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Autodesk Design Review
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Think about downloading the Autodesk Design Review software? Is it possible to get the program for free? I have written this article to clarify why you should look for this software only on the official website and what alternatives you can use instead.

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Autodesk Design Review Benefits

  • Free
  • Integration with Autodesk
  • Supports PDFs
  • Measure dimensions without calibration
  • Stamp and Markup tools


  • What is Autodesk Design Review?

Autodesk Design Review is a free program for creating and viewing DWF files. In this software, you can view, mark, print, and track changes made to 2D and 3D files without using original design software.

  • Is Autodesk Design Review free?

Yes, the program is completely free.

  • What file formats does the program support?

The program supports such file formats – DWF, DWFx, DWG and DXF (you need to install the free DWG TrueView software); Adobe PDF; as well as .bmp, .jpg, .gif, .pcx, .pct, .png, .tif and others.

  • Can I save data in a PDF format?

You can view the PDF file and print the markup in this format. But it isn’t yet possible to save data as PDF.

  • Is there is a version of Autodesk Design Review for Mac?

No, this program is compatible with Windows only.

Other Ways to Use Autodesk Design Review Free

Autodesk has released a free A360 mobile application that is designed to view and collaborate on 2D and 3D models. Architects, engineers and designers extensively use this app.

Autodesk A360
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  • Reviews: 85
  • License: Free
  • Downloads: 4.3k
  • Compatible: Android / iOS
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Autodesk A360 Benefits

  • Support for over 100 CAD formats
  • Works offline and online
  • Convenient navigation
  • Collaboration Tools

Using the application, you can view 2D and 3D CAD models from cloud storage, device memory, and email. Thanks to convenient navigation functions, you can show the properties of objects, switch from one layer to another in a quick way, examine the 3D model on an enlarged scale and from all sides.

Developers also integrated tools for cooperative work. You can document the progress of work by uploading photos from the device to your account, as well as send invitations to users for collaboration. The application works in offline and online modes, so everyone from a team, always knows about the changes and updates.

What Are the Dangers of Downloading Torrents?

Even though the program is completely free, you can still come across download links shared on dubious websites. How safe is it to download Autodesk Design Review from third-party resources?

Copyright Infringement

The main problem that users face when downloading unlicensed software is the violation of the US law. In fact, you steal a product created by another person. According to the American copyright law, you have to pay a fine of several thousand dollars, may be disposed of your property or serve a prison term.

Lack of Updates

Only licensed software owners can enjoy program updates. If you downloaded Autodesk 3D Design Review from an unofficial platform, you won’t get any updates and have to work with outdated tools.


Your computer may be severely damaged if you install an illegal version of the software, as such files typically contain different viruses, which quickly get on your PC. If you think that your system is fully protected because you use the best free antivirus software, you are wrong, since Trojans have become really crafty and can outflank your antivirus.

Top-5 Autodesk Design Review Alternatives

If the functionality of Autodesk Design Review seems to scarce for you, take a look at the alternative programs. They can also be used for free.

1. Onshape

onshape logo
  • Secure cloud workspace
  • Real-time work on projects
  • Versions for smartphones and tablets
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Lacks some basic functions
  • No offline caching

Onshape is an all-in-one service that integrates CAD, workflow, collaboration, analytics and APIs with 50+ engineering applications. Thanks to Onshape, designers can easily work in a team, and managers can make informed decisions using real-time analytics.

You can use this Autodesk Design Review alternative right in a browser. The functions of the program include 2D drawing and 3D modeling, export of documents and drawings, and file management.

The biggest disadvantage is that you can use the program for free for a limited period of time and then you have to switch to a paid version, which is quite expensive.

2. DraftSight

draftsight logo
  • You can create documents
  • Convenient UI
  • Multilingual
  • Tools for editing technical documents
  • Limited trial period
  • Expensive maintenance

DraftSight is another 2D and 3D CAD program for architects, engineers, construction service providers, and designers. This program is rather an alternative to free version of AutoCAD, because you can not only view documents and comment on them, but also create files and edit them. A great plus is the familiar user interface, thanks to which you will quickly master a new program.

As for the interesting features, you can use the Image Tracer to convert raster images to DWG files and work with functions. The program is available for free for 30 days.

3. FreeCAD

freecad logo
  • Free software
  • Gradual learning curve
  • Possibility to export to STL files
  • BIM incorporation
  • Dimensions changing during direct import
  • Somehow limited key characteristics

FreeCAD is an open source customizable 3D modeler used for product design. The main functions of FreeCAD are geometric cores, rendering, sketch, modular architecture, and robot simulation.

In addition, the program comes with the pre-installed Python interpreter and API, which help handle the representation of geometry, interface, and applications.

FreeCAD also supports the STEP and IGES formats, Boolean operations, fillets and geometric entities. If you are a beginner user and want to replace Autodesk Design Review, this is a nice variant, since the developers provide documentation and training manuals.

4. LibreCAD

librecad logo
  • Cross-platform
  • You can adjust the UI
  • Many output formats
  • Customizable features
  • No 3D functions
  • Doesn’t support DWG file format

LibreCAD is a free, open source 2D design program. There are no 3D functions, but there are many tools and various options for creating complex projects from a basic 2D model.

Thanks to a customizable interface, you can drag and drop items across the workspace for convenient work. The graphical interface is built on Qt4 libraries, so you can work on different platforms, and the design and performance of the program won’t change.

5. IrfanView

irfanview logo
  • Fast and effortless image organization and tagging
  • Lots of handy features
  • Fast batch converter
  • Supports CAD Formats
  • A bit outdated
  • Windows-compatibility only

IrfanView is a full-fledged image viewer. It also includes a photo editor, a batch file converter, and a scanner interface. If this isn’t enough, you can also extend the functionality of the program using plug-ins.

The program has shortcuts to make it easier for you to perform standard tasks, and the catalog viewer makes it easy to navigate through folders searching for the necessary images.

InfraView is frequently referred to as the best photo viewer, which supports many file formats, including DXF, DWG, HPGL, CGM, SVG.

Download Autodesk Design Review for Free

free download autodesk design review

Now you know what problems users face when downloading unlicensed software. Use legal programs from developers not to violate the US law.

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