Pixlr vs Polarr

Looking for an efficient photo editor? Want a program that has professional effects and allows editing skin using customizable brushes? Have a look at Pixlr vs Polarr comparative table and choose the best program for you needs.

Polarr is an artificially intelligent software. The software allows users to change their profiles, adjust light settings, add text, adjust a background, crop and apply filters, and share images to several social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Pixlr is a powerful, free editing software that combines basic image editing features with advanced graphic design tools. You can even use it for multiple functions, such as layering photographs over top of each other, making an amazing picture carte-blanc, or converting an ordinary photo into a collage.

Final Verdict:

Pixlr can be used for virtually any type of image editing, from simple retouching to advanced photo restoration. It also comes with tools that help in the generation of website content, including blog comments and reviews. This software can be easily integrated with HTML, CSS, PHP, Java, Flash, Android, and more through a drag-and-drop interface.

Pixlr is the winner >

Pixlr Features:

  • RAW support
  • 1000+ plugins
  • Customizable layers
  • Excellent text editor
  • Intuitive controls

What is Pixlr?

pixlr interface

Pixlr has many advanced features such as retouching tools that are capable of restoring damaged images; it also features a feature-rich photo editing experience that offers photographers total control over the way they want their pictures to look. An important feature is the support for RAW files.

The software also allows photographers to edit color profiles, adjust exposure and white balance automatically. Many users have commented that they were able to save time when retouching images in this software as it was able to detect a red eye and other imperfections in the subject that gives away details in the image.

In addition to being easy to use, Pixlr also provides several unique effects and features that make it stand out among other similar software. One example of this is the fact that it allows photographers to create customized "flash" that can be positioned on top of the image during editing. This flash is then blended with background colors that are randomly selected based on an image database, which allows the photographer to apply different effects and visual cues to the image. Another unique feature that Pixlr allows its users is the creation of animated backgrounds.

What is Polarr?

polarr interface

Some of the features of Polarr include: image filters, a number of printing options, an online store, an e-book library, and a number of importing and exporting options.

One feature of Polarr photo editing software that is unique to this brand is the local adjustments function. This function works very similar to the common resizing feature offered on many PC publishing applications. Local adjustments simply moves the picture in place at different resolutions by adjusting the values within the pixels. This feature is great for making small changes in the appearance of a picture without having to redraw the entire picture from scratch.

In addition, Polarr also provides you with several features such as image stabilization, photo restoration, and image editing. It also allows you to preview your photo before making it public. Image stabilization is among the most popular features in Polarr. This feature helps you see a side-by-side comparison of two different images. Moreover, it allows you to adjust red eye in the photo.


pixlr logo
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Pixlr & Polarr Features:

  • Custom brushes
  • Online and mobile app
  • Easy learning curve
  • Working with masks
  • Intuitive interface
  • Customizable brushes and presets
  • Processing individual objects
  • Deep color correction
  • Separate work area for drawing
  • Easy learning curve

Pixlr and Polarr Price:

STARTING PRICE $4.99 $19.99/month
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FixThePhoto Choice:

Although Pixlr is primarily intended for skin correction, its support for third-party plugins and RAW files outweighs all the benefits of Polarr.

Polarr offers deep color correction with HSL, tones and curves, as well as a separate drawing workspace.