PowerDirector vs iMovie

If you want to understand what program is more effective for video editing – PowerDirector vs iMovie, read on my article.

PowerDirector is a powerful video editing program that is suitable for different operating systems. It can be used to create professional films, videos for social networking, streaming media and education.

iMovie is a powerful video editing application, which was originally released by Apple. It allows the user to do many different kinds of processing, which includes both text and image editing.

Final Verdict:

In terms of professional video editing, Cyberlink PowerDirector is much more functional and powerful, than iMovie. It comes with full package of basic and advanced tools which are helpful for creating stunning videos.

PowerDirector is the winner >

PowerDirector Features:

  • Motion tracking
  • 4K and 3D support
  • 360-degree footage
  • Action camera processing
  • Color correction

What is PowerDirector?

powerdirector interface

PowerDirector offers basic video editing features, such as video recording, editing, image and text processing, background removal, photo retouching, and broadcast screen wipes. The software allows to import all kinds of media, including: DVD video, stock footage, TV show clips, and music audio tracks. It also allows to edit and share media from hard drive using CD, USB drive or web based service.

The built-in video editing features includes: AutoFit detail, AutoShape Power maneuver, alpha channel masking, brighter edge, color correction, convert to black and white, enter/exit timeline, video snapshots, and weather effects. You can import a huge amount of media, which can include: videos, text, images, logos, podcasts, voice, ringtones, and custom folders. A good feature of PowerDirector is its built-in "redo" option, with which users can undo any edits they have made or redo certain actions.

This software has a built-in video wizard that enables the user to import video into PowerSCP, edit and convert it to a variety of formats. The PowerSCP conversion wizard allows to import such video formats as AVI, MPG, WMV, JPEG, FMP, ACM, FLV, etc.

What is iMovie?

imovie interface

Some of the more advanced features of iMovie include: motion tracking for time/motion background loops, panning/zooming, background loops, touch screen functionality, the ability to preview downloaded files, photo-stitching tools, and many more. There are many additional enhancements in the software, ranging from the usual tools such as color effects, video effects, audio effects, noise reduction, and image tracking tabs. Overall, this software provides pros with everything users need to turn their videos into high quality films.

One of the greatest advantages of using the Cyberlink PowerDirector is the fact that it supports all major formats, including WMV, AVI, MOV, ASF, and so forth. With the motion tracking feature, it allows the videographer to create complex shots and edit them in real time, as opposed to using other similar programs.

These new additions make the software even more intuitive and easy to use for new users, while experienced filmographers can enjoy the refined functionality of the latest software upgrades. A great option that wasn't included in previous releases is the zoom effect which is extremely useful for everyone.


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PowerDirector & iMovie Features:

  • Screen recording option
  • Library of effects
  • Fast rendering
  • Multicam editing process
  • Intuitive interface
  • Video stabilization
  • In-built themes
  • HD resolution support
  • Music editing tools
  • Timeline

PowerDirector and iMovie Price:

STARTING PRICE $19.99/month Free
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FixThePhoto Choice:

With the unprecedented power of a full-featured video editing program and the convenience of an easy-to-use entry-level software, PowerDirector is the perfect program for new users and professionals alike.

If you are looking for the basic video editing software to get you started on the path to creating great looking clips, then iMovie may be a great variant for you.