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Photo Pos Pro

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  • Platforms: Windows
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Verdict: Photo Pos Pro is known for the variety of functions. It offers tools for color correction, creating collages, business cards for web pages, etc. You can perform retouching using layers, custom brushes and healing tools, eliminate acne, pimples, and red-eye effect. In addition, you can apply various artistic effects, textures, gradients to create projects from scratch.

  • Customizable interface for experts or beginners
  • Editable layers
  • You can create projects from scratch
  • Excellent help and many educational tutorials
  • Supports various file formats
  • Some tools should be improved
  • Slow work with complex manipulations
  • photo pos pro interface
  • photo pos pro interface

    However, as all best free photo editors tend to have some imperfections, Photo Editor Pro photo editor is not an exception. The first, and most important, is that the program reveals its full features only in the Premium version. The second, not less important point is training.

    Photo Pos Pro Review

    photo pos pro logo

    This free photo editor was designed with a view to edit the photos, create calling cards, collages, web pages, and use a variety of tools to retouch and restore the images. Photo Pos Pro editor is also equipped with a DSLR and a scanner support.

    It is also filled with powerful adjustments and enhancements, advanced tools for selection, masks, layers, vector objects, interesting filters and effects, strong drawing tools and brushes.

    Support for All Existing Formats

    photo pos pro support

    Uploading the photo is the first point that should be covered. Photo Pos Pro is designed so that it supports any file format, whether it's a RAW, GIF or the PSD format.

    They, in turn, store the already made layers, and you can freely change them and edit even in Photoshop and Lightroom.

    A significant advantage of the Photo Pos Pro program is that this photo editor allows you to save the images in any format after the work on the image has finished, whether it is some widespread format, such as RAW, JPEG, GIF. PNG, JPEG, or formats that are rarely used: EMF, WMF

    Customizable Workspace

    photo pos pro customizable workspace

    The user interface of the Photo Pos Pro 3 is really good. After installing the application for the first time, you will be offered to choose among several types of interface.

    A simple one, without unnecessary controls that can be added manually at any time. A professional one, which in turn makes the interface maximally equipped with all sorts of functions and elements.

    Everything is pretty simple, and for everyone who started using this application for the first time, it will not be difficult to find ways to learn all the tools and functions.

    Artistic Editing Using Custom Tools

    photo pos pro artistic editing using custom tools

    One of the interesting features of pixel image editors is their ability to make creative and artistic changes in your photos, and the Photo Pos Pro, in turn, is quite suitable for this purpose.

    Even if you give a quick glance at the Tools palette, you will see that more than enough tools are available for all sorts of photo manipulations, such as drawing, selecting the necessary area, adjusting the size, filling, eraser, additional effects, text, line adjustment and so on. All this allows users to show their creativity.

    Keep in mind that when you select an instrument on the left vertical toolbar, a set of additional settings changes. If you make some selection, remember that you can select the mode for multiple selection on the upper toolbar, such as Combine/Intersect/Subtract/Invert.

    In case you select the Shape tool, you can set the width and style of the outline on the upper toolbar and select the shape.

    One-Click Browser Tools

    photo pos pro one-click browser tools

    The first of the elements for image editing calls Images. Its menu includes a number of functions directly related to the image, such as Size, Resolution, Reflection, Rotation and so on.

    Besides, the menu also contains functions that allow you to define part of the image as a brush, texture or pattern among other common functions, adjust the background color, pre-selecting the area with a tool, adjust the additional color for the image, change curves and much more.

    Semi-Automatic Color Correction

    photo pos pro semi-automatic color correction

    It is the element that allows you to adjust the tone of the image, contrast, gamma, shadows and much more. You can apply the selected effect to the certain area as well.

    The Retouch mask function is worth the special attention. It allows you to edit an outline, select it, or make it more realistic in case you adjust the image to any background.

    Uninteresting and Identical Filters and Effects

    photo pos pro uninteresting and identical filters and effects

    This menu contains a lot of filtering functions that work on the image area. With this menu, you can perform many filtering operations on the image, such as Red Eye Reduction, Noise Reduction, Sharpness, Blur and much more.

    The Filters tab allows you to overlay a pre-installed filter on the photo. The work is performed in such order: first the selection of the area to which the filter should be applied and then the operation of the filter itself.

    Also, you can create filters yourself and add them to the library, or you can download them from the Internet, put them in the right folder and use the ready ones.

    The next Effects tab allows you to overlay the effect to the whole area of the image, or to the certain area of the photo selected beforehand. In addition, there is a fine-tuning of the same effect, as in the case of filters, you can also download the finished effect and add it to your library, or create your own and use it in the future.

    The same limited set of filters and effects is available in Fotor, a free online photo editor! Is that all Photo Pos Pro can do as a desktop application?!

    Basic Toolset for Work with Layers

    photo pos pro basic toolset for work with layers

    This free photo editing software’s menu contains functions associated with layers such as creating a new layer, deleting a layer, renaming a layer, changing the location of a layer, and much more.

    For convenience, functions for working with layers are available both in the Layers panel and in the Layers menu. The structure of the layers is displayed in the usual lower right corner.

    When you create a picture with several layers, you should save it in .fpos (the format of a program file). Saving an image in any other format will not allow you to edit the layers after saving the image or closing the file and re-opening it.

    Extenstion Packs, Plugins and more

    Photo Pos Pro extenstion packs comprise excellent new frames, collages, styles, brushes, plug-ins, scripts and more. These packs will help you spice up your creations with interesting details, making them more eye-catching. The extension packs are being updated every now and then, so revisit their list occasionally to see what’s new.

    For instance, the packs include Love, Wedding, Christmas and New Year, Baby professional collages and frames. The collage size is fully customizable, the picture resizing, rotating and moving functions are present as well. Drag and drop pictures to change their arrangement within the layout. When done, pick appropriate quality and format, then export the result.

    Photo Pos Pro Premium Edition

    Photo Pos PRO pleases users with a vast array of user-friendly templates for all your graphics-related tasks. Choose the template according to your preferences or the task at hand and make your creations truly memorable.

    The tool lets you work on a number of projects at once. Besides, you will find an awesome collection of effects, frames, optimization tools, brushes.

    Photo Pos Pro Premium Version features:

    • Sophisticated selection tools
    • Vectorial objects
    • Advanced drawing tools & brushes
    • Robust color & blend curves
    • Magic eraser
    • Smart AI selection toolset
    • Ability to group layers and objects
    • Command script recorder
    • Strong batch support
    • Ads-free

    Freezes and Other Lags

    Working in the program for hours, you will probably load the photo editor repeatedly, and this, in turn, can cause some lags. The long loading of the filter, namely the adjustment to the image, strange jerks and the opening of any menu with each hour of work, can make you wait more and more.

    You can also notice that opening or performing the same function will take a different amount of time. In addition, the work with layers is also resource-intensive, and the transition between them can take a long time as well. While the recommended parameters are understated, you need good hardware for smooth operations.


    Photo Pos Pro Version 3 has free and premium version. As it has been said earlier, the Photo Pos Pro premium version is paid. A lifetime premium license costs $49.90. Nevertheless, the developers of the photo editor give an opportunity, namely 21 days of free use for mastering Photo Pos Pro for learning all the functions and identifying their need. After the expiry of the term, you will have no access to many elements for editing photos or creating a personal design.

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