ms | Refresh rate: 60 Hz

  • ✚ Stunning picture
  • ✚ Intuitive interface
  • ✚ Easy voice control
  • No local dimming

If you are looking for a truly sleeker and modern television for gaming, the TCL 43S425 4K Ultra HD TV may just fit the bill. It has a clean and sleek look and there is also the Alexa interface, which makes controlling your television experience with your voice, just as if you were talking to your television.

This television uses its own proprietary interface called the Roku interface, which is very easy to use, especially for those who do not have much experience when it comes to operating televisions. This makes the TV very easy to navigate and allows the control of your content.


samsung un50tu8000fxza 4k tv for gaming

Available sizes: 43/50/55/65/75/85 inches | Input lag: 15 ms | Refresh rate: 60 Hz

  • ✚ Sleek design
  • ✚ Crystal processor
  • ✚ Vibrant contrast
  • Doesn't get very bright

The SAMSUNG UN50TU8000FXZA 50-inch 4K TV provides the high definition performance not only offers vivid colors, but also crisp sound quality and clear reception. The combination of state-of-the-art technology, sleek design and unmatched entertainment options has made this TV popular with home users and professional gamers alike.

Your video gaming and movie watching will making more entertaining through the innovative TV controls. In addition to controlling the television with remote, voice assistants Bixby or Alexa can control a wide range of other devices, such as DVD players and game consoles.

3. LG 43UN7300PUF

lg 43un7300puf 4k tv for gaming

Available sizes: 43/50/55/65 inches | Input lag: 15 ms | Refresh rate: 60 Hz

  • ✚ Real 4K display
  • ✚ WebOS platform
  • ✚ Ultra surround sound
  • Mediocre brightness

There are a number of features present in the LG 43UN7300PUF, which has increased the popularity of this television. Apart from that, this television offers you a lot of entertainment value at a reasonable price. If you want to experience a new and improved entertainment value in your home, you need to buy this TV.

You will definitely enjoy watching your favorite movies and play games with this television, as it gives you the best quality pictures and high definition sound, and also is very easy to use as well. Besides, this television has the Bluetooth, which is an easy to connect for any Bluetooth enabled devices.

4. Sony X900H 55

sony x900h 55 4k tv for gaming

Available sizes: 55/65/75/85 inches | Input lag: 15 ms | Refresh rate: 120 Hz

  • ✚ Minimalistic design
  • ✚ Deep contrast
  • ✚ Android TV platform
  • Dim panel

The Sony X900H 55-inch TV will be the perfect choice for people who are looking for the ultimate in technology at an affordable price point. It features a sleek design and top of the line audio and video. The display in the TV is a full nine hundred thousand pixels, giving the user an amazing experience when watching their favorite videos and programs.

It comes with many different advanced features including a built in Android TV that makes watching videos easier than ever. If you love watching your favorite content in Ultra HD style or play game on big 4K screen, then this TV offers you a great choice.

5. Hisense 50H8G

hisense 50h8g 4k tv for gaming

Available sizes: 50/55/65/75 inches | Input lag: 10 ms | Refresh rate: 120 Hz

  • ✚ ULED technology
  • ✚ Full array local dimming
  • ✚ Built-in WiFi
  • Remote isn’t backlit

The Hisense 50H8G TV is designed to give you a great all round experience with the TV being perfect for whatever you want from your entertainment experience. It has a low input delay meaning that you do not need to have to suffer from screen burn as often which is a common problem when it comes to watching TV.

A few of the other great features included in this model include support for the Android operating system along with Dolby Vision, full array local dimming, the high definition video output capabilities as well as support for the Dolby Atmos audio technology.

tcl 43s425 4k tv for gaming
TCL 43S425
Our Choice
  • Stunning picture
  • Intuitive interface
samsung un50tu8000fxza 4k tv for gaming
  • Sleek design
  • Crystal processor
lg 43un7300puf 4k tv for gaming
LG 43UN7300PUF
  • Real 4K display
  • WebOS platform

How to Choose the Best 4K TVs For Gaming?

how to choose the best 4k tv for gaming

Refresh Rate

A refresh rate of your TV indicates the speed at which it can refresh an image on the screen. It’s different from the response time of a TV. Modern models support a refresh rate ranging from 60Hz to 120Hz so if you buy a 4K TV, it’s unlikely that it will have a higher refresh rate. However, a gaming monitor can support a 144Hz or 240Hz refresh rate. If your 4K TV has a 60Hz refresh rate, it means that it will refresh the screen 60 times per second. It will ensure a great watching experience. Many TVs have special modes for gamers that allow boosting refresh rate. However, they usually produce a dimmer image.

Response Time

When selecting the best 4K TV for gaming, pay attention to its response time since it will directly affect your watching experience. It refers to the speed at which one color can be replaced by another one on a screen. Basically, it tells you how quickly a black color can change to white and vice versa. Modern 4K TVs have low response time so you will barely notice a difference between high-end and budget models. However, you might need to buy a TV with the lowest response time if you are going to play action-packed games, such as shooters.

how to choose the best 4k tv for gaming


When people talk about the High Definition Multimedia Interface, they refer to the cable that allows you to connect a 4K TV to other devices. To watch videos in 4K, you need to use an HDMI 1.4 cable or one of the recent HDMI 2.0 cables. They allow you to watch 4K videos at 60 FPS. Keep in mind that most games for consoles don’t support a 4K resolution at 60 FPS. This is why all you need to do is to buy a 2.0 cable and connect it to your TV via a 2.0 port.