Photographer James Healey

Photographer James Healey

photographer james healey

James Healey is a contemporary photographer who loves shooting dynamic photos of professional sports like NHL, World Cup mountain biking, etc. Even though he was quite successful as a freelancer, he got interested in filmmaking and succeeded in this field too. Now he is a full-time dolly operator but keeps participating in different creative projects like brief films, music clips and comedy movies.

James Healey: BIO

photographer James Healey portrait

Photographer James Healey is from Montreal, Qc, Canada. He was more attracted to sports and long journeys, which encouraged him to move to British Columbia at a young age. Since he could tell his family and friends about the beauty of this place and his biking adventures only using photos, he came up with an idea to use the best film camera which he then tried for the first time. The new camera did wonders shooting and showing exactly those impressions and emotions from photography challenge that he wanted. Since then, James has been in love not only with sports and travel but also with photography and started to study how to print photographs.

Photographer James Healey shows special energy in his photos, he tries to catch the activity of athletes, their incredibly complex tricks. In his pictures, there are almost no people and objects in frozen poses, everything is in motion, even in flight as Healey is film photographer with a special passion for mountain biking shooting.

mountain biking by James Healey

For more than a decade of professional work, after becoming a freelance photographer, James Healey has participated in many photography forums, projects and took plenty of photos for such publications as Sports Illustrated, the Wall Street Journal, the Toronto Star, Mountain Bike Action, Decline Magazine, Rockstarenergy, Pinkbike, Gopro, NSMB, and many others.

In addition to photography, James Healey is interested in videography as it allows him to implement his creative portrait photography ideas better. He has experience working as the first AC and camera operator on multiple indie films and music videos. Now he has a page on IMDB and he wants to become Director of Photography.

James Healey’s Gallery

extreme sports by James Healey Photography taken by James Healey sport games by James Healey Photography taken by James Healey James Healey and friends Photography taken by James Healey music concert by James Healey Photography taken by James Healey James Healey TWSSF Whistler Photography taken by James Healey open air by James Healey Photography taken by James Healey drummer by James Healey Photography taken by James Healey rock open air by James healey Photography taken by James Healey musicant by James Healey Photography taken by James Healey

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