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Adobe Muse Portable is a great tool for creating websites visually, with a WYSIWYG (what you see here is what you get) user interfaces. It is used by professionals and beginners alike to create everything from single page designs to large, complex multi-page websites.

Adobe Muse Portable is an online web publishing program that was released in 2006 by Adobe Systems Incorporated. It is available for both Mac and PC platforms, and operating systems such as Linux and Windows. It is a discontinued offline program used to make simple, fixed, or responsive sites, without the necessity to write complex code.

Adobe Muse Features:

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Adobe Muse Portable is an offline web building application used to create fluid, fixed, or responsive websites, using a variety of templates, with no coding required. Since Adobe Muse Portable creates fixed HTML files, the files are then exported into the browser for immediate testing without being hosted. Users have the capability to drag and drop elements, and they can even import from external sources. Users can also change the layout of their site by customizing header, footer, and sidebar menus, using an advanced editor. In addition to that, they can also use templates that have a professional appearance, as well as customize the color scheme, size, shape, and background of the content and images. Users can also add and edit videos, images, text, and media, while uploading their content to their site.
Users can also use "Wordtracker" to track keyword searches, by typing in a specific keyword or phrase. This is one of the better features that Adobe Muse Portable has to offer. Users can also get help in using a drag and drop method when creating new files and can also learn more about HTML codes and concepts through online tutorials. If you are looking for a robust online solution for developing dynamic websites, it is highly recommended that you use Adobe Muse Portable. This application can help you create an attractive website that can attract more visitors, as well as help your business gain more credibility among its target audience. Moreover, you will not have to pay monthly subscription fees for its maintenance. and support, because it is free.
The Adobe Muse Portable website also comes with several additional add-ons and applications, which can further enhance the functionality of the application. One of them is the "Movie Maker" application, which allows users to make their own movie clips. Another is "Movie Tracker," which helps users track and manage their video files and videos across multiple platforms, as well as upload and share videos with their friends. The "Social Network Manager" allows users to manage and share their social media profiles. The "Business Manager" allows users to view their business information from any mobile device. Finally, the "Business Calendar" allows users to keep track of the events calendar. All in all, this application provides complete control over their online presence, which will allow users to create an attractive website, which can help to build their credibility as an expert in their field, while allowing them to gain more traffic and customers.
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Please do not use or download any illegal version of Adobe Muse. You can use and install the official version of the app for free using one of the links listed above.

System Requirements

Operation System Windows, Mac OS
Disk space 1.5 GB

Windows Adobe Muse

Filename: adobe_muse.exe (download)
Filesize: 25 MB

Mac Adobe Muse

Filename: (download)
Filesize: 35 MB