11 Best Shazam for Plants Apps in 2024

Top 11 Shazam for Plants App in 2024

If you plan to photograph trees, flowers or other species of flora, then these Shazam for plants apps will come in handy. Their image recognition function helps you find the right objects in the environment.

Scientists claim that about 400,000 flowering plants grow on Earth. Therefore, it is not surprising at all that for an ordinary person, it is too difficult to track them all. Fortunately, you may expand your knowledge of botany by downloading one of the special plant Shazam applications.

1. PlantSnap

Good taxonomy storage
  • Clear info on lots of plants
  • Taxonomy is arranged perfectly
  • Plants are recognized by “fingerprints” (vein patterns or leaf shapes)
  • None found

To start using PlantSnap, you need to create your account after installing the application. By making a request, you can get a detailed description of the plant or an answer about an unrecognized species.

The PlantSnap app is rather intuitive and easy to use. This application has its own website with lots of useful information. You can also save location data when you photograph plants. In the future, you can share them with others. The app also contains an augmented reality function.

Like many Shazam plants applications, PlantSnap allows you to recognize only a certain number of objects for free. You can identify 10 plants. If you want to recognize three more on the same day, you can watch the commercial. Otherwise, you’ll get the other 10 the next day.

  • plantsnap screen

    2. Seek

    Сreated by iNaturalist
    • User-friendly
    • No registration
    • Mainly for local flora
    • Some difficulties with recognizing species, even from clear photos

    If you are an iPhone user, then this new option in the plant apps section is what you need. The image recognition function will help you identify almost any species of flora. The iNaturalist team created this application. It will help you explore the world around you and study the plants in your area.

    Once the Seek app identifies your plant, it will upload it to your collection and provide an informative description from Wikipedia.

    Seek analyzes information about wildlife on iNaturalist and offers you listings with the most common flora in your area.

    To use this application, you do not need to register and create an account. It does not require any user data. Seek only saves location data as it is needed to look for plants growing in your place.

    • seek screen

      3. PlantNet

      Shazam for worldwide plants
      • Straightforward and free
      • It is possible to recognize plants from different continents
      • It can identify any ornamental plants, regardless of where you live
      • Lack of databases for the Asianand African plants as well as the species growing in some parts of South America

      This plant identification app recognizes flowers and other flora by their key visual characteristics. The application checks the color of the flower, the shape of the leaves and other distinctive features in the picture. Then it compares them with the available characteristics in its database.

      You can recognize plenty of flowers and trees with its help. The database of this free plant identifier app is constantly expanding as users add information about the specifications of the missing plants.

      • plantnet screen

        4. LikeThat Garden

        High resolution of plants pictures
        • Fast image search
        • Great collection of high-resolution pictures of flowers
        • Detailed description of a flower
        • Offers links to useful online resources
        • Only a few languages are supported

        The application contains an advanced visual search engine that allows you to identify flowering plants as accurately as possible. This Shazam for plants app has a huge database of different flower species, including rare and exotic ones.

        The camera has close integration with the visual search system. As a result, plant identification occurs simultaneously with photographing.

        You will find thousands of high-resolution pictures in the app’s library. The application gives you the scientific name along with the usual name of the plant and also provides taxonomic classification. This Shazam app contains useful information about plant care and offers links to additional online resources.

        If the system is unable to identify the plant, then it will offer you the most similar options. You get descriptions of related flower species that have matching features.

        You can also bookmark your favorite plants. Find them later in the Favorites folder.

        likethat garden screen

        5. iPflanzen

        In a connection with similar apps
        • Perfect for beginners
        • Quickly narrows down possible options without requiring deep knowledge
        • The library includes few plants
        • Doesn’t offer lots of help or cues when you are unsure

        iPflanzen recognizes plants by checking leaf shape, flower or fruit color and flower structure. With this Shazam for plants app, you can identify over 1,500 forest, park and garden plants. It also takes into account other specific characteristics depending on the visibility of the plant and season.

        Recognized plants are accompanied by the picture. You will also learn their scientific and common names. If you need more information about the plant, then you need to go to iGarten or iFores. It doesn’t take much time if these applications are already installed on your device. You can also find examples of iForest and iGarten descriptions in iPflanzen. In fact, this plant identifier is a kind of a bridge between iForest (contains information about trees and shrubs) and iGarten (deals with garden plants).

        If you want to get the fullest information about plants that surround you or to search for flora suitable for your garden, then you should install all three apps.

        ipflanzen screen

        6. PictureThis

        Most detailed plants information
        • Fast searching
        • Share photos with other community members
        • Lots of info on plants and useful recommendations on growing them
        • Not too many ads
        • Premium features with a subscription
        • When initial allocation finishes, you can identify only one free plant image a day

        This Shazam photo application describes recognized plants in detail. When compared with other options on this list, it is the most informative.

        It does not take much time to recognize plants. After PictureThis identifies the plant, it will provide you with its description, interesting historical background, and recommendations for care.

        You can share your photos, write messages and comments using a community board. Your snapped plants can be quickly posted to the community without registering.

        All captured plant images are stored in a separate library of this plant finder app.

        • picturethis screen

          7. LeafSnap

          Shazam for trees app
          • Intuitive interface
          • Contains over 2500 high-resolution pictures
          • Geo-tagging is available thanks to a built-in map
          • Based on visual recognition technology
          • Supports only tree identification

          If you want to know more about the trees growing around you, then this application will be useful to you. It contains data on 184 tree species which can be found in the northeastern parts of North America.

          This Shazam for nature app has a huge library with more than 2,500 images of tree flowers, bark, seedsand leaves. You can use the application offline as it saves the tree database to your iOS gadget.

          Thanks to the SnapIt tool, you can photograph leaves directly from the application. Then you can start identifying the tree from the captured image.

          LeafSnap recognizes plants based on a visual comparison of leaves and tree species.

          • leafsnap screen

            8. PlantSeed Snap

            High visual recognition
            • Recognizes a huge number of plants
            • Straightforward interface with clear guides to help
            • Tips from garden and horticulture experts
            • Compatible only with iOS devices
            • Free use only for 3 days

            You can use this Shazam for plants app to identify any flora, including trees, flowers, bushes, etc. Plant Seed Snap can recognize plants from any region of the Earth. You can take pictures and recognize varieties of mushrooms, flowers, succulents and other plants quickly and easily.

            All you need to do is capture the plant and send the picture for recognition. Wait a few seconds and you will receive the name and some information about the object that you are interested in.

            This plant identifier by picture, based on artificial intelligence technology, allows you to explore lots of flowers and plants. In addition to an advanced system of visual recognition, this application contains a lot of useful information and effective tips from experts in gardening and horticulture.

            plantseed snap screen

            9. Garden Answers Plant Id

            For plants lovers
            • Easy-to-understand UI
            • High speed of searching and identifying
            • Keyword search method
            • You may store favorite matches under the Favorites tab
            • There aren’t any

            This garden plant identification app includes a database of more than 20,000 plants that gives you ample opportunities to explore the plant world around you. Garden Answers Plant Identification is an indispensable tool for gardening enthusiasts.

            Here you can get the information about almost any plant in your garden, learn its features and find out if it is dangerous for your pets. Take a picture of the plant and send the image for recognition.

            You will receive a response immediately. In addition to the description of the plant, you will get professional advice from experts in this field.

            Use the Garden Answers feature if you want to learn more about insect infestation and plant diseases. This free plant identifier provides answers to over 200,000 frequently asked plant questions.

            • garden answers plant id screen

              10. FlowerChecker

              Created by botanists
              • Easy-to-use
              • Get valuable info from real experts
              • You can ask your questions about plants
              • An answer isn’t fast
              • You must pay for the app

              Get this Shazam for plants app download for only $0.99. It is very simple and straightforward. This is the easiest to use application of all 11 listed.

              You can not only recognize the plant but also find answers to lots of questions that interest you. The picture you take is sent to the recognition of professional botanists. This application is suitable for those who need simple answers to their questions.

              Unfortunately, it can take up to a day to get a response from a botanical expert as he/she may be busy. Going into the Flower Checker app for the first time, you get three free “coins”. You will use them to recognize your plant pictures.

              You give away one coin for recognizing one plant. If you want to get more coins, you can buy them. However, keep in mind that you can find other applications with lots of free identifications.

              • flowerchecker screen

                11. MyNature Tree Guide

                US and Canada plants id
                • Tree recognitionby structure or using a series of 15 questions
                • Ability to study all species by Genus
                • It is possible to check your knowledge with the help of MyNature State Tree Quiz
                • Wireless connection isn’t required after installation
                • Questions lag
                • Doesn’t work on other devices except for iOS
                • Impossible to use it for free

                This plant Shazam application contains two bases for recognizing 190 species of plants growing in Canada and the USA. You can use needles or leaves images to recognize trees. The second option is to search for species by questions.

                This application has a ruler tool to measure the size of flowers and leaves. This way you can recognize plants more accurately. It offers several other useful features, including a journal for recording your searches.

                • mynature tree guide screen

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