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аdobe xd portable

аdobe xd portable

Adobe XD Portable is currently a popular design tool among interface development programs. Many users believe that this portable program has been created by Adobe. Actually, it isn’t true. Adobe has never released a version of Adobe XD labeled “portable”. So what exactly is Adobe XD Portable?

What Is Adobe XD Portable?

Adobe XD Portable isn’t a special version of this program, which, by the way, is free. More often software that is labeled as “portable” is an illegal pirated version that has been hacked. In this way, people are able to use Adobe XD without having to install it even from a flash drive. Besides, the use of a pirated program is against the law, and you risk getting punished for it by police or the court.

Adobe XD Portable or License Version?

adobe xd portable or adobe xd license

If you are using pirated software, you are likely to face plenty of problems. Don’t think that the only issue connected with pirated software is law violation. In fact, there are many other unpleasant concerns that you will encounter after installing Adobe XD Portable version – starting from the program’s bugs and ending with viruses on your computer.

Adobe XD Portable Disadvantages:

  • Malware and viruses. All pirated programs have viruses, their aim is to infect your computer. While installing Adobe Experience Design torrent on your computer, you may see an antivirus alerting you that it may be a malicious program. But many simply disable it and continue the installation. But then, once you start working, the problems with the program and the computer will occur.
  • You can’t rely on this program. Working in a licensed program, you can interact with Photoshop. You can transfer bitmaps between Photoshop and Adobe XD. Besides, you can export vector layers from Photoshop by right-clicking on the layer, selecting “Copy SVG” and pasting it into XD. Using Adobe XD Portable, you can’t be sure of your every action. You always need to think about saving your progress.
  • Loss of personal data. Once you initiate Adobe XD Portable, you put at risk not only your computer but also your personal data. If a virus infects your computer, hackers and cybercriminals can use your passwords and other significant information.
  • No updates. Working with the licensed version, you gain access to the latest features of the program, such as real-time collaborative editing, component states, interactions support, a redesigned Manager plugin and more. Adobe XD Portable isn’t an official release and is full of bugs. Moreover, you obviously won’t be able to use the latest features that came out in the new update.

Adobe XD License Advantages:

  • Reliability. In the process of hacking Adobe XD, pirates have changed the distributive, got rid of driver libraries and other elements they consider insignificant. That’s because pirates aren’t concerned at all about the users and what kind of troubles they will experience when actually using the program. Developers, on the contrary, are aimed at making the use of the program as convenient and optimal as possible.
  • Regular updates. The licensed software always guarantees free updates during a certain period. Practically all programs contain some defects that should be eliminated after being updated. Only by installing the update, you can fix all the errors to use the software to the full extent and take advantage of the new features. When you purchase an Adobe XD subscription from Adobe, you get the latest Classic or CC version and receive all updates.
  • Support. While using Adobe XD, you may have issues with the software performance. You can easily solve them by contacting Adobe support. They will be always eager to help you, as it is their job, and they will do everything for your convenience.

What XD Version Should I Use?

If you decide to stay away from Adobe XD portable and install the program on a legal basis, you will start wondering where and how to do it correctly. Therefore, I have prepared several ways of using Adobe XD legally and officially.

One App Plan

Adobe XD
  • Platforms: Mac OS, Windows
  • Price: $9.99/month
  • FixThePhoto Editors’ Rating

Choosing this plan, you will get Adobe XD + 100 GB of cloud storage and the ability to use English, French, Japanese, German and Korean languages. Moreover, you will get Adobe Portfolio, Adobe Fonts and Adobe Spark with premium features. In case you don’t need other programs and are satisfied with the one that is included in the package, then I advise you to try this plan.

All Apps Plan

Adobe XD + All Apps
  • Platforms: Mac OS, Windows
  • Price: $52.99/month
  • FixThePhoto Editors’ Rating

Aside from Adobe XD, you gain access to 20+ desktop and mobile applications, such as Photoshop Illustrator and more. You will have 100 GB of cloud storage, Adobe Portfolio, Adobe Fonts and Adobe Spark. Using the advanced settings, you can increase the cloud storage to 10 terabytes. With this plan, you will receive updates of all programs on time and be able to constantly use new features.

Adobe XD Portable Alternatives

In case you aren’t ready to pay Adobe XD price for a subscription yet, I can recommend a few decent substitutes for image post-production and qualitative color correction.

1. Sketch

  • Active user community and plenty of resources
  • Possibility to edit numerous views simultaneously with “Artboards”
  • Vector-based and pixel-aware
  • Meant for designing UIs and workflows for online and mobile apps
  • Assets are easily exported
  • Embedded grid system
  • The absence of Linux version
  • Purchasing a license is a must

Sketch is a vector graphics editor for macOS. It has been developed for designing the interfaces of mobile applications and websites. Also, it supports the creation of interactive prototypes. Sketch is in high demand among designers. It is a robust and at the same time extremely straightforward vector editor, a worthy Adobe XD alternative that will let you focus solely on the designing process.

2. Pencil Project

  • Integrated stencils for diagraming and prototyping purposes
  • Multi-page document with a background page
  • Cross-platform
  • Undo/redo is possible
  • Personal Collection
  • Inefficient workflow

Pencil Project is a free, open-source tool that you can use to develop your own web prototypes, templates, GUI diagrams and prototypes on the engine from Firefox. Also, you can even put an entire site in a single file, which will be exported to PNG, HTML or PDF formats. This Adobe XD Linux alternative will be a reliable helper for you when it comes to design creation.

Pencil Project is distributed under the GPL v2 license and works wherever Firefox 3 is capable of working. For instance, the first version of Pencil was tested on GNU / Linux 2.6 with GTK+, on Windows XP and Windows Vista.

3. Mockplus

  • Thorough library of ready-to-use elements
  • Straightforward
  • Swift prototyping without any code
  • More than 3000 new SVG icons
  • Quickly produces interactive wireframes/prototypes
  • It is possible to export designs only if you have purchased a subscription
  • The absence of Linux version

Mockplus works on both Windows and Mac and is designed for creating and analyzing prototypes of mobile, desktop and web applications. Developers have focused on reducing the time necessary for creating a prototype, so there are no extra tools in the application – only the most indispensable ones.

When working in the program, designers can only focus on designing. Coding skills aren’t required to use Mockplus. The program lets you make all the lines appear as drawn by hand, which is very interesting for many clients.

Mockpkus is a worthy alternative to Adobe XD Portable, with over 200 ready-made and editable components, many markup options and more than 400 icons.


If you wish to simplify and fasten the working process in Adobe XD, try these fonts and logos for free.


freebies for adobe xd portable freebies for adobe xd portable

The font is distinguished by thick and thin lines combined with gentle curves. The letters are connected and will be perfect for applying to quotations.


freebies for adobe xd portable freebies for adobe xd portable

The plain and clean letters of this medium-thick font are suitable for text on a plain background. It will look very beautiful not only in the landscape shots but also in simple shots that you want to enhance.

Photographer and Camera

freebies for adobe xd portable freebies for adobe xd portable

This logo is suitable for photos with bright colors and for sunny days. You will be able to beautifully display your name on the photo for advertising purposes.

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