Best Mirrorless Camera Bag

Best Mirrorless Camera Bag

Just bought a modern mirrorless camera body and need the best mirrorless camera bag? It should be waterproof, stylish, compact and have a good protective material. In this article, I have gathered the 12 best mirrorless camera backpacks, messengers, sling and shoulder bags.

best mirrorless camera bag

Mirrorless Camera Messenger Bags

If your camera isn’t big and you don’t want to carry a lot of things, buy a messenger bag that is small and compact. Before purchasing this model, be sure the strap doesn’t press against your shoulder and slide while moving. At the same time, the belt itself must be of high quality and sturdy enough to hold your camera. Also, messenger bags should be waterproof. They should have a sufficient number of inserts to store additional lenses or other gear.

top 3 best mirrorless camera bags
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1. Lowepro Streetline Sh 120

lowepro camera bag Buy for $70 on Amazon

Capacity: Suitable for a mirrorless camera, mini tablet (iPad mini), small items (smartphone, keys, passport, glasses, headphones, etc.) and other accessories.
External dimensions: 7.87 x 3.94 x 11.22 inches
Weight: 1.08lbs

  • Very small and compact
  • Looks stylish
  • Waterproof
  • An outer pocket with a zipper for small accessories
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Pay attention to the thin protective layer so your camera won’t get damaged on public transport and on walks. The bag is equipped with folding bellows, which provide protection when you take your camera out. The bellows can be folded.

lowepro camera bag

Premium leather handles may be used to carry the bag. An adjustable shoulder strap is comfortably attached on the shoulder. DWR (durable water repellent) is two-color polyester which still looks good after years of active use. This bag is one of the smallest mirrorless camera bags. It is compact, comfortable and elegant.

2. Tenba DNA 13 Messenger Bag

best camera messenger bag Buy for $160 on Amazon

Capacity: Suitable for a mirrorless camera + 2-5 lenses, a 13" laptop, accessories and personal things.
External dimensions: 7 x 14.5 x 10.5 inches
Weight: 0.4 lbs

  • Two-sided water protection
  • An adjustable belt and a removable liner with dividers
  • A shoulder pad and quick access zipper
  • A soft case for a tablet or a small laptop
  • You need to use an additional strap to make the bag more comfortable.

This is the best mirrorless camera bag for those who want a universal variant. It was created to carry a mirrorless camera with 4-5 lenses and other small things. The back soft case allows you to take your tablet or laptop with you.

best camera messenger bag

The bag is perfectly protected from water. There is an adjustable belt that is connected to the D-rings on the back of the bag. So, the bag is prevented from sliding from your shoulder during active movements. Magnetic lock clips provide keep the equipment secure.

3. Kelly Moore Boy Bag

kelly boy bag Buy for $250 on Amazon

Capacity: Suitable for a mirrorless camera + 4 lenses, as well as a flash, iPad, smartphone and 15" laptop.
External dimensions: 16 x 4.5 x 11.5 inches
Weight: 2.5lbs

  • The bag doesn’t look like a camera case
  • Waterproof
  • A lot of external pockets and excellent capacity
  • The magnetic closure isn’t a reliable fastener for a camera bag
  • The strap carbine isn’t strong enough

This stylish camera bag is made of high-quality leather and doesn’t look like a standard model. So, you won’t worry that your expensive camera may be stolen. This bag is suitable both for men and women. Though it isn’t big, the bag helps store a lot of things and gives you easy access to them. You can put your mirrorless camera and four spare lenses in it. Each soft divider for the camera and lenses is adjustable.

mirrorless camera pouch

The bag provides enough space for accessories: three front pockets with zippers and two side pockets. The ideal size of the bag allows you to carry it anywhere, while taking all the accessories needed for shooting. The shoulder strap ensures comfort for the entire day.

4. Hex Mirrorless Camera Bag

best camera bag for dslr Buy for $70 on Amazon

Capacity: Suitable for a mirrorless camera + 2-3 lenses and accessories.
External dimensions: 13.4 x 8.9 x 5.8 inches
Weight: 1.55lbs

  • A zipper pocket for atablet / iPad and mesh pockets for accessories
  • The upper part of the bag is made of durable, waterproof matte canvas
  • The side and back mesh pockets don’t close, so you can’t put valuable things there

If you are looking for the best mirrorless camera bag, pay your attention to the premium soft bag with adjustable internal compartments, one external front zip pocket and a soft pocket for a tablet on the back.

best camera bag for travel

There is also a spot at the bottom to carry a tripod. With its perfect size for the most necessary photographic equipment, this bag makes you feel comfortable and helps you carry many things without serious efforts. You get an opportunity to store your tools in a neat and flexible bag with a nice, modern design.

5. ThinkTank Mirrorless Mover 20 Bag

think tank camera bag Buy for $55 on Amazon

Capacity: Suitable for a mirrorless camera + 2-3 lenses and small things.
External dimensions: 19.7 x 11.8 x 7.9 inches
Weight: 0.66lbs

  • Perfect size for a mirrorless camera
  • Made of high-quality waterproof materials
  • Many pockets for small accessories
  • The front belt isn’t the most convenient way to carry a bag
  • The quality of the shoulder strap isn’t as high as the other messenger bags
  • The magnetic closure isn’t very strong and you need to use zippers

This model is among the best mirrorless camera bags. It provides enough space to carry your mirrorless camera, two to three lenses and some personal items. It is created only for small mirrorless cameras and you won’t be able to fit an SLR camera.

think tank camera bag

The main compartment has a zipper and two removable soft dividers for adjustable setting. There is a compartment for a phone, a wallet and other small things. The side pockets can store batteries, memory cards and other things. The bag is fastened with a zipper and a magnetic top cover, which provide double protection. It also has a special rain cover for the front pocket.

Mirrorless Camera Sling Bags

The best camera sling bag for mirrorless bodies should have a solid handle because the entire load of the backpack goes on one strap. The strap should also be soft and comfortable to prevent rubbing. The inner sections of the bag should have durable dividers to protect your mirrorless camera from bumps and falls. The bag should also provide quick access to your equipment, even if you don’t take it out. The sling bags are different from messengers because of larger capacity. At the same time, they shouldn’t be too spacious.

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6. Altura Photo Camera Sling

altura photo camera sling backpack Buy for $35 on Amazon

Capacity: Suitable for DSLR cameras and lenses, mirrorless cameras, DJI Mavic Pro Drone, accessories and personal items.
External dimensions: 17 x 8.1 x 6.4 inches
Weight: 1.1lbs

  • Good capacity with powerful adjustable inserts
  • Comfortable padded strap and double bag protection (zipper + clips)
  • Fast access to equipment, thanks to the side sections
  • A tripod holder
  • The bag is made of insufficiently strong material
  • The internal dividers between the camera and the lens are very thin
  • Isn’t waterproof

The best choice for photographers who prefer to take a lot of different accessories and props in addition to their mirrorless camera and lens. Despite its impressive capacity (camera, three to four lenses, drone, accessories, personal items, tripod, etc.), this backpack with camera compartment is very light and durable. Adjustable dividers inside the main compartment allow you to customize the exact size according to your individual preferences.

best camera sling bag

There is also an upper compartment for all sorts of supplements with separate access and a zipper. Thanks to the soft, comfortable strap, the bag can be carried both in the front of the body and on the back. You will have quick access to your photographic equipment.

7. Ritz Gear Sling Backpack

best camera sling bag for travel Buy for $20 on Amazon

Capacity: Suitable for a mirrorless camera with lens, an additional lens and other accessories.
External dimensions: 12.5 x 7 x 7.5 inches
Weight: 0.93lbs

  • Spacious: 2 main compartments + mesh side pocket
  • Made of durable waterproof material
  • Zippers on the side section hinder fast access

This waterproof camera backpack isn’t very big, but is ideal for a mirrorless camera with several lenses and accessories. There are foam dividers in the main compartment. They provide strong protection and good arrangement for your equipment. There is an inner mesh pocket in the upper compartment for memory cards and batteries with a zipper.

backpack with camera compartment

The convenient sling bag provides complete comfort thanks to the rubberized anti-slip technology. It is a good choice for those who have mirrorless cameras and want to feel comfortable all the time.

8. National Geographic Africa Small Sling Bag - Ng A4567

stylish camera bag Buy for $60 on Amazon

Capacity: Suitable for compact mirrorless cameras, lens, accessories and personal items.
External dimensions: 10.63 x 6.69 x 1.97 inches
Weight: 1.2lbs

  • Made of high-quality materials and provides good protection for amirrorless camera
  • Has an unusual design and many external pockets for quick access
  • An adjustable shoulder strap for easy transport
  • The bag is fastened with a clip and a belt, which gives good protection, but you’ll need more time to get your camera
  • Two additional pockets on the belt have no protection to use them for something valuable

This stylish camera backpack in a vintage style is made of leather. You need to open the clip and unfasten the belt to access your camera. That means the entire contents of the bag are perfectly protected. There are adjustable loops on the sides of the bag. You can configure them according to your size.

small camera backpack

The two additional pockets on the strap allow you to put a phone, keys and other important things in them for quick access. The bag is designed for optimal comfort, so it is quite versatile and durable.

9. Lowepro Passport Sling III

camera bag for mirrorless Buy for $70 on Amazon

Capacity: Suitable for a mirrorless camera with 2 lenses or a small DSLR + flash, personal items and tablet.
External dimensions: 5.7 x 17.3 x 16.1 inches
Weight: 1.06lbs

  • Very comfortable and compact, looks like an ordinary bag
  • Is easily adjustable
  • The non-standard form is convenient to use and doesn’t interfere with movements
  • Is waterproof and suitable for different weather conditions
  • External pockets aren’t fastened, so you can’t put expensive things in them
  • The camera compartment is removable
  • The bag is great for traveling due to its small size, but you can’t put a lot of things in it

Talking about the best camera bags for travel, I want to mention this unusual sling model. You can use this bag when you take pictures in the city, traveling and just walking. The external pockets help store all the small accessories and provide quick access to them. There is also a separate pocket for a bottle of water.

camera bag

The shoulder strap has a clasp with a lock, which allows you to adjust its length. The removable shoulder pillow on the strap protects you from rubbing and discomfort. There is a zipper on the front of the bag, which allows you to open an additional compartment and increase your bag’s size by 30 percent. Despite its small size, it is roomy and conveniently folds and expands.

Mirrorless Camera Bag Backpacks

The main difference for the mirrorless camera backpacks is that they are larger and the load goes on two shoulders. It is evenly distributed along your back, thanks to two straps. The best camera backpacks don’t resemble a child’s school backpack. They should have more functions: an internal strong divider for a camera and lenses, external and internal pockets on fasteners and additional carbines for attaching equipment and a tripod.

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10. Alpha Pro Camera Bag

langly alpha pro camera bag Buy for $60 on Amazon

Capacity: Suitable for a mirrorless camera with spare lenses, a laptop up to 15", personal items and accessories.
External dimensions: 18 x 14.5 x 8 inches
Weight: 3.5lbs

  • Handmade from waterproof leather
  • Strong and durable material
  • Lots of pockets with clasps and zippers
  • Attachments at the bottom of the backpack to carry a tripod
  • The backpack is heavy
  • Fastenersaren’t very convenient for permanent use. They don’t provide quick access to the equipment

It is one of the most unusual camera bags for mirrorless cameras that has extraordinary and stylish design. You can store a camera + four spare lenses and personal items in the upper main compartment. There is also a padded pocket for a laptop with a diagonal of no more than 15 inches. All internal dividers are removable and adjustable according to your personal needs.

camera bags for mirrorless cameras

There are several side pockets that are suitable for storing batteries and other small accessories. Soft padding on the back and along the shoulder straps make it as comfortable as possible. It is a large, multi-functional and durable bag for mirrorless cameras with a beautiful design that doesn’t look like ordinary models.

11. F-Stop - Kashmir Ul 30l Bundle

f stop backpack Buy for $300 on Amazon

Capacity: Suitable for a mirrorless camera, 5 spare lenses, a 13" laptop, lots of personal items and accessories.
External dimensions: 20.5 x 12.5 x 11 inches
Weight: 2.5lbs

  • Waterproof coating + rain cover inside the bag
  • Suits women, although it is a large backpack
  • An internal bag with dividers to protect small photo equipment
  • Few pockets, both internal and external
  • The internal pocket is closed with Velcro
  • Not secure enough to attach heavy things to carbines and a tripod in a side mesh pocket

It is a hiking camera backpack that is suitable both for men and women. The belts and straps are designed for the female torso, which is very rare in such bags. The backpack is very spacious, although it is smaller than the rest of the bags from this company.

hiking camera backpack

You can safely carry your mirrorless camera, laptop, tripod, accessories and personal items. The bag is strong enough and comfortable. Due to its small weight, it is perfect for traveling and hiking.

12. Lowepro Whistler Bp450 Aw

the lowepro whistler bp 450 aw Buy for $250 on Amazon

Capacity: Suitable for all cameras (even GoPro) + 3 lenses, a flash, a 15" laptop, and other things.
External dimensions: 12.2 x 11.89 x 22.52 inches
Weight: 7.28lbs

  • Perfect for traveling and very spacious
  • Double rain protection and a removable all-weather cover
  • The bag is heavy, even without equipment
  • High price
  • No side and front external pockets
  • Orange straps on the back aren’t fully attached to the bag

The best carry on camera backpack for travel photographers provides high durability. Its size allows for taking almost all the equipment, without thinking about whether you will need it. A large number of clips provide the ability to attach equipment to the outside, as well as to secure the backpack to the body.

lowepro whistler bp 450 aw

This bag is perfect for travels because it provides plenty of space to put personal things, a bottle of water and a warm jacket for a long hike.

12 Best Mirrorless Camera Bags for Photographers

Lowepro Streetline Sh 120
Lowepro Streetline Sh 120
  • 7.87 x 3.94 x 11.22 inches
Tenba DNA 13 Messenger Bag
Tenba DNA 13 Messenger Bag
  • 7 x14.5 x 10.5 inches
Kelly Moore Boy Bag
Kelly Moore Boy Bag
  • 16 x 4.5 x 11.5 inches
Hex Mirrorless Camera Bag
Hex Mirrorless Camera Bag
  • 13.4 x 8.9 x 5.8 inches
ThinkTank Mirrorless Mover 20 Bag
ThinkTank Mirrorless Mover 20 Bag
  • 19.7 x 11.8 x 7.9 inches
Altura Photo Camera Sling
Altura Photo Camera Sling
  • 17 x 8.1 x 6.4 inches
Ritz Gear Sling Backpack
Ritz Gear Sling Backpack
  • 12.5 x 7 x 7.5 inches
National Geographic Africa Small Sling Bag - Ng A4567
National Geographic Africa Small Sling Bag - Ng A4567
  • 10.63 x 6.69 x 1.97 inches
Lowepro Passport Sling III
Lowepro Passport Sling III
  • 5.7 x 17.3 x 16.1 inches
Alpha Pro Camera Bag
Alpha Pro Camera Bag
  • 18 x 14.5 x 8 inches
F-Stop - Kashmir Ul 30l Bundle
F-Stop - Kashmir Ul 30l Bundle
  • 20.5 x 12.5 x 11 inches
Lowepro Whistler Bp 450 Aw
Lowepro Whistler Bp 450 Aw
  • 12.2 x 11.89 x 22.52 inches

How to Choose the Best Mirrorless Camera Bag?

Mirrorless cameras have a smaller weight and more portable design than DSLRs. It’s important whether you are going to travel with your camera, or use it for a studio photo session. These factors influence the size, functions and other parameters of the bag that you need.

1. Compact but Capacious

mirrorless camera bag

A compact bag is comfortable enough to carry anywhere. It should contain only the most necessary elements and be convenient to use. For example, if you travel a lot, the bag must meet the airplane requirements for carry-on baggage (no more than 45 inches or 114.3 cm). All pockets should fit tightly. As a result, your camera and accessories will be fully secured.

2. Durable Enough to Protect Your Camera

mirrorless camera bag

This is especially important if you want to travel with the mirrorless camera and keep it safe. The mirrorless camera pouch is necessary to take it along. The ideal bag should be a tight waterproof case, which you can use in any weather conditions. If you find the best mirrorless camera bag, the risk of breaking the device will be minimized.

3. Have Sections and Pockets for Additional Gear

Of course, you can carry the accessories separately, but this will be rather inconvenient. Imagine that you will need to carry lots of bags and simultaneously focus on taking pictures. That’s why your best mirrorless camera backpack should have many compartments to fit all of your frequently used accessories (memory card, charging, batteries, etc.).

4. Quick Access to Your Camera

All compartments and pockets of your camera backpack should be easily accessible. That means you can quickly get everything you need for your work. Some bags provide a convenient clip, zipper, or just consist of one compartment. The last variant isn’t always convenient. There are models with more sophisticated access. Much depends on where you keep your equipment: in internal or external pockets.

5. Special Purpose

mirrorless camera bag

Most professional photographers want to use a universal bag that fits their aesthetic tastes and is strong enough to protect the equipment in bad weather. You should understand that if you often travel by airplanes, your camera needs additional protection. On the other hand, if you are taking photos without much movement around the area, then take a large bag to fit all the props and additional accessories. Finally, if you work in a studio, you can buy a smaller model.

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