Sawyer Hartman Presets Review 2021

By Tata Rossi 17 days ago, Lightroom Tips

Sawyer Hartman Presets Review 2021

The Sawyer Hartman presets were created for Lightroom users who want to enhance their photos and make them look more attention-grabbing. In this collection, you will find 9 filters for Lightroom that will make your pictures look as if they were edited by a professional photographer.

Sawyer Hartman Presets Collection

If you like Sawyer Hartman’s style, you can purchase the entire collection of his presets for $40 to experiment with various effects. You just need to download and install them in Lightroom. Then, you will be able to decide, which style you want to emulate. If you are an aspiring retoucher, you might need to find out how to add presets to Lightroom first.

Remember that after you adjust the exposure and apply a preset that you like the most, you will need to manually change the basic settings for each photo before using more advanced editing tools. For instance, if there are any issues with highlights, whites, blacks and shadows, you can quickly fix them in the Basic panel without leaving Lightroom. Those who don’t have advanced editing experience can contact a professional photo retouching service.

Sawyer Hartman Hollywood Cinema Color Preset

sawyer hartman preset cinematic

Best for: landscape photography

With this Hollywood Cinema Color preset, you can embellish your photo in one click. It will help you optimize your workflow and make your photos more appealing to your followers. With it, you can fully transform your urban or landscape pictures in Lightroom and give them a cinematic look.

This Hollywood Cinema Color preset is suitable for enhancing images in various styles. While it’s most suitable for improving photos of mountain landscapes and night city life, you can apply it to abstract images of nature that have a monochrome color scheme. This preset will help you highlight various details and make colors more vivid.

Sawyer Hartman City Lights Preset

sawyer hartman preset city lights

Best for: night photography

Similarly to some other Sawyer Hartman Instagram filters for Lightroom, this preset was created for those who specialize in night urban photography. You can apply it to pictures taken in the evening as well. With it, you can fix lighting issues, make lanterns brighter and create a bokeh effect. Besides, the City Lights preset is suitable for landscape photos. It enables you to quickly adjust the settings without spending much time on editing.

The City Lights preset was created for photographers who need to quickly remove imperfections that were impossible to avoid even by using the right camera settings. Most photo editors use it after editing an image to add a final touch.

Sawyer Hartman Fashion Week Black & White Preset

sawyer hartman preset fashion

Best for: fashion photography

If you want to make your pictures look classy, try making them black and white. This way, you can raise contrast to highlight important details in your photos and give them a retro look.

Sawyer Hartman has created a special Fashion Week Black & White preset to make it easier for photographers to adjust contrast without using high-end retouching techniques. With it, you can make your fashion photos look more stylish.

Sawyer Hartman 35mm Film Look

sawyer hartman preset film

Best for: social media photography

The 35mm Film Look preset was created for photographers who work in a variety of genres. It will help you make portraits, travel, landscape, urban and social media photos look like movie shots.

This preset creates a realistic film effect by adjusting color tones and adding grain. The effect will differ depending on the subject of your photos. For instance, if you have a photo with the sky or a lot of trees in the background, you can quickly enhance colors by using this preset. It is also perfect for improving Instagram photos.

Sawyer Hartman Ultimate Street Photography Preset

sawyer hartman preset street

Best for: urban photography, street views

Photographers who specialize in urban photography often need to capture pictures of fast-moving vehicles to give their images a dynamic feel. Sometimes, it might be difficult to get the lighting right or take photos with saturated colors.

If you need to edit your pictures, these Sawyer Hartman filters will help you save time. You can add them to photos of wide-angle cityscapes or pictures of city murals. They will make colors look richer, add contrasting tones and highlight details to help you convey the right atmosphere.

Sawyer Hartman Skin Smooth & Beauty Glow Preset

sawyer hartman preset skin smooth

Best for: portrait photography, fashion looks

If you are a portrait photographer, use this Skin Smooth & Beauty Glow preset to make your pictures look more professional. It’s perfectly suitable for photos taken with smartphones and DSLR cameras.

Sawyer Hartman has created this preset for those who want to quickly perform skin retouching in Lightroom. With it, you can even out a skin tone, add a nice glow and adjust color settings when editing portraits and fashion photos. 

Sawyer Hartman Vibrant Travel

sawyer hartman preset travel

Best for: travel photography

To emphasize the best details in your photos, make sure to apply this Vibrant Travel preset. It will be especially useful for travel photographers who take landscape photos. Besides, you can use it to improve photos taken for social networks, magazines or your portfolio.

With Sawyer Hartman presets, you can enhance the lighting in your photos and make color tones look more enchanting. You can use them to improve contrast and brightness, make colors more vibrant and edit other parameters. To make your photos even more unique, you can further enhance them by combining several presets.

Sawyer Hartman HDR Portrait

sawyer hartman preset hdr

Best for: portraits, HDR photography

When taking portraits or photos of beautiful landscapes, you might need to use HDR mode to capture emotions and highlight important details. If you don’t know how to adjust your camera settings in the right way, you can apply this Sawyer Hartman preset to your photo to achieve an HDR effect.

Even if you are an experienced photographer, sometimes you might forget to turn on the HDR mode in time. In some cases, even with properly adjusted HDR settings, it might be difficult to achieve the right balance between shadows and highlights. This preset will help you make your photos sharper so that you could see every detail clearly.

Sawyer Hartman Dark Moody

sawyer hartman preset dark moody

Best for: food photography, landscapes

By adding the Dark Moody preset, you can quickly adjust contrast and make a bleak picture look more attention-grabbing. With this preset, you can enhance images shot in different lighting conditions without affecting their saturation. It was designed for those photographers who prefer dark aesthetics.

The effects that you can achieve with this preset will depend on the color saturation and light exposure in your photo. For instance, you can make shadows look deeper, fix contrast, desaturate colors and give your images a matte look. This preset is suitable for portraits, landscape pictures and photos of food.

Sawyer Hartman Presets: Instagram

sawyer hartman preset instagram

Username: @sawyerhartman
Genre: landscapes, portraits and nature photography
Followers: 612K

Sawyer Hartman is a filmmaker with years of photography experience. He often shares handy tips on social networks and shoots photos in California, Australia, Hawaii, and Bali. On this Instagram profile, you will find many examples of his stunning works.

Since he travels a lot, he regularly updates his feed with beautiful photos taken in various locations. Besides, you will see a detailed description under each photo. Sawyer Hartman created a YouTube channel that now has over 1.9M subscribers. Currently, his team is developing a photo editing app.

Bonus – Portrait Pro Collection

sawyer hartman preset alternative collection

This collection is a worthy alternative to the presets created by Sawyer Hartman. It includes presets that will make your images look softer, give them a vibrant look and enhance colors. With them, you can remove minor skin imperfections and even out a skin tone.

These presets allow you to give your images a unique feel by emphasizing emotions and transforming an atmosphere. Apply these presets to make colors look more saturated and add unique effects to your photos.

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