6 Best Ways to Use Adobe Reader for Linux

Looking for a legal Adobe Reader Linux version? In 2013 Adobe refused to support the Linux platform due to the very small demand and large expenses on the product development that aren’t paid off.

But what about legal and free workarounds, for example, emulators, older versions of Adobe Reader or other equally high-quality alternatives that allow you to read and edit PDF files, organize electronic books in libraries or read them directly from the browser using the plugin?

Adobe Reader for Linux: 6 Best Software

Using Linux, you cannot directly download and use Adobe Acrobat Standard or Pro for this OS. However, some users decide to take advantage of the legal, time-tested Windows emulator for Linux.

Besides, you can an old version of Adobe Reader for Linux or test these free, no less effective alternatives, using which you can organize and edit PDF files of any size.

1. Adobe Reader through Wine

adobe reader through wine interface

The latest versions of Adobe Reader aren’t supported by Linux OS. However, don’t be disappointed and start looking for other free PDF readers on dubious websites. You can always resort to efficient and legal Windows simulator - Wine, also known as PlayOnLinux.

By creating a separate section in automatic mode, the emulator allows you to read and install .exe files, which is the installer of any program, including Adobe Reader. However, you need to remember about a serious drawback. Due to the fact that the emulator requires the .exe installer file, you have to download an earlier version, for example, Acrobat Pro DC free.

I also want to warn you that it is obligatory to buy the licensed version. The thing is that the emulator checks and requests a license. For this reason the use of Adobe Acrobat Pro DC crack is impossible.

2. Adobe Reader 9.0

adobe reader 9 best adobe reader for linux interface

If the Adobe Acrobat Reader DC version doesn’t suit you or doesn’t read the PDF files you need, visit eBay or Amazon to purchase Adobe Reader version 9. Most novice users don’t know that back in 2013 Adobe Reader was available for all platforms, including Linux.

The price that you’ll have to pay for this Adobe Reader Linux alternative varies from $50 to $400 depending on the condition of the disk. It is worth mentioning that Adobe not only refused to sell this version, but it also doesn’t provide technical support. Therefore, if you have any problems, welcome to the 2013-15 forums.

3. Evince

evince best adobe reader for linux interface

Before downloading Acrobat Pro DC torrent, and violate copyrights, you can test no less effective alternative called Evince. As the default document viewer preloaded on Ubuntu, Evince offers an intuitive interface and controls, including several interesting features.

You can enjoy the support for adding annotations to documents, encrypted PDFs, checkboxes, as well as a recently viewed tab, for more convenient file search. There are also built-in JavaScript and Plugin for PDF browser, which in turn, allows you to read PDF directly from the browser.

Supported file formats include PDF, PostScript, DVI, DjVu, multi-page TIFF, OpenDocument presentation, XPS, images, CBR, CBZ, CB7 and MS Word. You won’t face any problems with encrypted PDFs, as this Ubuntu Adobe Reader replacement can open them.

4. Okular

okular best adobe reader for linux interface

Okular is another tool for viewing PDF documents, but with broader functionality. You can use annotations, highlighting and drawing lines, shapes, adding text fields and stamps, a magnifying glass, a table selection tool, the ability to copy an image to the clipboard and extract text to a file.

The most impressive peculiarity of this program is the “Read Aloud” feature. To use it, you need to install the Jovie package. You can do it with the help of a single command (sudo apt-get install jovie) or starting Jovie before work (there will be a notification area icon). Once the Jovie is working and the PDF file is open, click Tools > Speak Document.

Okular's user-friendly interface and customizable options make it accessible to both novice and advanced users. It offers various view modes, including continuous and facing pages, accommodating different reading preferences.

In addition to the usually supported formats, such as PDF, PostScript, DVI, you will also be able to open ictionBook, Plucker, .epub and .mobi.

5. Calibre Ebook Reader

calibre ebook reader best adobe reader for linux interface

Caliber Ebook Reader is a program for viewing and reading open-source PDF files. Although it is functionally more powerful than the above-mentioned Adobe Reader for Linux alternatives, it has a too steep learning curve, so only advanced users can master it.

Among the functions, you will find both standard ones such as converting dozens of document formats to LIT and EPU, and managing the library, as well as more advanced options, for example, a modular driver design that allows you to easily connect to third-party E-book devices and get full content.

There are also synchronization services between devices such as iPhone and Android. The program also offers customizable automatic new downloads, where users can submit their websites and RSS feeds and convert them to PDF and EPUB.

The variety of supported reading and viewing formats is impressive, including PDF, Mobi, PRC, HTML, ODT, LRS. You can also work with LIT, CBZ, RTF and TXT.

6. FBReader

fbreader best adobe reader for linux interface

FBReader is a simple program for reading electronic files, built on open source code. The editor is supported on all platforms, including mobile Android and iOS.

A unique opportunity is the ability to directly read books from the zip, tar, gzip and bzip2 archives. You can organize your library of files by dividing them into different categories and giving specific labels/captions. In addition to the classic view, you can include a structured view of the book, which is very convenient when viewing illustrated PDF files.

The list of supported formats includes PDF, ePub, RTF, CHM, Plucker, etc. As for the shortcomings, it is worth mentioning the outdated interface design, which makes the program inconvenient to use and even repulsive.

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