PicsArt vs Photoshop Express: Features and Advantages

When comparing PicsArt vs Photoshop Express, I checked whether they support quick editing, have extensive collections of effects, streamlined UI and advanced tools for skin retouching and performing complex tasks.

PicsArt is a great solution for beginners since it has an extensive collection of creative filters that will give your photos a unique feel. This photo editor also includes a basic set of color correction options and some AI-driven tools.

At the same time, Photoshop Express was created for performing more advanced tasks that involve complex photo manipulations. It allows working with layers, using healing brushes, and object removal tools.

Streamlined Interface

picsart intuitive interface

PicsArt has a stripped-down user interface with 15+ tools. You can adjust the intensity of each effect manually using sliders. The UI is nicely organized. Here, you will find convenient mini tabs with filters and effects.

photoshop express intuitive interface

Photoshop Express also doesn’t have a customizable interface. It comes with well-thought-out tabs with a lot of filters. You can use it to crop your images, adjust settings using sliders, edit faces, eyes, and borders.

Unlike a desktop version of Photoshop, it has a limited set of features. However, here, you will find all the basic tools available in widely used free photo editing apps. With them, you can remove the red-eye effect and blemishes, adjust the skin tone, etc.

AI Tools for Editing Photos On the Go

picsart ai tools

PicsArt is a mobile app with a range of semi-automated tools for skin smoothing and red-eye effect removal. You can use it to adjust the white balance and perform color correction manually.

photoshop express ai tools

Photoshop Express can also be used for removing the red-eye effect automatically. To do it, you just need to use a brush to select the area that you need to edit. You can also make the background blurry to create a bokeh effect and remove unwanted objects from your photos.

This app supports layer editing.

All you need to do is to add objects, and Photoshop Express will automatically blend different layers. It allows you to create collages and unique designs.

Instagram Effects and Adding Text

picsart effects

PicsArt has a collection of classic Instagram effects for adjusting brightness and contrast in one click. It also comes with a set of unique features that enable you to turn your photo into a pencil sketch or artwork.

If you don’t know which app to choose, PicsArt or Photoshop Express, keep in mind that the former has an extensive library of emojis and icons that will help you create beautiful collages. You will also have access to a basic set of fonts.

photoshop express effects

Photoshop Express has a limited set of such features. Here, you will find a collection of in-built filters for adjusting the brightness, contrast, and saturation of your images in one click. What makes it different from the mobile version of Lightroom is that it doesn’t allow you to expand your effect library by uploading custom plugins.

Besides, Photoshop Express enables you to add borders with text and stickers with fun captions. What I like the most is a huge collection of in-built fonts and options. You can customize the color and opacity of each letter separately. Thanks to it, you can add both basic captions and watermarks to your images. You can scale text and icons to any size.

All Manipulations with Skin

picsart face editing

PicsArt is suitable for basic, semi-automated tasks. With it, you can edit your portraits by making the skin look smoother, removing wrinkles, and fixing the red-eye effect to improve photos taken with a flash.

However, if you see that your photos require advanced retouching, you can always contact our professional service. Our experts will perform tasks of any complexity. They can remove scars and skin defects and send you enhanced photos back within a few hours.

photoshop express face editing

Photoshop Express is a better choice for those who need to edit portrait photos. You can use it to minimize noise, fix colors, remove the red-eye effect to enhance photos of people and pets, make faces look symmetric, whiten teeth, remove blemishes and dark circles under the eyes as well as make the skin texture smoother. Another thing that I like is a tool that will help you change the color of your lips.

Unlike free Photoshop Express alternatives, it has a set of automated tools, which allows you to avoid tedious tasks. You can still perform some adjustments manually if it’s necessary. To make the teeth whiter, you just need to select a brush and change its intensity. Besides, you can adjust the white balance, exposure, contrast, shadows, and many more.

Wide File Format Support

Unfortunately, PicsArt supports only JPEG and PNG formats. The resolution of your file should be up to 1080p. Export parameters are also quite limited. However, its Premium version allows you to edit small videos.

While Photoshop Express also doesn’t support RAW, it doesn’t limit the size of imported JPEG and PNG images either. What I like about it is that it enables me to save and use images with a transparent background and use them as overlays.

Extra Features

picsart logo
photoshop express logo
Photoshop Express
  • A great choice of creative effects
  • Many widgets and emojis
  • Auto red-eye removal
  • PNG support
  • Intuitive interface makes it suitable for beginner photo editors
  • Allows working with a transparent background
  • Customizable fonts
  • A good choice of tools for editing portraits
  • Allows blending several images
  • Fixes various defects


picsart vs photoshop express price

PicsArt offers several subscription plans. You can either pay $4.99 per month or $49.99 per year. By purchasing a paid version of the app, you can get a wider choice of options for editing your photos and videos, including skin retouching tools, some premium-level effects, etc.

To make the right choice after reading PicsArt vs Photoshop Express comparison, think about your budget and needs carefully. Before committing yourself to a purchase, take a closer look at Photoshop Express since you can use it without paying a dime. It has versions for Android and iOS devices. This app doesn’t add any watermarks to exported images and has an extensive set of features, which makes it perfect for beginner photographers. If your browser supports Flash, you can also use its online-based version.

FixThePhoto Choice:

PicsArt is great for those who are looking for an automated app for adding effects, emojis, text, borders. It’s hardly suitable for complex image editing.

At the same time, Photoshop Express is a great mobile tool for basic face edits, fixing asymmetry issues, removing red spots and skin defects.