First in The World 2tb MicroSD Card: Review & Testing

Creative professionals can open up a host of new opportunities for working with large files and accessing them on the go due to the new flash memory technology BiCS FLASH 3D and a patented mechanism of a controller presented by Kioxia, which created the first of its kind working prototype of a 2TB microSD card.

The company announced the upcoming release of microSD memory cards that allow for using 2TB of internal memory. At the moment it has only working prototypes but the developers claim that the product will be released on the market in 2023.

It will fully transform the workflow of photographers, gamers, and videographers who use traditional microSD cards.

Capacity 2TB microSD card KIOXIA 256GB microSD card Samsung

Continuous shooting:

160 days

20 days

RAW Photography:

139850 pictures

16666 pictures

Video 720p (30 fps):

776 hours

94.8 hours 

Video 4k (60 fps):

69.9 hours 

8.5 hours 

Working prototypes of KIOXIA cards with 2TB capacity consist of 16 dies of 3D flash memory with 1TB capacity. A 2TB micro SD card will have a maximum thickness of 0.8mm at the die-mounting area, which makes it suitable for storing large amounts of data.

Mass production of 2TB KIOXIA microSDXC memory cards is scheduled to start in 2023.

Compatibility and Reliability

compalitibility and reliability 2tb microsd card

Due to innovative 3D flash memory BiCS FLASH™ and a native controller, the working prototypes of 2TB KIOXIA microSDXC UHS-I memory cards meet the microSDXC standard, which allows you to use them with a range of devices.

Whether you need a microSD card for professional cameras, GoPro cameras, smartphones, or gaming consoles, you can easily expand your storage without using bulky external hard drives or subscribing to a video cloud storage service for storing and managing your files.

Besides, KIOXIA is known for focusing on quality and reliability. A 2TB microSD card is based on the newest flash memory technology, which provides the security of data and ensures that it will be available in the long term.

Read and Write Speeds

read and write speeds 2tb microsd card

A microSD card created by Kioxia will be based on UHS-I, which isn’t considered the fastest read-and-write technology existing today. However, max-capacity SD and microSD cards rarely have high speed as it might affect their lifecycle.

In theory, min write speed of a 2TB SD card from Kioxia is up to 10 MB/s, max speed is 104MB/s.

If you compare it with upgraded UHS-II technology which is used in other microSD cards, you will see that it supports higher speeds. The min write speed of a 2 Terabyte SD card is 30 MB/s and max read speed is up to 312 MB/s.

Is It Worth to Pay More for Kioxia 2TB MicroSD Card?

First and foremost, it’s worth mentioning that this type of microSD card is quite expensive. It will cost 150-200% more than an alternative solution that supports a higher speed but has a lower capacity of 1TB.

However, the large capacity of a 2TB microSD card can ensure that your security cameras for home will work for up to 160 days without interruptions, which makes it perfect for storing data for a long time.

Besides, a 2TB microSD will be useful for those who go on a long trip with an action camera or just want to shoot a video with a high resolution and bit rate using their phone. It will allow them not to worry about running out of space.

In case you are an in-staff photographer and have to copy thousands of photos to your PC after a photoshoot for post-processing, you don’t need to use this type of card as you should prioritize read and write speed instead of long-term storage.