WeeklyHow Courses Review 2022

By Eva Williams 14 days ago, Software Reviews

WeeklyHow Courses
Platforms: Web-based
Price: Free - $34.99

Verdict: WeeklyHow Courses is an excellent online learning platform with very reasonable prices. The main advantage of the platform is its affordability. These guys offer paid courses along with free ones. Moreover, these courses are not only effective but also interesting and engaging. You don’t only read guides and tutorials; you are actively involved in practical courses, quizzes and QnA.

  • Simple use and navigation
  • Free courses
  • Professional instructions
  • Possibility to download source codes
  • Full lifetime access
  • Limited number of courses
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WeeklyHow Courses will help you understand the basics of coding. Moreover, it is a great way to see whether coding is your cup of tea. Take a free course and you will immediately understand whether you should invest in further education or stay away from everything related to coding.

WeeklyHow Courses Review

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WeeklyHow Courses were established by Bernand Polidario. Polidario is a professional developer with a wealth of experience. He cooperated with companies and individual clients and now shares his knowledge with others. Polidario creates teaching courses and videos on web development.

Interactive Courses

weeklyhow courses review

Visit WeeklyHow right now and release your programming potential! It is a powerful platform to learn app and web development without leaving your home.

WeeklyHow Courses focus on Shopify Development, Game Development, and E-Commerce. Now, you may apply for two courses on Shopify app development, and two courses on web development (WordPress Theme Development and PHP Development for Beginners).

The platform offers courses for newbies as well as for mid-level programmers and even experts. The most pleasant thing about these courses is that you don’t just read guides; you learn through quizzes and QnA and receive feedback from instructors.

No Subscription

As I said, the biggest benefit of WeeklyHow Courses is that some of them are completely free. It makes them be one step ahead of competing companies. No subscription is required. You don’t have to pay for a lesson or video. It is a perfect option for people on a limited budget.

WeeklyHow Courses is a good start of your career as well as a perfect way to check whether web development is your vocation.

Self-Paced Learning

All WeeklyHow courses are pre-recorded so you don’t have to stick to some particular schedule. You may learn at any time convenient for you. Get a good laptop for programming and a mouse for programmers and go ahead!

Helpful Blog

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Originally, WeeklyHow was a blog providing programming lessons. Then, they decided to narrow their specialization and focused on Shopify Development, Game Development, and E-Commerce. They immediately deleted all unrelated content that might confuse readers. Currently, you may find info only within their niche.

Great Value

Qualitative product. That’s what WeeklyHow focuses on. Though they have a few courses, they are all very qualitative. WeeklyHow has four courses with lectures, materials and videos. You may access WeeklyHow Courses via a desktop PC, tablet or smartphone. Plus, you may download the content to study on the move.

On course pages, you will find ratings and feedback below the teacher’s biography. These are user’s reviews on the course (those who have already taken it). It is very useful to read how other people feel about the course and whether they consider it to be effective.

Easy Navigation

Simple navigation is not just about comfortable conditions for users. It’s about complementing e-learning platform with something valuable to share and showcases.

The UI is eye-pleasing and intuitive to use. The landing page looks exactly as it should ‒ balanced and stylish. Most users are deterred by confusing interfaces but it’s not about WeeklyHow. There isn’t unnecessary info and popups. Just a search bar with popular search queries.

They created a minimalistic website to make you focus on the important things. You see a signup form, some reviews, and only the info you can’t do without.


  • • How long do I have access to the courses?

Having applied for the course, you get unlimited access to all materials. Your time is not limited. Work at your own pace and absorb knowledge!

  • • Do I have to additionally pay for the course updates?

Luckily, you don’t have to pay for any updates; they are completely free. In case there are any updates related to app and web development, you are sure to get them if you’ve applied for the course.

  • • Why are the courses so affordable?

You see WeeklyHow Courses is a very young platform and it is still in the process of evolvement. Thus, developers decided to make them affordable for a wide audience by introducing a discount. But just for now. Soon the price will get up so it’s the best time to try it.

  • • If the price of the course changes, do I have to pay additionally?

If you are already a course participant, you don’t have to make any additional payments even in case of a price change.


WeeklyHow provides free and paid courses. Although they are called paid ones, these courses come at a nominal cost since now there is an 80% discount. But mind that the discount is active only for one month. The most expensive course costs $34.99. The cheapest one is $19,99.

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