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The Jigsaw Animation Studio

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Verdict: The Jigsaw Animation Studio will help you create commercials and backstages from your filming sessions and take care of editing and other video related tasks. They have a professional team of analytics, writers, and filmmakers. These experts will develop an idea for a video, will write a rough script, and then address you to discuss the concepts and start creating an animation from scratch.

The Jigsaw Animation Studio also covers all post-production stages - editing, adding visual effects, text graphics, voice acting, and color correction.

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The Jigsaw Animation Studio has a vast talent pool consisting of filmmakers, photographers, lighting technicians, editors, drone operators, and other creative and technical specialists who work hard to satisfy clients with video production. The Jigsaw has created corporate videos for major brands such as Tata AIG, Nokia, Vodafone, Future Group, Gujarat Gas, SBI, and many other well-known companies.

Impressive 2D & 3D Animation

the jigsaw animation studio 2d and 3d

Animation is one of the core specialties of the Jigsaw Studio. You can order character animation, technical animation, commercial animation, product rendering, architectural 3D overview, and all kinds of animation videos.

Now, short 2D animation videos are gaining popularity. You can use such a video to explain to clients how to place an order, what your company does, how to solve any problem with software, etc. As statistics show, such videos are in demand and attract people. Using professional software such as Adobe Animate or Adobe After Effects, The Jigsaw Animation Studio can make an engaging 2D video for you.

3D animation is a less popular service. Specialists mainly use it for virtual room tours of non-existent buildings or video guides on how to use particular equipment. Also, 3D videos are popular in medicine. They serve as a simpler way of explaining to students and patients how different instruments work. The Jigsaw Studio uses professional 3D animation software - Blender, 3D Max, and Maya.

Assistance with Post-Production

the jigsaw animation studio video

Have you recorded a video but don’t know how to use various video editing programs? Don’t have time to master such tools? The Jigsaw Studio will help you with all post-production tasks. In general, it includes editing, adding special effects and/or animation.

The most time-consuming part is video editing. Professionals need to watch all your recordings and select specific clips, which are further arranged in a logical order to tell the desired story. While performing editing, the Jigsaw Studio team perform picture and audio manipulations. They need to work with lower thirds, credits, sound effects, foley sound, and soundtracks.

Color grading and the addition of visual effect require less time, but you need to be an expert to cope with these tasks. It makes sense to address seasoned video editors to get everything done in a proper way.

Creation of Commercials to Promote Companies

the jigsaw animation studio corporate video

People love to see how the company they are reaching out is coping with different tasks. They like to see real employees at work. That is why various backstage videos from the filming carried out by famous photographers, directors, and actors are so popular. Some experts even combine such short videos and turn them into full-fledged films. Thus, a high-quality backstage video of your everyday routine can become an interesting advertisement of your services.

If your company consists of many employees, then you can order a commercial video to show how your office lives. Such a video can include short interviews with employees, general plans, etc. The Jigsaw Studio has extensive experience in conceptualization, branding, cinematography, and editing, which means your corporate videos will always stand out from the crowd. If your company is near Mumbai, they can order a full video production campaign starting with filming and ending with advertising.

Assistance with Photography

the jigsaw animation studio product photography

The Jigsaw Studio mainly deals with everything related to video, but examining the list of their services, you will also see Product Photography. If you are engaged in selling goods, be it clothing, cosmetics, home furnishings, or anything else, you need high-quality images so that people can see what they spend money on.

It's certainly interesting to buy a camera and take photos yourself, but there are several inconveniences to remember about. First off, you need to have varied equipment and perfectly understand how to use it.

Besides, you have to know how to edit your shots to give them a professional look. The Jigsaw Studio will help you take photos of all the goods you need. They have an impressive gallery of images on their website, and they all look great. I highly recommend you pay attention to the images of jewelry.