Sawyer Hartman Lightroom Presets Review 2022

By Tata Rossi 17 days ago, Lightroom Tips

Sawyer Hartman presets were created for Lightroom users who want to enhance their photos and make them look more attention-grabbing. In this collection, you will find presets that will make your pictures look as if they were edited by a professional photographer. These filters are suitable for improving all types of photos.

Sawyer Hartman Lightroom Presets Collections

You can upload Sawyer Hartman presets in Lightroom and edit your shots. If you are an aspiring retoucher, you might need to find out how to add presets to Lightroom first. Besides, you can download Lightroom for free to spruce up your images with mesmerizing effects and improve colors without going overboard.

Leica Looks Pack

sawyer hartman presets leica looks pack

Number of presets included: 9

With this pack of Sawyer Hartman presets, you can embellish your photo in one click mimicking the style of images taken with legendary Leica. It will help you optimize your workflow and make your photos more appealing to your followers. Looking through the collection, you will find lots of cool presets for main photography types including portraits, landscapes, and wedding shots.

These presets create a realistic film effect by adjusting color tones and adding grain. The effect will differ depending on the subject of your photos. For instance, if you have a photo with the sky or a lot of trees in the background, you can quickly enhance colors by using this preset. It is also perfect for improving Instagram photos.

Pro Tip: Remember that after you adjust the exposure and apply a preset that you like the most, you need to manually change the basic settings for each photo before using more advanced editing tools. For instance, if there are any issues with highlights, whites, blacks and shadows, you can quickly fix them in the Basic panel without leaving Lightroom.

Advanced Pack

sawyer hartman presets advanced pack

Price: $40
Number of presets included: 9

This bundle includes unique Sawyer Hartman Lightroom presets that reprogram color values of each separate color presented in a photo instead of simply overlaying a tinted filter on top of a shot. Thus, you get very offbeat results every time you apply such presets.

To emphasize the best details in your photos, you can apply the filters from this package. They are specifically aimed at people practicing landscape photography. Besides, you can use them to improve photos taken for social networks, magazines or your portfolio.

With these Sawyer Hartman presets, you can fix lighting issues in your photos and make color tones look more enchanting. You can use them to improve contrast and brightness, make colors more vibrant and edit other parameters. To make your photos even more unique, you can further enhance them by combining several presets.

If you want to overhaul the color scheme in your images but lack skills to perform such corrections on your own, feel free to address skilled FixThePhoto retouchers. They will work in accordance with your requirements and will deliver the results in the shortest time possible.

Essential Pack

sawyer hartman presets essential pack

Number of presets included: 9

If you’re a portrait photographer and want to give your images a captivating finishing, have a closer look at this collection. Applying any preset from the collection, you will achieve a pure effect of aesthetic photography that is so popular nowadays. Besides, these presets make skin tones clean and natural, which is the highest priority for portrait photographers.

This bundle of Sawyer Hartman presets is suitable for enhancing images in various styles. While it works best for improving landscape and portrait photos, you can apply it to abstract images of nature that have a monochrome color scheme. These presets will help you highlight various details and make colors more vivid.

Sawyer Hartman Presets on Instagram

sawyer hartman presets on instagram

Username: @sawyerhartman
Genre: portrait, travel, landscape photography
Followers: 592K

If you like how Sawyer Hartman presets transform photos, monitor the author’s activity on Instagram. He has over 592K followers, who admire his talent and vision. Check out his feed to understand the peculiarities of applying presets and keep tabs on new collections.

Sawyer Hartman is a filmmaker with years of photography experience. He often shares handy tips on social networks and takes photos in California, Australia, Hawaii, and Bali. On this Instagram profile, you will find many examples of his stunning works.

Since he travels a lot, he regularly updates his feed with beautiful photos taken in various locations. Besides, you will see a detailed description under each photo. Sawyer Hartman created a YouTube channel that now has over 1.9M subscribers. Currently, his team is developing a photo editing app.

Free Bonus Tools

free lightroom presets collection fixthephoto

This free collection is a worthy alternative to Sawyer Hartman presets. It includes presets that will make your images look softer, give them a vibrant look, and enhance colors. With them, you can remove minor skin imperfections and even out skin tones.

These presets allow you to give your images a unique feel by emphasizing emotions and transforming an atmosphere. Apply them to make colors look more saturated and imbue your pictures with unique touches.

If you are engaged in travel photography, lifestyle photography, portrait photography, or fashion photography, you can make good use of this collection.

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