Pinnacle Studio Pro vs iMovie

By Eva Williams 22 days ago, Software reviews

Select a winner among such video editing programs as Pinnacle Studio Pro vs iMovie after reading the article below.

Pinnacle Studio Pro is a professional grade video editing software, which is available both for free and paid versions. For those who use video editing on a regular basis, the software would be a good choice, as it has all the features one might need.

iMovie is an excellent video editing program, which was originally developed by Apple. With it you are able to convert any video clip to an audiovisual content, thereby creating unique, original content for various social networking sites such as YouTube.

Final Verdict:

I would call iMovie a winner, as it provides a robust set of tools for digital movie production, with the capability of converting video files into professional-looking DVD subtitles. You can easily convert video into a video short with iMovie, making it effortless for all types of media sharing applications. Its rich feature set combines with extremely intuitive and adjustable UI, so that even a total beginner will use it easily.

iMovie is the winner >

iMovie Features:

  • Color grading
  • Resizing tools
  • Ready-made elements
  • Customizable parameters
  • Keyframes

What is Pinnacle Studio Pro?

pinnacle studio pro interface

One of the more impressive things Pinnacle Studio Pro has to offer is the color effects panel, which is where you can turn your videos from black and white to any color you want. You can also apply effects like fade-in and fade-out to the video and even add transitions to the clips. If you don't know how to apply an effect, you can learn with the help of the included tutorials.

Another handy feature of Pinnacle Studio Pro is the built-in de-clutter tool, which eliminates the clutter on screen. It's not just a standard de-clutter option, either - it also makes your video look neater and tidier.

One of the best video editing features of Pinnacle Studio Pro is the built-in timeline. It allows you to quickly and easily move through parts of a video together, creating a fluid effect that eliminates a lot of the problems you'll run into if you try to do this manually. The best programs out there make it extremely easy to do these transitions, which is why Pinnacle is so popular and well loved by professionals.

What is iMovie?

imovie interface

The iMovie video editing toolbox contains many options that allow you to trim, declick, resize, edit and combine different scenes and clips, as well as offering a number of features for stabilizing and optimizing your video clips. The user interface of iMovie is very user-friendly, with simple menus providing access to every function imaginable.

In addition, the interface uses tabs to organize all your functions and allows you to quickly move between clips while searching for the ones you want to edit. You can quickly find a particular effect or adjustment, and simultaneously get other things you'd like to do with your video clips.

iMovie includes a wide range of features for advanced and expert film production, including things like color correction, a de-clutter facility, music score composition, a "find me" tool and an extensive library of stock images, among others. You can even insert text into your movie with the help of the text tool and create interactive captions and interviews with the audio tool. iMovie also offers an instrument for optimizing your video in terms of quality and length.


pinnacle studio pro logo
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Pinnacle Studio Pro & iMovie Features:

  • Motion tracking
  • 360-degree video editing
  • Split screen option
  • Video filters
  • Paint effects
  • Plenty of video effects
  • Slow motion features
  • Adding audio elements
  • Title editor
  • Sharing capabilities

Pinnacle Studio Pro and iMovie Price:

STARTING PRICE $129.95/full version Free
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FixThePhoto Choice:

If you're looking for something to help improve your videos or cut down on your editing time, Pinnacle Studio Pro is the best software for you to get.

iMovie provides truly versatile tools for all filmmakers and are being utilized to edit just about all of today s Hollywood movies.